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Products available for licensing and distribution globally

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OTC Licensing Product Portfolio

  1. 1. OTC Licensing Product Portfolio
  2. 2. Therapeutic Classes • Allergies • Bone and Joint Care • Heart Health • Childrens Health • Mens Health • Cough and Cold • Oral Health • Diabetes • Pain • Eye Care • Prenatal • Female Health • Sexual Health • Gastrointestinal • Skin Care
  3. 3. Table of Contents by Approval TypeMedical Devices …..........................................................17-30, 36-40, 70-71, 84-101Cosmetics......................................................................................5-16, 31-35, 72-82Food Supplements.................................................................................42-50, 68, 71Diabetic.............................................................................................................56-61Licensed OTCs.........................................................................62-67, 70-71, 104-114
  4. 4. Table of Contents by Therapeutic ClassAllergies...............................................................................................................64-70Bone and Joint Care......................................................................................49, 68, 79Childrens Health........................................................................................91, 107-108Cough and Cold......................................................................................64-67, 70, 114Diabetes...............................................................................................................51-56Eye Care..............................................................................................................49, 71Female Health.........................................................................15-16, 21-36, 48, 95-97Gastrointestinal............................................................................42-48, 68, 71, 92-94Mens Health.......................................................................................................49-50Oral Health......................................................37-40, 67-68, 75-76, 89-90, 94, 99-100Pain..........................................................................................................61, 64, 67-70Prenatal................................................................................................................18-20Sexual Health............................................................................................................49Skin Care.......................................5-16, 61, 71-89, 95-97, 99, 101-105, 108, 110-113
  5. 5. Cosmetics
  6. 6. Nanodermix Nanoanti-Age Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Treatment • The worlds most advanced prescription strength anti-aging system! • Utilizes the proprietary patent pending Nanopolypeptide-199 ™ that increases the skins absorption of the powerful formula. • Also contains the proprietary Nanodermix Complex™ which virtually immobilizes lines and wrinkles without affecting your natural facial expressions.
  7. 7. Nanodermix Nanoanti-Age Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Treatment • Endowed with tomorrows science, unique nano technology and empowered with a wealth of rare collections of nano packed raw materials that help increase natural collagen and elastin, fast. • This technology is a culmination of everything that Mediderm Laboratories research into anti-aging science and nanontechnology, has developed at leading institutions like Harvard University and Stanford University.
  8. 8. Nanodermix Nanoanti-Age Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Treatment • Retail Selling Price: $190 USD
  9. 9. nSkin 5 Second Wrinkle Erase • Composed of three proprietary complexes: DermaTight-6 ™, Freezing ™ and CollaFill ™ to deliver a clinically proven ingredient which freezes micro-facial muscles in your face. • “Botox” without the needles! • Utilizes NanoInject™ nanotechnology to encapsulate the ingredient and deliver them deep into the skin where it is most effective.
  10. 10. nSkin 5 Second Wrinkle Erase • Unique Rollerball™ application pen is clinically proven to freeze micro facial muscles and reduce wrinkles in seconds. • The powerful concentrated serum give Multi-Action Effects:  Instant skin tightening and wrinkle smoothing.  Fast myo-relaxing effects.  Instant fill and seal effects.
  11. 11. nSkin 5 Second Wrinkle Erase • Retail Selling Price: $159 USD
  12. 12. nSkin 15 Second Filler • Composed of 2 proprietary complexes: DermaTight- 6 ™ and concentrated CollaFill ™ to deliver a clinically proven ingredients which fill super facial and deep wrinkles in your face. • “Injectable Filler” or “Collagen” without the needles! • the next advancement in at home treatment using medicinal plant extracts & biotechnologically created peptides with a 21st century nano delivery system.
  13. 13. nSkin 15 Second Filler • Unique Rollerball™ application pen is clinically proven to fill creases and reduce wrinkles in seconds. • The powerful concentrated serum give Multi-Action Effects:  Instant line and wrinkle filling effects.  Forms a sealing film that accentuate the filling effects.  Powerful skin tightening and wrinkle smoothing.
  14. 14. nSkin 15 Second Filler • Retail Selling Price: $159 USD
  15. 15. Esui Feminine Hygiene Wash
  16. 16. Esui Feminine Hygiene Wash • Natural, safe and effective wash for feminine hygiene. • Using Nano technology, absorption goes deeper and faster into the intimate area to provide a thorough cleansing. • Back by clinical research, Esui offers a wide range of benefits to women including: natural antiseptic, lubricating and toning vaginal muscles, lightening pigmentation, preventing discharge and odour, promoting regeneration of cells and optimizing vaginal pH levels.Bhavna Medical Stores
  17. 17. Medical Devices
  18. 18. Donna Saliva Fertility Tester • Revolutionary ovulation test that uses saliva to show women their most fertile days without having to visit the toilet! • DonnaTest will easily display the user their most fertile days 1-3 days before they occur.POGGIO FIORITO s.r.l.
  19. 19. Donna Saliva Fertility Tester • Shows the most fertile days of the monthly cycle with a simple test of saliva. • Roughly 8 times less expensive than traditional urine ovulation tests. • Is easy to use and carry out, so it can be used anywhere at any time. • Is quick and has a reliability of 98%. • Patented and clinically tested Medical Device.POGGIO FIORITO s.r.l.
  20. 20. Donna Saliva Fertility Tester Export Price: 9€ Target Retail Price: 45€ Minimum order of 2000 units. If less, prices will be adjusted accordingly. Countries Available for Distribution: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, United States.POGGIO FIORITO s.r.l.
  21. 21. Donna Glove • Class 1 medical device designed to detect breast lumps for a safe and effective way for women to carry out breast examination. • Working on the scientific principle of locking and enlarging, it magnifies palpation, reduces friction and stops lumps from moving during examination. • Worldwide patented and clinically tested for efficacy.POGGIO FIORITO s.r.l.
  22. 22. Donna Glove • Early detection of breast lumps is the key to a successful cure. • Palpation effect increases sensitivity by 50 times. • With the Donna Glove, breast lumps the size of a fine grain of sugar can be detected, which is hardly possible with the bare hand. • The patented technology of the Donna Glove allows women to test for this common disease without side effects or exposure to radiation.POGGIO FIORITO s.r.l.
  23. 23. Donna Glove Export Price: 5.50€ Target Retail Selling Price: 22€ Minimum order 2000 units. If less, prices will be adjusted accordingly. Countries Available for Distribution: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, United States.POGGIO FIORITO s.r.l.
  24. 24. Multi-Gyn Products • On average, more than 300 million women suffer from Bacteria Vaginosis, vaginal yeast infection or urinary tract infection caused by unbalanced vaginal flora. • The patented 2QR polysaccharide complex has the unique ability to inhibit the growth of micro- organisms, while the growth of useful lactobacilli in the vaginal is stimulated. • These 100% natural products restore the natural flora of the vagina and provide optimal intimate hygiene.
  25. 25. Multi-Gyn ActiGel • Prevents and treats vaginal discomforts caused by Bacterial Vaginosis. • Optimizes vaginal flora and condition of the tissues, while also naturally countering yeast. • Reduces unpleasant odour and discharge, while having a direct soothing effect on itch and irritations. • Clinically proven to have superior efficacy on treatment of the symptoms of Bacterial Vaginosis. • Medical Device Class IIA.
  26. 26. Multi-Gyn FloraPlus • Treats and prevents vaginal yeast problems through a prebiotic stimulation of Lactiobacilli. • Relieves itch, irritation, odour and discharge by preventing recurring Candida. Optimizes vaginal pH, while being bio-active, safe and natural. • The prebiotic effect supports healthy vaginal flora by countering harmful micro-organism without the risk of resistance. • Nominated in the 2011 OTC Marketing Awards for the “Most Innovative New OTC Product” in the UK. • Medical Device Class IIA.
  27. 27. Multi-Gyn LiquiGel• Treats and prevents vaginal dryness by stimulating natural moisture within the vaginal.• Optimizes the condition of the vaginal tissue.• Prevents irritation and can be used as an excellent lubricant for the most intimate moments.• Excellent for treating vaginal dryness caused by hormonal contraceptives, medications, soaps, tampons, stress, fatigue or pregnancy and childbirth.• Medical Device Class I.
  28. 28. Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche• For woman-friendly and optimal hygiene of the vagina.• Special valve that reduces pressure build-up and creates the ideal flushing effect.• The canula is designed for optimal comfort and makes it impossible to take in fluids.• Can be used with normal tap water while standing sitting or laying down to gently flush the vagina clean.• Medical Device Class I.
  29. 29. Multi-Gyn Tablets• Excellent for intensive intimate hygiene and helping to prevent vaginal infection.• Supports Lactobacilli and optimizes vaginal flora.• Helps relieve undesired vaginal odour, itchiness, burning and discharge.• Great for use after sexual intercourse.• Preservative-free, safe and no harmful side-effects.• Medical Device Class I.
  30. 30. Multi-Gyn Compresses• Provides direct relief of discomforts in the external intimate area with a strong soothing effect on tissue damage, itch and irritation.• Reduces swelling and prevents infection by supporting the natural healing process of the vaginal skin tissue.• Soft, protective compresses offer a unique and gentle application.• Can be used on haemorrhoids or anal fissures.• Medical Device Class I.
  31. 31. Multi-Gyn FemiWash• Used for a mild, soap-free and caring intimate hygiene.• Offers a mild and effective cleansing of the vagina that protects and optimizes both the vaginal- and skin flora.• Preservative-free and no added perfume, this concentrated solution is a natural and safe way to protect vaginal flora.• Mildest wash in the world without Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate.
  32. 32. Multi-Mam Products• Complete and natural line products for care and treatment of breastfeeding mothers and babies.• Based off the unique, patented bio-active 2QR- complex.• Preservative-free, natural and safe products that help normalize the natural flora of the skin.• Supported by strong clinical evidence and customer satisfaction.
  33. 33. Multi-Mam Balm• Herbal nipple care for breastfeeding mothers.• Protects the nipple before and during breastfeeding.• Based on a selection of vegetable oils with no chemicals or preservatives.• Is bio-active through the 2QR complex, allowing it to be used as often as desired with no harmful effects to babies.• Extremely soft and easy to apply with skin conditioning properties.
  34. 34. Multi-Mam Lanolin• Nipple care for breastfeeding mothers.• Protects the nipples before and after breastfeeding and is great for caring for dry and sensitive nipples.• Hypoallergenic anhydrous lanolin (adeps lanae) is safe and does not have to be removed before breastfeeding.• Best and purest lanolin available on the market.
  35. 35. Multi-Mam BabyWash• For a mild, soap-free and caring baby-hygiene.• Based on 2QR technology, it neutralizes harmful microbes while being extremely mild, safe and non- irritating.• PH balanced, preservative-free and free of perfumes, this washing emulsion is for use on sensitive baby skin.• Extremely mild and soft with skin conditioning properties, it is the best baby wash for a new born.
  36. 36. Multi-Mam Compresses • Intensive nipple treatment for breast-feeding mothers. • Neutralizes harmful micro-organisms and prevents against infection (mastitis), optimizing the condition of the skin around the nipples. • Gives immediate comfort and relief with a direct soothing effect on the nipples. Gel is natural and harmless when ingested, providing safety to the child. • Only compresses with active ingredient available. • Medical Device Class I.
  37. 37. Multi-Oral Products• Multi-Oral products consist of a unique, patented, bio-active compound of 2QR complex that acts on all of the parameters of oral problems.• 90% of the European population between 35 and 54 years of age suffer from some sort of gum problem.• Multi-Oral products are clinically proven to neutralize harmful bacteria, support a protective bio-film and optimize oral mucosa.• Ideal for persons who regularly use medication and suffer from mouth problems.
  38. 38. Multi-Oral Gel• Treats and prevents oral tissue problems such as bacterial gum infections.• Relieves sore spots, oral blisters (aphthae) and irritations by supporting the natural healing of damaged tissue.• Neutralizes harmful bacteria of the mouth, optimizing the oral flora.• Natural, safe and harmless when swallowed.• Medical Device Class IIA.
  39. 39. Multi-Oral Spray• Teats and prevents dry mouth problems.• Stimulates saliva production while countering plaque and eliminating bad breath.• Alleviates irritation of oral mucosa and neutralizes harmful bacteria, optimizing the oral flora.• Natural, safe and harmless to swallow.• Medical Device Class IIA.
  40. 40. Multi-Oral Remin• Treats and prevents bleeding gums and tooth decay.• Reduces swelling of bleeding gums and neutralizes harmful bacteria, optimizing the oral flora.• Repairs tooth erosion, reinforces tooth enamel and prevents plaque from building up.• Natural, safe and harmless to swallow.• Medical Device Class IIA.
  41. 41. Food Supplements
  42. 42. Pyour PreBio• Unique prebiotic supplement that combines 20 effervescent tablets with a patented drinking system.• Prebiotic supplement supports healthy bowel flora and moisture balance.• Based on “power-food” for beneficial bacteria consumed as a health drink.
  43. 43. Pyour PreBio• To use: just fill the bottle with water, click a tablet in the cap and drink. The effervescent tablet slowly dissolves in the water and releases the healthy substance.• Patented HydraVit drinking system is the perfect way to deliver 20 great health drinks in one product.• HydraVit system is available for licensing to compliment any effervescent tablet technologies.
  44. 44. Pyour Detox• Patented 2QR-complex has the unique capability to selectively block adhesion of harmful bacteria to the gastro-intestinal mucosa, neautralizing pathogens in a safe and effective way.• Clinically tested formulation utilizes the Micro- Fibres and Bio-Active Gel to deliver high contact intensity to the bowels.
  45. 45. Pyour Detox• Comes with a combination of Bio-Active Gel and Herbal Micro-Fibres.• The patented 2QR complex of the gel works to reduce pathogen bacteria while increasing beneficial and commensal flora.• The Herbal Micro-Fibres help regulate the bowel movement as well as work as a carrier for the gel to support moisture balance.
  46. 46. C89 Complex• Patented C89 Complex is composed of specific enzymes selected for their ability to support/replace internal digestive enzymes as they act.• 5 Enzymes in C89 Complex:  1 Amylase  3 Proteases  1 Cellulase (not produced by the body)• C89 is natural, halal certified and increases the bio-availability of carbon hydrates, vitamins, minerals and dry extracts of plants.• Present in all 20 of the following food supplements OR available as a semi-finished API to be added to other food supplements.
  47. 47. C89 Complex• Proteases:  Papain- Breaks down almost ALL proteins.  Bromelain- 90% of proteolytic activity.  Ficain- Reinforces papain activity.• Amylase:  Helps digestion and is important source of energy. Present in a small amount of food, efficacy and stability of molecule guarenteed.• Cellulases:  Not synthesized by the human body, it comes from Trichoderma Reesei and is obtained through liquid fermentation.
  48. 48. C89 Complex: Finished Products • No. 1 - Detoxification and Hepatic Balance • No. 2 - Memory and Vigilance • No. 3 - Women Urinary Comfort and Regular Urination • No. 4 - Acid-Basic Balance, Bone Nutrition • No. 5 - Glycemic Balance • No. 6 - Emotional Control and Hedonic Tonality • No. 7 - Heavy Legs and Venous Failure • No. 8 - Immune System and Free Radicals • No. 9 - Pre-meopausal and Menopausal Symptoms • No. 10 - Estrogenic Balance
  49. 49. C89 Complex: Finished Products • No. 11 - Osteoporosis • No. 12 - Male Performance • No. 13 - Anti- Inflammatory • No. 14 - Prostate Comfort • No. 15 - Endurance and Mental Performance • No. 16 - Lipid Control • No. 17 - Positive Mood and Concentration • No. 18 - Eye Comfort & Visual Acuteness • No. 19 - Healthy Joints and Cartilage • No. 20 - Bone Protection
  50. 50. C89 Complex: Finished Products • Export Price of Finished Supplements: 6€/Box • Target Retail Price of Finished Supplements: 20€/Box – Minimum first order of 20,000 boxes; no less than 2,500 boxes per formulation. • API Price (C89 Enzymatic Complex): 220€/kg – Minimum order of 100kg. • Countries Available for Distribution: – UK, US, Canada and Latin America
  51. 51. Diabetic Products
  52. 52. Timesulin Insulin Cap • Timesulin is a replacement cap that transforms any insulin pen into a ‘smart pen’, which shows how much time has passed since the last injection. • It enhances safety for diabetic patients by helping them to avoid missing injections or accidental double doses.
  53. 53. Timesulin Insulin Cap• No buttons to push, nothing to program and no change in routine necessary as the timer resets itself when the pen is placed back in.• Allows users to know the precise timing of their last injection.• This patent pending device works with all major pens.
  54. 54. Ambisea Diabetic Range• One of the most complete lines of disposable products for the daily monitoring and treatment of diabetes.• 346 million people worldwide have diabetes and the World Health Organization projects that deaths from diabetes will double between 2005 and 2030.• Ambisea Technology Corp. aims to provide an economic solution to this worldwide problem as more than 80% of diabetes deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries.
  55. 55. Ambisea Lancing Devices • Lancing is part of the blood glucose testing process. Ambisea offers several types of lancing devices to make testing less painful. • 2 lancing devices available: – Regular lancing device with 5 adjustable depths. – Lancing device with ejection and 5 adjustable depths. • All lancing devices are available for round and flat lancets and are marked CE.
  56. 56. Ambisea Twist-off Blood Lancets• Lancets are the fine needles used with a lancing device to draw a blood sample for glucose testing.• Twist-off lancets available in round and flat types.• Compatible with Autolet Series, Penlet Series, ULT- Lance Series and more!• Available in needle point lengths of 1.3 to 3 mm and gauges of 21 to 30 for optimal comfort.• CE Marked.
  57. 57. Ambisea Safety Lancets• Lancing devices with shielded needle for user safety to protect users and caregivers from needle-stick injuries and blood-born pathogens.• 3 types of safety lancets: Pressure Activated Safety Lancet, Button Activated Safety Lancet and Adjustable Safety Lancet.• Available in gauges 21 to 28.• CE Marked.
  58. 58. Ambisea Insulin Pen Needles• To be used with insulin pen for injection in diabetes treatment.• This pen needle is compatible with all major brands of injection pens and has an ultra fine cannula for maximum patient comfort.• Ethylene Oxide sterile for patient safety.• CE Marked.
  59. 59. Ambisea Alcohol Prep Pads• Antiseptic used for the preparation of the skin prior to an injection to decrease germs in minor cuts and scrapes.• 3cm x 6cm saturated Isopropyl Alcohol, 70% v/v.• CE Marked
  60. 60. Ambisea Insulin Syringes• Precisely designed and manufactured tool• Ultra-thin, sharp needles with specially lubricated tips to provide a less painful experience. Needle sizes according to customers requests.• No dead space between syringe body to avoid waste of insulin.• Graduation lines in bold print for easy readability.• CE Marked.
  61. 61. Ambisea Light Wand• Revolutionary portable therapeutic device combining Traditional Acupuncture, Chinese QiGong and modern light therapy.• Using PVA field technology, the Light Wand enhances positive energy flow in the body through the skin.• Improve micro-circulation to achieve: rapid absorption of external fluid into the skin, relief of many types of pain and chronic conditions, and enhanced immunity and increased metabolism.
  62. 62. Accudial Products
  63. 63. Accudial Products • 72% of children are dosed inaccurately with OTC medication! • To prevent this, a new rotating label delivery system has been created that enables parents and health caregivers to effectively administer correct dosages. • This patented rotating label aligns the dose amount with the childs weight instead of the childs age, for better accuracy safety.
  64. 64. Accudial Products Pain and Fever Allergy and Stuffy Nose Active ingredient: Active ingredient: Each 5ml contains Each 5ml contains Acetaminophen (160mg) Chlorpheniramine Maleate (1mg) and Phenylephrine Hydrochloride (2.5mg) Allergy Chest Congestion Active Ingredient: Active Ingredient: Each 5ml contains Each 5ml contains Diphenhydramine Guaifenesin (100mg) Hydrochloride (12.5mg)
  65. 65. Accudial Products Cough and Cold Nite Time Cold & Cough Active ingredient: Active ingredient: Each 5ml contains Each 5ml contains Chlorpheniramine Maleate (1mg) Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride and Dextromethorphan (6.25mg) and Phenylephrine Hydrobromide (7.5mg) Hydrochloride (2.5mg) Runny Nose and Cough Daytime Cough and Cold Active Ingredient: Active Ingredient: Each 5ml contains Each 5ml contains Brompheniramine Maleate (1mg), Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide (5mg) and Phenylephrine (5mg) and Phenylephrine Hydrochloride (2.5mg) Hydrochloride (2.5mg)
  66. 66. Farmalider Products
  67. 67. Farmalider OTC ProductsTHERAPEUTIC USE PRODUCT STRENGTH DOSAGE FORM DOSSIER STATUSDental topical anesthetic BENZOCAINE/ TETRACAINE 14%/ 2% Spray Q2 2012Oral antiseptic CHLORHEXIDINE/BENZOCAINE 5 mg/2 mg Dissolvable tablets Q2 2012Cough relief DEXTROMETHORPHAN HBr 10 mg Lozenges AvailableCough relief DEXTROMETHORPHAN HBr 10 mg/ 5ml Oral solution Available (multidose bottles)Cough relief DEXTROMETHORPHAN HBr 2 mg/ml Oral solution Available (5 ml y 10 ml) (unidose sticks)Topical analgesic and anti- DICLOFENAC (VALUE ADDED) 2% Cutaneous Spray Currently Not AvailableinflammatoryRelief for tired and heavy legs HYALURONIC ACID/HORSE- N/A Crackling cool gel Available CHESTNUT/CAFFEINE/MENTHOL - Coolegs® (COSMETIC)Analgesic, antipyretic, anti- IBUPROFEN 400 mg, (600 mg) Tablets AvailableinflammatoryAnalgesic, antipyretic, anti- IBUPROFEN (VALUE ADDED) 100 mg, 200 mg, 400 mg, Oral suspension (unidose sticks) Availableinflammatory (600mg)Analgesic, antipyretic, anti- IBUPROFEN 2% (20 mg/ml), 4% Oral suspension (multidose bottles) Availableinflammatory (40 mg/ml)Antihistamine LORATADINE 10 mg Soft-gel capsules AvailableAnalgesic, antipyretic, anti- IBUPROFEN (arginine) (VALUE ADDED) 200 mg, 400 mg Granules for oral solution (sachets) AvailableinflammatoryAnalgesic, antipyretic PARACETAMOL 500 mg, 650 mg, (1 g) Tablets AvailableAnalgesic, antipyretic PARACETAMOL (VALUE ADDED) 250 mg, 325 mg, 500 mg Orodispersible granules Available (unidose sticks)
  68. 68. Farmalider OTC ProductsTHERAPEUTIC CLASS INGREDIENTS DOSAGE PRESENTATIONVitamin and mineral supplement for women ELEUTEROCOCCUS/ MINERALS/ ViTAMINS 70 mg/ 5 vitamins Capsulestaking the contraceptive pill (Missvital®)For the prevention of nutritional deficiencies in FOLIC ACID/ IODINE/ VITAMIN B12 400 μg/ 294 μg/ 2 μg Tabletspregnant women (Gestalider®)Offers relief of symptoms associated with FLAX/ RESVERATROL/GREEN TEA/ 15 mg/ 20 mg/ 25 mg Capsulesmenopause MINERALS/ VITAMINS (Menolider®) 2 vitaminsIndicated for the prevention of nutritional FOLIC ACID/ IODINE/ VITAMIN B12/ IRON* 400 μg/ 225 μg/ 2.5 μg/ Tablets (Available Q1 2012)deficiencies in pregnant women and women (Gestalider Ferrum®) 21 mgtrying to conceiveVitamins and minerals to take during DHA/ EPA/ VITAMINS/MINERALS 304.4 mg/ 43.5 mg/ 8 Capsules (Available Q1 2012)breastfeeding to prevent growth disorders in (Babylider®) vitamins/ 7mineralsnew bornsOptimises the immune and digestive system PROBIOTICS (STR. THRMOPHILUS, 260 mg/ 140 mg Capsules LACTOBACILLUS, BIFIDOBACTERIUM)/ INULIN (Lactolider®)Treatment of acute diarrhea and irritable SACHAROMYCES BOULARDII/ 250 mg/ 50 mg/ 50 mg/ Capsulesbowel syndrome L.ACIDOPHILUS L. CASEI/ L. BIFIDUM/ 25 mg/ 25 mg INULIN (Enteric Ecol®)A vitamin supplement to take for osteoporosis CALCIUM / MAGNESIUM/ VITAMINS/ 500 mg/ 50 mg, 4 vitamins/ Efervescent tabletsand during menopause INULIN (Osteolider®) 100 mgProvides relief for tired and heavy legs HYALURONIC ACID/ HORSE-CHESTNUT/ N/A Crackling cool gel in a non- CAFFEINE/ MENTHOL (Coolegs®) aerosol bottleAntioxidant RESVERATROL/ SELENIUM (Etern Juventus®) 15 mg/ 55 μg CapsulesA skin repair cream for post laser hair removal BIPXINE®/ALOE VERA/ WILD ROSE/ N/A Lotion in a pump bottle GLYCIRETHINIC AC/ CENTELLA ASIATICA EXTRACT (Laser Confort plus®)
  69. 69. Geiser Pharma Products
  70. 70. Geiser Pharma OTC ProductsCough and Cold Form Category Product DescriptionPharma Lozenges Basic Lozenges OTC 0,6 mg Amylmetacresol / 1,2 mg Dichlorobencilic alcohol.Pharma Lozenges With Lidocaine Lozenges OTC 2,0 mg Lidocaine / 0,6 mg Amylmetacresol / 1,2mg Dichlorobencilic alcohol.Decongestive Chest Rub Cream Cosmetic Camphor, Eucalyptus, Menthol. Paraben free. 50ml HDPE tube.Carbocysteine Lysine Granulated OTC 2,7 g Carbocysteine. Sachets. PowderPain Relief Form Category Product DecriptionCooling Patch Forehead for Children Patch Medical Forehead patch containing Menthol, Lavender and Eucalyptus oil. Patch size 5 x Device 12 cm.Ice Cold pain Relief Patch Patch Medical 5% Natural Menthol. 5 patches in resealable pouch. Patch size 10 x 20 cm. DeviceWarming Patch Patch Medical Pain relief warming therapy through activated carbon & iron powder. Patch size Device 10 x22 cm.Insomnia Form Category Product DescriptionDoxylamine Succinate Stick Pack Direct to OTC Strengths 12.5 mg / 25.0 mg. Alu Foil sticks, pre-cut child proof opening. No Mouth water needed.Doxylamine Succinate Tablets Tablets OTC Night time sleep aid / sleep inductor. Strengths 12.5 mg / 25.0 mg. Film coated tablets.
  71. 71. Geiser Pharma OTC ProductsDigestive/Intestinal Form Category Product DescriptionVegetal Laxative Capsules OTC 100% Vegetal laxative: Rhamnus Fragula, Rhamnus Purshianus, Fucus Thallus. PVC/ALU blister 3 x 15 capsules Type 0, indicated for diabetics.Ranitidine Stick Pack Direct to OTC Strengths 75 mg / 150 mg. Alu Foil sticks, pre-cut child proof opening. No Mouth water needed.Female Hygeine Form Category Product DescriptionHydrating Vaginal Gel with Cranberry Gel Medical Pharma quality hydrating semi solid vaginal gel with chamomile andExtract Device cranberry extract, paraben free. Innovative dispenser with valve, 30 ml or 50ml.Ear/Sight Care Form Category Product DescriptionHypertonic Water Earspray Spray Medical External auditory canal hygiene. Safest alternative to cotton buds for a Device regular risk-free ear hygiene. 50 mlfor a regular risk-free ear hygiene. 50 ml.Earspray Special Babies Spray Medical External auditory canal hygiene indicated for babies / infants. Safest Device alternative to cotton buds for a regular risk-free ear hygiene. 50 ml metallic flask, innovative nozzle.Luteine + Multivitamin Softgel Food Soft gel capsules containing Luteine , vitamins and essential fatty acids. Capsules Supplement Alu blister containing 2 x 15 / 4 x 15 soft gel capsules.Others Form Category Product DescriptionDermatological Cutaneous Powder Powder OTC 0,5% Phenol/ 1,8% Chloral hydrate. Skin irritations and mild infections coused by moisture, bacteria, yeast and fungus. Dermomycosis (athele’s foot)
  72. 72. Ocean Pharma Products
  73. 73. Skinicer • Skinicer Repair Care series has been developed especially for problem skin using a patented process potentiated by micro-algae extracts. • It improves the skins ability to regenerate and protect itself efficiently from microbial influences. • Supported by clinical studies that prove the products efficacy.
  74. 74. Skinicer• Skinicer Repair Serum for young problem skin.• Skinicer Repair Cream for mature problem skin.• Skinicer Repair Mask for problem skin with lasting regeneration and moisture boost.• Skinicer Repair Cleanser for cleansing problem skin.
  75. 75. Spirularin • Spirularin products use Arthrospira Microalgae (spirulina extract) to protect human cells against virus penetration. • The active ingredients help to accelerate cell regeneration and inhibit stapphylococcus aureus and further microbial pathogens. • Supported by strong clinical studies.
  76. 76. Spirularin • Spirularin VS for skin care and protection against microbial infections such as warts. • Spirularin HS for skin care and protection of herpes-prone lips. • Spirularin Nail Serum for nail care and protection against microbial and viral infections.
  77. 77. CuraMar• Efficient protection and care products specially formulated for stressed and tired skin and nails.• Uses natural seaweed extract that has a special property to remove fungi and bacteria from the base of life.• Perfect for diabetics and athletes that often have foot fungus and skin problems.
  78. 78. CuraMar• Nail Care Lotion for maintenance and regeneration of strained nails.• Skin Care Cream to maintain and regenerate stressed skin.• Skin Care Spray for daily care of at risk skin compressed under stockings.• Skin Care Foam for daily care of dry and stressed skin.• Foot Care Seasalt for basic foot and skin care.
  79. 79. Bone Conditioner• Tablets for the dietary treatment of osteoporosis by providing calcium, magnesium, creatine and Vitamin D.• It is known that calcium and vitamin D3 for the prevention of osteoporosis is of particular importance.• Has a significantly higher bioavailability than conventional creatine proucts.
  80. 80. Oxyperm• Oxygen-permeable nail polish for damaged nails.• Conventional nail polishes lack the oxygen supply necessary for the regeneration of damaged nails.• Oxyperm Nail Polish will correct this issue.• Oxyperm Nail Varnish stains the laminated cover and is still breathable and permeable to oxygen.
  81. 81. Hair & Nails• Capsules for the daily requirement of essential nutrients for hair and nail growth.• Clinically proven to improve the strength and elasticity as well as the growth and appearance in hair and nails by 39% to 71%.
  82. 82. Mussel Extract• Mussel Extract Tablets with essential nutrients for full joint function.• Help to build cartilage and the optimal adjustment of the viscosity of joint fluid.• From the extracts of the New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel.• Also a source of vitamins E, C, B1, B2 and B6.
  83. 83. Medical Brands ProductsI Say and Private Label Products
  84. 84. Acne Product• Treats and prevents acne and skin irritations and supports skin regeneration.• Clinically proven to sooth the effects of acne and skin irritations with no side effects.• Based upon a patented RYE-ACTIVETM Bacterial Control and Revitalization Support which is applied twice daily to treat the effects of and prevent acne.• Medical Device Class 1; EU Registered.
  85. 85. Nail Pen • Treats and prevents nail fungus and revitalizes your damaged nails. • Patented ingredients which are clinically proven to be effective with no parabens, side effects or testing on animals. • Fresh-tip replacement prevents self re- infection. • Medical Device Class 2a; EU Registered.
  86. 86. Lice Shampoo• Treats head lice and prevents re-infestation.• New formula suffocates the lice, so it is effective on lice that have become resistant to chemical treatments.• Clinically proven to loosen the eggs (nits) from the hair and condition hair.• Non-toxic, so it is safe for children and pregnant or breastfeeding women.• Medical Device Class 1; EU Registered.
  87. 87. Wart and Corn Pen • Used to painlessly remove warts and corns. • Easy to use and clinically proven with a unique applicator to treat the affected areas. • Patent pending ingredients work fast to exfoliate the affected areas and clear up warts and corns. • Medical Device Class 2a; EU Registered.
  88. 88. Wound Spray• For external treatment of small cuts, burns and insect bites.• Patented RYE-ACTIVETM Serum and zinc oxide improves the elasticity of the skin and prevents bacterial infections.• Clinically proven to boost the natural healing process, prevent scarring and stimulate skin regeneration.• Chemical-free and able to spray upside down.• Medical Device Class 2a; EU Registered.
  89. 89. Lip Gloss• Treats and prevents the symptoms of cold sores.• Relieves dryness and flaking while revitalizing to stimulate natural regeneration processes.• Clinically proven with no side effects to be the first lip gloss for treating and preventing cold sore symptoms.• Available in pink and transparent colours.• Medical Device Class 1; EU Registered.
  90. 90. Dry Mouth Spray • Treats symptoms of Xerostomiam and fungus infections and prevents gingivitis and bad breath. • Balances flora and is good for moderate to severe dry mouth with lasting effects. • Clinically proven and free from chemicals and parabens. • Not tested on animals. • Medical Device Class 1; EU Registered.
  91. 91. Dummy Wipes• Non-toxic and non-rinsing product for the cleaning of dummies, toys, teething rings and baby equipment of all kinds.• Sanitation of most surfaces in minutes with no side effects.• No alcohol or harsh chemicals, so it is hypoallergenic.• Personalized wipe graphics available.• Cosmetic; EU Registered.
  92. 92. Bladder Capsules• Treats and prevents bladder infections as well as helps keep the urinary tract and bladder clean.• Clinically proven to provide fast results with no chemicals, preservatives, animal tissue or side effects.• Increases the resistance in the bladder with a powerful combination of natural ingredients.• Medical Device Class 2a; EU Registered.
  93. 93. bye bye bladder infections! • Prevents and treat bladder infections. • Makes you no longer need to go the toilet frequently. • Let the burning sensation when urinating disappear. • Taken orally with water. What would you choose if you suffered from a bladder infection?Antibiotics I Say bye bye bladder infections• Doctor visits required • Safe to use• Side effects • Scientifically proven effective• Antibiotics that kill the good bactreria • No side effects • No doctor visits required • Does not affect good bacteria 42 tablets
  94. 94. bye bye vaginal odour! • Prevents and treats vaginal infections and discomfort. • Insertion into the vaginal, much like a tampon. • For a period of fourteen days(depending of your complaint).What would you choose if you suffered from vaginal discomfort?Antibiotics I Say bye bye vaginal odour• Doctor visits required • Safe to use• Side effects • Scientifically proven effective• Affects the good bacteria in the vagina • No side effects • No doctor visits required • Does not affect good bacteria in the vagina 14 tablets
  95. 95. Wash your vagina with care! • For odours, discharge and itching; • Protectsthe natural balance and acidity in the vagina. • Handy pump bottle for 40 applications.What would you choose if you suffered from vaginal odour?Normal vaginal foam I Say clean your vagina with care• PH of 5.5 • pH of 4 to 4.5, the same as your vagina• Itching and irritation side effects • Safe to use• Parabens and perfume • Scientifically proven effective • No side effects • Does not affect the natural balance of your vagina 75ml
  96. 96. bye bye vaginal dryness! • Treats vaginal dryness. • Rejuvenates the moisture of the vagina. • Prevents pain during intercourse and increases enjoyment. • Handy pump bottle for 35 applications.What would you choose if you suffered from vaginal dryness?Normal Lubricant I Say bye bye vaginal dryness• Often not proven safe and effective • Safe to use• Often silicone-based • Scientifically proven effective• Not to be used in conjunction with condoms and sex toys • No side effects• Stains • Can be used with condom • Water based and therefore easy to use with sex toys Content: 75ml
  97. 97. bye bye flatulence! • Prevents and treats bloating. • Prevents irritable bowel. • Prevents intestinal cramps, flatulence and belching. • Taken orally with water.What would you choose if you suffered from bloating? I Say bye bye flatulenceRegular capsules • First product that works even with irritable bowel• Do not work for irritable bowel • Safe to use• Side effects • Scientifically proven effective • No side effects 30 capsules
  98. 98. bye bye cold sores! • At the first sign of cold sores; • If you have a cold sore or to prevent cold sores. • The first transparent cream. • Convenient pen applicator.What would you choose if you suffered from cold sores?Regular creams Bye bye cold sores• Do not prevent sores • Works preventatively• Have side effects • Safe to use• You become immune to them • Scientifically proven effective • No side effects 10 mg.
  99. 99. bye bye dry mouth! • Treats and prevents dry mouth (xerostomia). • If you suffer from bad breath. • Handy spray for 100 doses.What would you choose if you suffered from dry mouth?Mouthwash I Say bye bye dry mouth• Working only on short-term dry mouth • Prevents and treats dry mouth• Only treats the symptoms of dry mouth • Safe to use • Scientifically proven effective • No side effects 25ml
  100. 100. bye bye nail fungus! • To combat and prevent nail fungus and lime. • To improve and strengthen your nails. • Treat package with 15 ml foot spray and 5 files. • Pen applicator with convenient spare tips to prevent reinfection.What would you choose if you suffered from nail fungus?Current nail products I Say bye bye nail fungus• Do not work effectively • Clinically proven to work faster than products on the market• Have side effects • Safe to use • Scientifically proven effective • No side effects 4 ml / 3 extra tips, 5 files / anti-fungal spray 10ml
  101. 101. Boston Healthcare Products
  103. 103. Very High Protection - Medicated Lipscreen - UVA & UVB ProtectionSPF 50 Lipscreen Balanced UVA and UVB protection Helps protect against cold sores Helps protect against dry, chapped lips Colourless – ideal for use on all skin types and under lipstick Contains Tea Tree Oil and Vitamin E
  104. 104. New Product Introduction
  105. 105. ONCE-A-DAY MULTIVITAMIN DROPS for babies and toddlers Vitamins are essential for good health and, in children they are particularly important for normal growth and development. • Easy to administer, supplied in a bottle with an integral dropper • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans • No artificial colours or additives • Unlike other children’s multivitamin drops - Dalivit does not contain peanut oilDOES NOT CONTAIN ARACHIS OIL (Peanut Oil) If you are allergic to Peanut Oil or Soya,you CAN safely use Dalivit Multivitamin Drops.
  106. 106. New packaging in development and line extension coming soon Dalivit 50+C U R R E N T D A L I V I T PA C K A G I N G
  107. 107.  Antibacterial - effective at killing the bacteria that cause spots and acne Removes excess oil, unclogs pores and helps eliminate blackheads Helps soothe and protect inflamed skin
  108. 108. New packaging in development for 2012
  109. 109. Take another look atPSORIN SCALP GELFor patients with scalp psoriasiswhere scaling is a dominant feature.
  110. 110. Tried, trusted and back on the shelf in 2012