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Dental sleep & skin care


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  • I have started the program this September and I must say I'm very pleased with the results. I was overweight and sick from candida and had severe swelling, and redness in the vulva area including vaginal discharge. Using your program I have lost a TON of weight. I no longer itch and scratch. The vaginal discharge had stopped and I'm feeling better than ever. I have also found through your book that some of my other health problems are from candida yeast overgrowth. My acid reflux and my skin texture had dramatically improved and I feel awesome physically. ♣♣♣
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Dental sleep & skin care

  1. 1. Dental, Sleep & Skin Care Another Estrella Production!
  2. 2. • Collect HW: Pages 572-573 5 Facts/Page
  3. 3. Dental Care • There are 32 permanent teeth.
  4. 4. • Wisdom Teeth Dental Care •Impacted Wisdom Toot Clip
  5. 5. Dental Care A tooth has three main parts: Crown Neck Root Draw & Label P.572
  6. 6. Dental Care • Plaque is a colorless layer of bacteria, saliva and food particles. If left on the teeth, bacteria produce an acid that can destroy tooth enamel.
  7. 7. • Tartar “calculus” is hardened plaque. Dental Care
  8. 8. • Gingivitis: most common form of periodontal disease. It may cause inflamed and swollen gums. The gums may also bleed easily during brushing. Dental Care
  9. 9. Dental Care • Periodontal disease
  10. 10. Dental Care Dental Care Review #1 1. How many teeth are there? 2. What are the wisdom teeth? 3. What are the three parts of a tooth? 4. What is plaque? 5. What is tartar? 6. What is gingivitis? 7. What is periodontal disease? 8. What was something interesting about teeth? Study the names of the teeth from your notes - Quiz next time?
  11. 11. Dental Care • Cavities are holes in the enamel that result from the decay. Tooth Filling
  12. 12. • Root Canal Dental Care •Root Canal Clip
  13. 13. Dental Care • Malocclusion
  14. 14. • So… what do I do so I don’t lose my teeth!? Dental Care
  15. 15. Tongue Scraper • Bad breath also called halitosis is usually caused by food particles found in- between teeth, poor oral hygiene, stress and sulphur (forms a yellowish- white film on the tongue). • Good oral hygiene habits should settle this problem; if not, see a dentist. Dental Care
  16. 16. Dental Care Flossing •Flossing is definitely necessary because it can remove plaque from in-between teeth and no toothbrush can do that. •Floss gently. •If gums are weak and start to bleed just as you are flossing, do not stop - continue flossing. It should improve some days later; if not, see a dentist.
  17. 17. Tooth Care • Good dental hygiene is essential in preserving your teeth for a lifetime. • A basic routine includes brushing and flossing. • Every side of the tooth and the gums should be kept clean. • Healthy gums should not bleed when brushing or flossing. Dental Care •Brush at least twice a day: once in the morning and after meals or before going to bed. •Brush for at least 2-3 minutes to ensure thorough removal of plaque •Use a soft toothbrush Brushing and floss
  18. 18. Rinsing • Another good way to get rid of those bacteria lingering between teeth and gums. • Choose a rinse that is alcohol-free because alcohol dries the mouth. Dental Care
  19. 19. • Water Pik: shoots water between teeth to act like dental floss. Dental Care Waterpik Commercial
  20. 20. Dental Care Drink about 5 bottles of water daily • Helps prevent bad breath by improving your saliva so bacteria won’t get out of control. • Helps your memory • Helps with body odor.
  21. 21. • Dental Assistant $46,000 / year • $3,833 / month or $958 / week • Dentist: $131,210 / year • $10,934 / month or $ $2,733 / week • Orthodontist: $144,000 / year • $12,000 / month • $3000 / week
  22. 22. • Visit Dentist Every 6 months Dental Care Bean's Dental Visit
  23. 23. Dental Care Dental Care Review #2 1. Why do people get root canals? 2. List four things that should be done at least twice a day. 3. What is the minimum we should brush our teeth for? 4. How often are we suppose to see a dentist? 5. What is another name for tartar? 6. What is one reason for getting gingivitis? 7. Explain how a cavity happens HW: Read P. 146-148 5 Facts/Page
  24. 24. Sleep • Teens need about 9 hours of continuous sleep. • Dreams release energy and help your brain rest. • Good dreams begin a few hours after you fall asleep. • You need about 3-5 dreams every night to rest.
  25. 25. Sleep Internal Clock: a “clock” inside our brains that tell us when to get sleepy & when to wake up. REM: Rapid Eye Movement. It happens when we dream Short term memory moves into long term memory.
  26. 26. Sleep A lot of growth happens while sleeping. Insomnia: When someone cannot fall asleep. Chronic Insomnia: when you have trouble falling asleep all the time.
  27. 27. Sleep Narcolepsy: A disorder where people unexpectedly fall asleep. Narcoleptic Pooch
  28. 28. Sleep Sleep Review #1 1. Why do you need 8-9 hours of sleep for your dreams? 2. What inside us knows when to get sleepy and when to wake up? 3. What happens during REM? What does REM stand for? 4. What are two things that happen when you dream? 5. What is insomnia? Sleep Video (1-3) - VHS
  29. 29. Sleep Good Sleeping Habits 1. Don’t take naps. Or take them before 3pm for no more than 30 minutes. 2. Wake up and go to bed about the same time everyday. 3. Don’t exercise 4 hours before bedtime. Exercise  Endorphines
  30. 30. Sleep 4. Stay away from caffeine 4 hours before bedtime. Heart speeds up. 5. Stay away from nicotine 4 hours before bedtime. Heart also speeds up. 6. Don’t drink liquids 1-2 hours before bedtime. Liquids  ? Pee 7. Take a warm shower / bath 1 ½ hours before bedtime to relax your muscles & make you sleepy.
  31. 31. Sleep 8. Drink a glass of milk or eat a little turkey. Tryptophan  Sleepy 9. Use your bed only for sleeping. 10. Stay away from alcohol 4 hours before bedtime. Alcohol  interferes with dreaming. Sleep Video (4-5) - VHS
  32. 32. Sleep Sleep Review #2 1. What are the rules regarding naps? 2. What three things should one not do four hours before bedtime? 3. How does alcohol affect sleep? 4. What can be done if you pee at night? 5. What are some benefits of taking a bath/shower at night? 6. What is tryptophan? 7. What are endorphines? 8. What are some things that happen when you dream? HW: •Draw the skin figure & label on page 566 •Read P.566-567 5 Facts/Page •Not Now - Parent-Sleep Assignment (Don’t staple these together)
  33. 33. Sleep •Not Now - Parent-Sleep Assignment (Don’t staple these together)
  34. 34. Skin Care • Organ: a group of different cells that do a job. Ex. Heart, liver, lungs, etc… • Skin is the largest organ & has 4 jobs
  35. 35. Skin Care Skin Functions: • Protects • Keep a normal temperature by sweating.
  36. 36. Skin Care • Removes Waste • Senses
  37. 37. Skin Care • Melanoma (a type of skin cancer) Sun Protection Factor (SPF)
  38. 38. Skin CareEpidermis: top layer. Dermis: middle layer. Subcutaneous: (hypodermis) bottom layer. Sebaceous Gland: makes oil. Sebum: oil Pores: holes in skin
  39. 39. Skin Review 1 1. What are the 4 functions of skin? 2. What is sebum? 3. What are sebaceous glands? 4. What are pores? 5. What are the three layers of skin, and what do they contain?
  40. 40. Skin Care • Pigments: give color to things. • Melanin: human skin pigment.
  41. 41. Skin Care For Nice Hair don’t use these too often: • Hair Dryers • Heat Rollers • Curling Irons Try to towel dry instead
  42. 42. Skin Care • Corns: Cuticle: skin around the nail Corn & Wart Remover
  43. 43. Skin Care • Athlete's foot or tinea pedis: is a fungal infection of the foot’s epidermis. • Itchy feet, especially between your toes • Stinging or burning between your toes • Thickened skin on your feet • Cracked or peeling skin
  44. 44. Skin Care Dermatologist: skin doctor $224,630 to $418,789 $25,000 a month for $300k Blackheads are oils that become black when air touches them.
  45. 45. Skin Care • Pimple: a blocked skin pore. The dead skin cells left behind may become 'glued' together by the sticky sebum. Bacteria are trapped inside. • Benzoyl peroxide and/or salicylic acid. Both are used to treat acne through topical application. Both medications help skin come off easier, which helps to remove bacteria faster. 1. Wash face 2 or 3 x’s / day
  46. 46. Skin Care Skin Care Review #2 1. List the four functions of the skin. 2. What is the largest organ? 3. What is melanoma? 4. What are corns? 5. What is callus? 6. What is a pore? 7. What do glands make? 8. What is a dermatologist? 9. What are the 3 layers of skin? 10. What is melanin?
  47. 47. Skin Care • Allergy: abnormal reaction of the body to a previously encountered allergen introduced by inhalation, ingestion, injection, or skin contact, often manifested by itchy eyes, runny nose, wheezing, skin rash, or diarrhea.
  48. 48. Skin Care
  49. 49. Skin Care • Boil: a hard, red tender bump. Caused by an infected hair follicle. It will burst in about 2 weeks. •Rashes Clip - Skin Rashes
  50. 50. Poison Oak
  51. 51. Poison Oak
  52. 52. Skin Care Wart: skin growth caused by a virus. It is common in teenagers. Warts that occur on the face, soles of the feet, or in the genital area should be examined and treated •Wart Clip - Compound W
  53. 53. Skin Care • Head Lice (pediculosis) Nits “eggs” • Pubic Lice “crabs” •Head Lice Clip – Lice •In Scope Clip - Under scope
  54. 54. Bed Bug Bed Bugs
  55. 55. Skin Care • Burns – 3 degrees of burns.
  56. 56. Skin Care • 1st Degree Burn: only epidermis, no scars. Redness to the skin without blistering, pain, slight swelling of the affected area.
  57. 57. Skin Care • 2nd Degree Burn: additionally fill with clear fluid, have superficial blistering of the skin, and can involve more or less pain depending on the level of nerve involvement.
  58. 58. Skin Care • 3rd Degree Burn: additionally have charring of the skin, and produce hard, leather-like eschars. An eschar is a scab that has separated from the unaffected part of the body. Frequently, there is also purple fluid. These types of burns are often painless because nerve endings have been destroyed in the involved areas.
  59. 59. Skin Care • Gangrene: death of body tissue caused by infection or lack of blood flow. •Gangrene Clip - Gangrene
  60. 60. The End Mr. Estrella is traumatizing me!!!
  61. 61. Skin Care Skin Care Review #3: 1. Describe the 3 burn types. 2. What is a wart? 3. What is athletes foot? 4. What is gangrene and what are two ways to get it? 5. What is an allergy? 6. What is an allergen? 7. Describe how red pimples are formed. 8. Explain how a white pimple is formed. Include the 4 parts. 9. What are the two recommended acne medications? 10. What is melanin? Test on …? HW: Reproduction P. 430-435 5 Facts/Page Draw P. 432 & Label
  62. 62. Notes • Cover Page – typed on white unlined paper. • Full Name • Health • Period • Title of Chapter • Cornell Notes
  63. 63. • 15 MC – Dental, Sleep & Skin Care • Write the question with 3 answers to choose from. • Circle the correct answer. • No ridiculous questions or answers • No “true/false” or “yes/no” questions • 5 from each section Dental, Sleep & Skin Care Shhh…. Don’t Complain!!!
  64. 64. Test Review 1. Name the teeth 2. List 3 dental problems and describe them 3. Describe the 3 burns 4. Describe a pimple 5. Gangrene 6. List 5 things that help you sleep