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Site speed Server Optimization


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Pubcon Pro presentation on Server Optimization for a Speedy Website.

Published in: Marketing
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Site speed Server Optimization

  1. 1. @shellyfagin@shellyfagin Advanced Server Optimization For Wicked Fast Websites
  2. 2. @shellyfagin
  3. 3. @shellyfagin Server Stacks LAMP
  4. 4. @shellyfagin Server Stacks
  5. 5. @shellyfagin Server Stacks THE DATABASE Is there a better option? SINCE 1995
  6. 6. @shellyfagin Server Stacks DATABASE OPTIONS
  7. 7. @shellyfagin Server Stacks DATABASE OPTIONS • Originally Forked from MySQL • Open Source (Free) • Drop-in Replacements for MySQL • Updated More Frequently • Uses the same SQL Queries • FASTERTHAN MYSQL
  8. 8. @shellyfagin Server Stacks DATABASE OPTIONS
  9. 9. @shellyfagin Caching • On Page-Caching • Web Server Caching
  10. 10. @shellyfagin On Page Caching
  11. 11. @shellyfagin Web Server Caching mod_pagespeed
  12. 12. @shellyfagin Web Server Caching
  13. 13. @shellyfagin Web Server Caching mod_pagespeed
  14. 14. @shellyfagin Object Caching
  15. 15. @shellyfagin NGNIX Server NGNIX UNIT SSL Support Just Added
  16. 16. @shellyfagin Reverse Proxy
  17. 17. @shellyfagin Reverse Proxy
  18. 18. @shellyfagin Load Balancers
  19. 19. @shellyfagin Load Balancers