NIMCJ Student’s Exclusive encounter With                        India’s Popular Man Narendra ModiAhmedabad : On 5th March,...
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Gujarat Vidhansabha


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Gujarat Vidhansabha

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Gujarat Vidhansabha

  1. 1. NIMCJ Student’s Exclusive encounter With India’s Popular Man Narendra ModiAhmedabad : On 5th March, Tuesday students of NIMCJ have taken a visit of Gujarat’sLegislative Assembly, Gandhinagar. This visit was conducted to attend the ongoing budgetsession of Vidhan Sabha, which was essential for journalism students of the institute to gethands on experience of the proceedings of Vidhan Sabha and how the government machineryruns. Due to time constraint, students could attend just 15- 20 minutes of the session. But theexperience gained was worth the visit. They got a chance to hear how the problems of citizenswere put up in the assembly, how the speaker Shri Vajubhai Vala with his humorous naturehandled the floor of the house and made the proceedings run smoothly. After attending the assembly session, students also got an opportunity to meetGujarat’s C.M Narendra Modi and had a small interaction with him. The positive attitude ofC.M inspired the students a lot regarding their approach towards life. The topics ofdiscussions ranged from his goals, decisions, lifestyle and his future projections as PM of thecountry.Here are some excerpts.Q: Your take on today’s media?Narendra Modi: I wear a raincoat and get wet in the rain, thus I am not affected by the mud,muck or water.Q: Everybody is speculating your projection as PM, what do you have to say about it?Narendra Modi: (laughs) I am already a Common Man, just projected as Popular Man.Q: What is the secret behind your health?Narendra Modi: I never remember in my life that I had been sleeping till 6 in the morning. Iusually wake up at 5 in the morning and do Yoga and then have ordinary Gujarati food. I alwayshave an open attitude towards life. I had never felt that I am stressed or depressed. I alwayskeep myself detached with materialistic things. And maybe due to God’s grace I am like this.Q: What has been the toughest decision taken by you in your life?Narendra Modi: I never take any decisions by myself. Till now, I have only taken one decision inmy life and that is to leave my home. I had left my home when I was just 17. And whatever I amnow is due to public’s wish.The Chief Minister also answered queries on Gift city. It was a pleasure to hear him speak abouttips on the development of positive attitude in life. The above visit proved fruitful as this wouldhelp in ingraining the practical aspect of political reporting, which forms a major part of thenews media in today’s Era. ******* Komal Shah (Faculty, Electronic Media)