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How to Develop an Effective PPC Strategy to Create Profitable Campaigns


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Consumers make more than 160 billion searches per month on Google – yielding both organic and paid search results. The Google Display Network lets you display ads on over 2 million websites and apps.

There is a huge opportunity in the Google Ads network for smart advertisers who know how to leverage PPC tools the right way.

Learn how to create a winning PPC strategy and take control of your campaigns this year.

Published in: Marketing
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How to Develop an Effective PPC Strategy to Create Profitable Campaigns

  1. 1. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel How to Develop an Effective PPC Strategy to Create Profitable Campaigns Joel Bondorowsky
  2. 2. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel What we’ll go over In 1h will teach you about PPC Campaign Strategy Google Display (GDN) Bidding Google Search Advertising Google Display Shopping (PLA) Campaigns Universal App Campaigns (Mobile Apps)
  3. 3. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel About Joel
  4. 4. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel PPC Puts Advertisers in Control Measurable Performance Control Multiple Targeting Options Spread Across Multiple Platforms
  5. 5. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel • Brand awareness Quick Poll • Website traffic • Maximum profits through direct response • Service Clients • Prove a concept What’s your PPC goal?
  6. 6. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel Strategy
  7. 7. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel Doing PPC – Launching Campaigns • Strategy • Planning • Launching • Measuring • evaluating What is Strategy?
  8. 8. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel Understand Your Audience – who are they?
  9. 9. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel Understand Their Intent – where they are?
  10. 10. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel Choose The Right Tool To Reach Them
  11. 11. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel The Right Ad Message To Reach Them With
  12. 12. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel Lead Them to Purchase with a Well Designed Funnel
  13. 13. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel Evaluate their Progress with Effective Micro Conversions
  14. 14. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel Drive More Users Down the Sales Funnel with A/B Testing
  15. 15. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel What to Test for Maximum Results
  16. 16. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel Search advertising
  17. 17. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel When to use PPC Search
  18. 18. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel • Headline which reflects their search • An image of what they are looking for • Short sales copy • Clear call to action • Element to show credibility of the vendor (usually under the CTA) They Click - They Land Ready to Buy
  19. 19. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel Have Them Find You with Actionable Words
  20. 20. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel Text Ad Format (character limit) Headline 1 (30) Desktop Mobile Headline 2 (30) Headline 3 (30) Display URL (15 / 15) Description 1 (90) Description 2 (90) Search Ad Format
  21. 21. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel Reflect the Search Complete Inner Dialogue Trust & Credibility Clear Call to Action Try Different Display URLs Writing Ads
  22. 22. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel VS Testing Ads – Inner Dialogue
  23. 23. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel VS Testing Ads – Credibility
  24. 24. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel VS Testing Ads – Call To Actions
  25. 25. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel Analysing Ad Tests
  26. 26. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel Shopping (PLA)
  27. 27. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel When to Use PLA?
  28. 28. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel • Only available in some regions • Ads are automatically built from your data feed • Must have a Google merchant account linked to Google Ads • Ads are triggered by searches for the product, not keywords Product data feed Google merchant center Google ads About PLA Campaigns
  29. 29. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel Shopping Campaign Ads Data Feed Creates Ads • Product Id • Product Name • Product Description • Landing Page Link • Ad Image • Product Availability • Price • Product Category
  30. 30. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel Advertising on the GDN
  31. 31. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel When to use the GDN?
  32. 32. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel Role of a display ad
  33. 33. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel GDN Ads come in many shapes and sizes
  34. 34. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel • Sales Copy is longer They Click and Need to be Sold! • It’s quality that matters more • Video sales letters can help • Offer and price shouldn’t be immediately apparent Buy Now
  35. 35. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel Targeting / by content Placement Targeting Topic Targeting Contextual Targeting
  36. 36. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel Targeting / by person • Audience Keywords • Affinity Audiences • In Market Audiences • Similar Audiences • Remarketing
  37. 37. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel Target Smarter with Combinations Wider Narrower Audiences Topics
  38. 38. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel Ads / Ad Options Text AdsBanner Ads Responsive Ads
  39. 39. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel Universal App Campaigns (Mobile Apps)
  40. 40. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel When to Use Universal App Campaigns
  41. 41. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel • Advertised across Google properties • Ads are intelligently created • Targeting is intelligently Optimized • Works best with effective in app tracking About Universal App Campaigns
  42. 42. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel The Ads App Store Google Search Apps Engage Web Youtube Video
  43. 43. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel • Segment by language, not country • Start with 50x CPA budget at minimum • Use Text assets that vary in length • Use High resolution images of Google’s most popular sizes • Optimize for actions that are higher value. (when data permits) Targeting and optimization
  44. 44. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel Quick Poll • $0 to $4,999 • $5,000 to $19,999 • $20,000 to $99,000 • $100,000 to $299,999 What’s your monthly PPC spend? • $300,000 and up
  45. 45. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel Bidding
  46. 46. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel Bidding Puts you Into Control To have control you must have Significant statistics to give effective bids Consistent Campaign History
  47. 47. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel Value of the sale x conversion rate = value per click $ 100 1% $ 1 Value Per Click
  48. 48. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel How to use budgeting to be in control – ad delivery PPC Fundamentals Course with Joel Bondorowsky Enroll for free
  49. 49. #SEJThinktank @liquidjoel