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Scott Mendes Media and Marketing kit 2018



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Scott Mendes Media and Marketing kit 2018

  1. 1. Media, Marketing and Press Kit 2018 Global Impact Through Western Inspired Media
  2. 2. Thank you for taking the time to review our press, media, and marketing kit. I have dedicated my life to serving others and am looking forward to assisting you with your vision and goals to impact our nation for good. On the following pages, you will see a glimpse of the heartbeat of Western Harvest Media and Western Harvest Ministries. Today’s families, their communities, and the United States of America will be positively affected, because God has drawn people like yourself together to make a difference. Please pray as you read this, and ask God what is your part in changing the lives in our Nation through media, inspirational events, and more. A Message from Scott Mendes
  3. 3. A platform like no other. click here to view championship rides
  4. 4. speaker, film and television producer, commentator, and for his work in motion picture as a stunt rider and actor in movies “City Slickers,” “American Outlaws” and “Nail 32”. Scott has made hundreds of television appearances and has reached global audiences in excess of millions of viewers. Scott is spearheading the “American Cowboy Movement” via Western Harvest Media to bring back classic values, leadership excellence, and faith to reach the next generation of life champions and also working with legends of the past and present in rodeo, sports, entertainment, and entrepreneurship. His greatest accomplishment is his marriage to an angel for 23 years - his wife Angel and raising their three children. He is also the Executive Director of Western Harvest Ministries which was incorporated in 2003 as a non-profit 501(c)3. “My desire is to see all men and women come to know Jesus Christ and learn His Word,” says Scott. Scott is dedicated to reaching the youth of America and all that love our Western heritage. He desires to share with individuals and families through the unconditional love of God and to equip people with the life skills necessary to be a productive and positive influence in their communities. He wants to leave a legacy of people focused on God’s Kingdom. He truly believes that the American Cowboy community can once again be an international symbol of what our country truly needs – heroes with badges of Honor and Integrity. Biography Believe it or not, Scott Mendes was born on the 4th of July (July 4, 1969) and emerged as The (real) American Cowboy, even at birth! Scott Mendes is a leader’s leader, a cowboy’s cowboy, a pastor’s pastor, and a visionary with a mission to bring a spotlight on, partner with, and to encourage the men and women who are doing mighty good works in business, ministry and family entertainment. He is well-known as a Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association and National Finals Rodeo World Champion Bull Rider,
  5. 5. (click image to view)
  6. 6. Speaking Alignments Christian Media Association (Fort Worth, Texas Chapter Leader) Western Wishes (Executive Board Member ) Men of Courage Fellowship of Christian Athletes as a National Speaker Fellowship of Christian Athletes--Cowboy Chapter (National Director) Fellowship of Christian Cowboys Sky Ranch National D.A.R.E. Program Promise Keepers Children’s Advocacy Centers Faith on Fire Revival (Orlando, Florida) Teen Challenge National men’s dinners, Church meetings, and men’s conferences Reno Role Model Summit (public school assemblies) South WEST Regional Director of USAYO National Spokesmen for PRCA, BRO, CBR, PBR D.A.R.E. Programs/Police Departments Christian Businessman’s Fellowship F.F.A. (Future Farmers of America) YMCA Boys and Girls Clubs Public School Career Days National Cowboy Churches Veterans of Foreign Wars DFW Airport Chaplaincy National Pro Rodeo Chaplain Cowboys for Christ Prison and Juvenile Detention Centers Oilfield Christian Fellowship
  7. 7. Television TV Host . . . Mission Reality Dish Network (click link to view the show) Western Harvest Ministries Riding On Course with Scott Mendes (click link to view sample) Spur’ n with Jesus TV Show National TV appearances . . . ESPN and ESPN 2 (multiple) ABC Network TBN/National Praise The Lord (multiple appearances) American Bible Challenge Wrangler commercial Good Morning America Daystar Network Color commentated for the Bull Riders only TV Show Prime Sports Network
  8. 8. Past Sponsors
  9. 9. Scott Mendes Brand Attribute Matrix Family Fun Inspiration Practical Safe Wholesome Confidence Strength Dependable Dynamic Resilient Courageous Integrity Memorable Faith Motivating Smart Vision Trusted Unique Challenging Leadership Patient Service Charitable Hospitable Country Reminiscent Simple Humility Creative Active Durable Exciting Steady Western
  10. 10. On-camera Corporate Events Production Commentary Print Endorsements Merchandise Social Media Narration Red Carpet Speaking Outreach Acting Promotions Web Features Clinics Business Development Product Placement Coaching PR Launches Trade Shows Interviews Alliances Scripting Casting Rolodex Blogging Photography Broadcast Radio Television Publishing Training Teaching Preaching
  11. 11. Media Reach
  12. 12. Two Apps Currently Live Visit: Visit:
  13. 13. “Just wanted to drop you a quick line to tell you that I saw the preview for NAIL 32 and tell you I can hardly wait to see it!! I'm glad they decided to show that some of us are riding for the Lord as well as trying to feed our families!! Your appearance is proof positive that a WORLD CHAMPION can humble himself and show the youth and the world that being a cowboy is more then hanging out in Gin mills and worrying about having a different woman every night! Thanks again Scott, your a true Champ, in and out of the arena !! God Bless you and yours!” – Scott Worthy “When I think of Scott Mendes, nothing but great things come to mind. The first time I got to see Scott ride was on one of his presentation DVDs. I could tell just by watching him ride that he is a very exciting person, that he loves life, and that he has a passion for riding bulls. Just the way that Scott rides, he never gives up till his head hits the ground. If a bull starts to spin, he will spur the “dog” out of him. Once I found out that Scott was a Christian and that he had his own ministry, I wanted to meet him even more. When I finally got to meet him, it made me look up to him even more because he goes after Christ the same way he goes after bulls. Scott sets a huge example for Christians, he is very knowledgeable when it comes to the gospel, and he is a great example even for non- Christians. Scott is very intense in all that he does. If he wants something, I guarantee he will get it. Scott is an awesome husband and dad. Scott Mendes is an awesome role model and someone that I look up to very much. Not so much about bull riding, but because of who he is in Christ. Scott is a good friend of mine and he is always there when I need some advice.” – Seth Reynolds, Team Spur’n with Jesus "Western Harvest is a much needed ministry." - Tim Shields, Co-Director of Christian Media
  14. 14. Media Production
  15. 15. Western Harvest Media/Western Harvest Ministries 6577 Old Springtown Road Weatherford, Texas 76085 Office: 817-995-9087 E-mail: