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Parking Info


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Basic information about parking at UTSA.

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Parking Info

  1. 1. Special department parking needs? You’ve got Options!  Pay Station Pin Codes  Departments can request a pin code that can be used in any of the pay stations around campus for a flat rate of $6 per use. Billing is done monthly by IDT  Space Locations  Main Campus: North Parking Garage (numbered spaces on the roof) Lot 1A (near Roadrunner Café) Lot 5 (near Rec-Wellness Center) Lot 8 (near BSE and Art)  Downtown Campus: Parking Garage (numbered spaces on the roof) Monterey Lot  South Parking Garage  Event Parking Cards  Provides guest with unlimited in-out access to the South Parking Garage for single or multiple day events/needs.  Flat rate of $6 per day per card  Billed at the time of sale via IDT  Two designs to market your event  Garage Validation Stamps  Provides departments with flexibility for guests, both expected and unexpected  $6 each, in books of 20 stamps  Billed at the time of sale via IDT 1|Page
  2. 2.  Valid for up to 5 hours of parking in the South Parking Garage  Stamp is affixed to the garage entry ticket and validated for exit at the South Garage Customer Service Center  Fast Pass  Preloaded card that allows customers to access the South Parking Garage Customers can enter and exit the garage without picking up a ticket at the entrance or waiting to pay at the garage customer service center  Simply have your guest swipe the card to enter the garage. Then, swipe the card when exiting and the charges for your parking are deducted from the balance on the card.  Minimum purchase of $20 via IDT; Reloadable.  Faculty/Staff “A” Daily Permits  $4 each (minimum purchase of 5)  Billed at time of sale by IDT  Valid for use in the Faculty/Staff “A” spaces if purchased by a department  Single day use by scratching off the correct month and date and displaying by hanging the permit from the rear-view mirror  Dashboard Permits  $4 for surface parking or $6 for North/DTC garage parking  Billed at time of sale by IDT  Valid for use in space type/location of space denoted on permit face  Additional Services  Parking Attendants: may be hired at a rate of $20 per hr for a two-hour minimum per event. All Parking Attendants are trained in basic event parking. The Parking Division reserves the right to require additional monitor coverage and traffic control for large events. The costs for additional monitor coverage will be $20.00 an hour, per person, for a minimum of two hours. Parking Attendants control access to certain lots or garages for authorized attendees and provide customer-friendly information to the parking public 2|Page
  3. 3.  Barricades: Parking spaces for events with barricades set in place but not attended for $6 per space.  Event Signage: Signs may be used to guide guests to the approved parking area and the event location. Price includes placement and removal.  18” X 24” (up to 3 lines of black text) $25 each  24” X 36” (up to 5 lines of black text) $40 each  Event Maps: custom maps can be created for special events at $30 for the development of the map and 12¢ per printed color map or 3¢ per black/white map, if the Parking Office prints the maps. These maps may be used as an insert in the event mail-outs to provide directions on the location of both the approved parking as well as the event location.  Shuttle Bus Rental: 32-passenger shuttle buses available on a limited basis for $65 an hour (3-hour minimum). The bus may be used only for University sponsored events. Buses are outfitted with a hydraulic wheel chair lift, handrails, and some buses have a public address system.  Golf Cart Service: provides rides to and from the event site at $30 per hour (2 hour minimum)  Passenger Van Service: A 7-passenger, with driver, is available for $45 per hour. All event sponsors whose events requiring parking should contact Business Auxiliary Services Parking Division. Event management may be as easy as issuing a few visitor permits or as complex as multi-agency involvement requiring closing lots, hiring event staffing and developing/implanting multiple transit/vehicle flow plans. Requests for event parking MUST be submitted a minimum of 2 weeks before the event. Late requests may result in additional costs and the Business Auxiliary Services Parking Division may be unable to meet the request for services. Final approval for all event parking on campus is the responsibility of the Business Auxiliary Services Parking Division. Cancellation or changes to events must be made more than 48 hours prior to the event to avoid charges. REV July 12, 2010 3|Page