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Next generation parking payments solution from A115


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ChargeMyPlate is a universal, intuitive solution for on-street and off-street parking payments based on a secure pre-paid account and Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology.

Urban Management Solutions is an A115 Company.

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Next generation parking payments solution from A115

  1. 1. ChargeMyPlate Your parking has been paid for. ChargeMyPlate Your parking has been paid for.
  2. 2. The BIG Idea in 45 Words Paying for parking, whether on-street or off-street, is an extremely inconvenient experience for drivers anywhere in the world. If you can provide a seamless, unobtrusive payment method which allows people to not stress about parking ever again, they will prefer this method above any other. Unobtrusive Parking Payments How can you make parking better? Existing parking payment solutions are overly complicated, inconvenient and incur high risks and expenses to parking operators. A hugely fragmented market with different, incompatible solutions adds to the confusion and inconvenience of motorists. A good solution must be: ▣ Unobtrusive: making parking payments simple - almost transparent ▣ Consistent: allowing anyone to park anywhere (on-street or off-street) and pay seamlessly ▣ Low-cost, low-risk: avoiding the handling of cash and maintenance of machines ▣ Universally accessible: not requiring any smart-phones, cards, fancy gadgets or apps Copyright © 2015, Urban Management Solutions 2/26
  3. 3. Want better parking? Use better system. Copyright © 2015, Urban Management Solutions 3/26
  4. 4. Hello ▣ This presentation is dedicated to the economic upside of turning parking into an enjoyable experience (using fintech) We are Urban Management Solutions Copyright © 2015, Urban Management Solutions 4/26
  5. 5. Introducing ChargeMyPlate Our parking payments solution can be implemented at any city and any private car park. It has few requirements on infrastructure and involves minimal capital and operational expenses. Here’s how it works... Copyright © 2015, Urban Management Solutions 5/26
  6. 6. 1. The universal ChargeMyPlate account At the heart of the ChargeMyPlate solution is a secure, virtual pre-paid account, assigned to a vehicle owner and fully managed by us. Copyright © 2015, Urban Management Solutions 6/26
  7. 7. Registering an account is easy Send a Premium SMS containing your registration plate number Your ChargeMyPlate account is automatically created and linked with your registration plate number You can now park anywhere (And your first parking session is on us!) Copyright © 2015, Urban Management Solutions 7/26
  8. 8. There are many ways to top up Credit or debit card Customers can top-up their account on-line with any widely accepted debit or credit card. Cash They can also top-up with cash by buying a voucher or using a payment kiosk or ATM at our partner locations. Direct Debit Where available, customers can set up Direct Debit. Their account will automatically top-up when funds run low. PayPal We accept top-up payments from customers’ existing PayPal account. Bitcoin Customers are also welcome to top-up with Bitcoins at current exchange rate. Redeem account balance At any time, users can request that their ChargeMyPlate account balance be redeemed at par value. Copyright © 2015, Urban Management Solutions 8/26
  9. 9. 2. On-street parking with SMS To pay for on- street parking, customers only need to send a single SMS text message to an advertised short- code number. Copyright © 2015, Urban Management Solutions 9/26
  10. 10. One-step payments for on-street parking Customer finds a place to park Step 1: Send SMS to the short-code number for the zone Parking has been paid for 1 hour Copyright © 2015, Urban Management Solutions 10/26
  11. 11. One-step process The ChargeMyPlate system allows users with a valid, topped-up account to pay for on-street parking at any supported location in one- hour increments by simply sending a single SMS text message to an advertised short-code number. On-street parking with ChargeMyPlate Convenient reminders Five minutes before the user’s parking time expires, an SMS notification is sent to the user’s mobile phone. If they wish, they can simply reply with an empty message to extend their time further by another hour. Copyright © 2015, Urban Management Solutions 11/26
  12. 12. ‘’ “Paying by sending an SMS is easy and very flexible. I like it because when you are in a meeting you get a reminder and it is quite easy to calculate how long it will take and if it’s worth to send another SMS for another 1 hour of parking time.” Maria Georgieva, a vehicle owner using SMS to pay for parking in Sofia, Bulgaria Copyright © 2015, Urban Management Solutions 12/26
  13. 13. Accurate & efficient Parking wardens can use hand-held PDA devices (or our ViewCop® augmented- reality solution) to connect to the ChargeMyPlate back- end and verify whether a payment has been made, when the paid time for a given vehicle expires, etc. Monitoring, control & enforcement Full control over ops An advanced, web-based administrative and reporting interface provides parking operators with detailed history, analytics and reporting functionality, including real-time monitoring of payments and warden activity. Copyright © 2015, Urban Management Solutions 13/26
  14. 14. Benefits to the municipality ▣ Avoids all costs and risks associated with handling cash and maintaining machines; ▣ Increased efficiency and better control over payment collection; ▣ Improved cash-flow, increased revenues and slashed expenses; ▣ Detailed reporting and insights into customer behavior and parking warden efficiency; ▣ Low-cost, low-maintenance system; ▣ Easy, convenient and environment-friendly solution with multiple applications. Copyright © 2015, Urban Management Solutions 14/26
  15. 15. 3. Off-street parking with ANPR ChargeMyPlate account owners enjoy automatic zero-step parking payments at public and private off-street locations with our Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras. Copyright © 2015, Urban Management Solutions 15/26
  16. 16. Zero-step process When parking at a supported off-street location with an entry/exit barrier, payment is processed automatically and transparently, without requiring any explicit payment action from the user. Off-street parking with ChargeMyPlate Universal & consistent Once a user is registered with the system, they can park at any supported off-street location using the same account and the same zero-step process. Copyright © 2015, Urban Management Solutions 16/26
  17. 17. Automated payments for off-street parking Customer approaches entry barrier ANPR camera reads plate number, contacts ChargeMyPlate back-end and opens barrier Customer approaches exit barrier ANPR camera reads plate number, back-end calculates time and amount due and charges user account automatically Copyright © 2015, Urban Management Solutions 17/26
  18. 18. e-Money The ChargeMyPlate platform handles user accounts in accordance with EU directive 2009/110/EC regulating electronic money institutions. e-Money Copyright © 2015, Urban Management Solutions 18/26
  19. 19. We put these principles first: Security As a payment operator we manage the information security of our systems and those of our clients and partners with the utmost rigour and dedication. Privacy All customer data stored or processed by ChargeMyPlate is kept safe and secure and is only used in accordance with international and EU personal data protection regulations. Reliability Our team has a proven track record for building highly reliable mission- critical systems for Fortune 100 companies and government organizations worldwide. Copyright © 2015, Urban Management Solutions 19/26
  20. 20. To summarize: ChargeMyPlate offers convenient, unobtrusive parking payments, which do not require any cash, cards or smart-phones while reducing risks and expenses for parking operators. To summarise: Copyright © 2015, Urban Management Solutions 20/26
  21. 21. Continually increasing value Single AccountOn-street parking Off-street (public and private) Other auto- related payments Copyright © 2015, Urban Management Solutions 21/26
  22. 22. Want a smart-phone app anyway? We are an IT company. We can build one to your specifications and brand it with your city or company brand. Everyone will be happy. Copyright © 2015, Urban Management Solutions 22/26
  23. 23. Our Story The team behind Urban Management Solutions developed the ChargeMyPlate technology after years of experience in maintaining, adapting and improving an earlier version called ParkBySMS. Originally developed by our sister company A115 for the municipality of Sofia, Bulgaria in 2007, ParkBySMS now handles hundreds of thousands of transactions every business day. Today, more than 97% of all on- street parking payments in Sofia are made with SMS. Copyright © 2015, Urban Management Solutions 23/26
  24. 24. 210,000,000 parking payments made with ParkBySMS to-date 97% uptake and a whole lot of satisfied motorists 8 years since launch with ZERO down-time during working hours Copyright © 2015, Urban Management Solutions 24/26
  25. 25. Contact us ▣ E-mail Urban Management Solutions at: We are eager to talk to you! Copyright © 2015, Urban Management Solutions 25/26
  26. 26. Credits Special thanks to everyone who helped make this presentation look so good: ▣ Presentation design by Sophie Lauren ▣ Minicons by Webalys ▣ Illustrations by Tinatini 26/26