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Summer FinAid App


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Summer FinAid App

  1. 1. @ UTSA ID Student’s Last Name Student’s First Name 2010-2011 UTSA Request for Summer 2011 Financial Aid Office of Student Financial Aid and Enrollment Services (SFAES) University of Texas at San Antonio, One UTSA Circle, San Antonio, Texas 78249-0687 1-800-669-0919 Fax (210) 458-4638 To apply for Summer 2011 financial aid, all the following must apply: Complete and submit the 2010/2011 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Complete and submit this UTSA Request for Summer 2011 Financial Aid form. Complete your financial aid file, including the UTSA Student Rights and Responsibilities Form and verification documents if required. Register at least half-time (summer half-time hours are 6 hours for undergraduate students and 3 hours for graduate students) The 2011 Summer Application priority deadline is January 14, 2011. Students who apply by the deadline will have a better chance at limited grant funds than those who apply after the priority deadline. If you change grade levels after the Spring 2011 semester (ex: from sophomore to junior), an increase in your summer loan award is possible, but cannot be made until Spring 2011 grades have posted to reflect the change in grade level. If your grade level does change and you wish to request additional loan money, please notify our office by completing the 2010-2011 Student Loan Memo. SIGNATURE AND STATEMENT OF CERTIFICATION Your signature on this document confirms your acknowledgement of the following: I understand that I must be enrolled at least half-time, as described above, in order to receive summer financial aid. I understand that if I decide not to attend, I must withdraw from my classes on ASAP. I understand that grants are based on full-time enrollment and will be prorated to match actual enrollment. I understand that Stafford student loans are subject to yearly loan limits. If I have borrowed the maximum loan amount for my grade level during the fall/spring, I will not be eligible for any summer Stafford loans. I understand that I must notify SFAES if there are any changes in my housing, enrollment or outside resources (scholarships, tuition reimbursement, etc.) and that changes may affect my overall award. Summer awarding will begin after registration for summer begins. During peak seasons, there may be up to a 5-7 business day processing time for your request. Signature: ___________________________________________ Date: ______________________ PRIVACY NOTICE With a few exceptions, you are entitled to be informed about the information U.T. San Antonio collects about you. Under Sections 552.021 and 552.023 of the Texas Government Code, you are entitled to receive and review this information. Under Section 559.004 of the Texas Government Code, you are entitled to have U.T. San Antonio correct information about you that is held by us and that is incorrect, in accordance with the procedures set forth in the University of Texas System Business Procedures Memorandum 32. The information that U.T. San Antonio collects will be retained and maintained as required by Texas records retention laws (Section 441.180 et seq. of the Texas Government code) and rules. Different types of information are kept for different periods of time. OFFICE USE ONLY Date Received by SFAES: _______________ RRAAREQ Code: SUMAPP Entered on RRAAREQ by: ______________ Webx Code: FA_SUM_APPL Revised on 8/16/2010 Page 1 of 1 Completed by: ________________________