Inter curtural nd international communication


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Inter curtural nd international communication

  1. 1. 
  2. 2. Intercultural communication & International communication
  3. 3.  Communication is the exchange of information, ideas, or feelings with other person in such a way that the receiver perceive it in the same way in which sender wants to give
  4. 4.  Intercultural communication occurs when people of diverse ethnic backgrounds discuss ideas and tasks in a language other than their native tongue is a relatively new term in the business world and is defined as communication within and between businesses that involve people from more than one culture
  5. 5.  Demands for intercultural communication skills are increasing as more and more businesses go global or international. They realize that there are barriers and limitations when entering a foreign territory. Without the help of intercultural communication they can unknowingly cause confusion and misunderstandings.
  6. 6.  Pakistani investors invest in Turkey and Egypt 3 billion rupees. But subsequent to sometime they suffer that there is collapse in at hand business afterward they accomplish make inquiries. The upshot of research was the grounds at the back the down fall is they can’t realize local peoples communication, value, perception.
  7. 7.  Interethnic communicationInterethnic communication refers to communication between people of the same race but different ethnic background. For example in China, if a Tibetan communicates with a Han, we have interethnic communication, as they are from different ethnic groups. Interracial communicationInterracial communication occurs when the source and the receiver exchanging messages are from different races which pertains to physical characteristic. For instance, if an Afro-American interacts with a white American, it’s interracial communication. Interracial communication may or may not be intercultural Interregional communicationThis term refers to the exchange of messages between members of the dominant culture within a country
  8. 8.  In a global economy, success depends on accurately reading and responding to environmental complexity and competition on regional level. Moreover, the diversity of peoples and environments in which multinational firms (MNCs) operate should increase the potential number and sources of innovations and learning Example of impact of intercultural communication in business "Death of a Princess"
  9. 9.  Due to improvement in transportation technology Developments in communication technology Changes in mass migration patterns
  10. 10.  Division of mankind Conflicts due to different meanings Misunderstandings as a result of poor communication Difference in perceptions of sender and receiver Personal feelings of a listener Lack of similar life happening
  11. 11.  Do not use double meanings word listen carefully and, if in doubt, ask for confirmation of understanding respect the local communication formalities and styles Do have a knowledge about their cultures perception
  12. 12.  Ideas Values Attitudes Behaviors Ethics These five contents construct the perception of the mankind of that certain region.
  13. 13.  Some factors due to which culture changes Relative advantage Compatibility Complexity Observability
  14. 14.  Centralpart of society Our economy Organizations which employees us
  15. 15. International communication is the abilityto provide and access information acrosscultures through speaking, listening, orreading and writing
  16. 16.  Against a background of rapid technological change, the impact of global communication on national cultures and societies has become a dynamic area of critical enquiry. International Communication and Globalization offers a timely overview of the rapidly expanding area of media and communication studies.
  17. 17.  Thistime to re-examine the value of international communication. With the help international communication we can… Best suit of exchange multicultural ideas Diversified horizontally, vertically, integrated in sense of business globalization Microsoft, McDonald, Addidas working on the rule international communication
  18. 18.  Cross cultural communication skills Cross culture beliefs Rules and regulations for international communication
  19. 19.  ToleranceIf you communicate on international forum somebody cant deliver word as per required pronunciation we should have patience Adoptability to their cultureIt’s the rule of communication to adopt a culture where are you, “when you in Rome do as Romans” Respect their beliefs and culturesShould be treat peoples as they expect on global community we have to respect their belief, values, culture Show FlexibilityAt the time of international communication should keep in mind there may be miscommunication, we have to face this and show flexible behavior
  20. 20.  Intercultural international communication both have same value. We can’t underestimate any level of communication. But with the passage of time our world changing into “Global Village” day by day need of international communication increasing because we interact thousand peoples on daily basis……