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What is ProtectV and how can it help your organization? Here's a concise overview of SafeNet's cloud encryption solution for Amazon Web Services or VMware, as presented at VMworld.

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  • Note to Presenter:These three slides are meant to kick off the presentation. They are to be presented quickly. The expectation is that people will start to settle in while we present these slides.Start with title slide of a given presentation.If this is a SafeNet presentation, than presenter presents these intro slides.If it is a partner/customer presenter a safenet presenter will present.<title slide>: Welcome the audience. Introduce yourself, speaker and topic.<Slide 1, Intro to SafeNet>: Before the presentation begins I wanted to take a moment to give you a little background on who SafeNet is.<Build 1>: We are known as “The Data Protection Company”<Build 2>Simply put, we are big Data Security Company. Day and night all we think about is data security, around the world, for 25,000 customers. We have a portfolio of products that contain the highest levels of certifications, across FIPS, Type 1, and many other global certifications and validations.<build 3>SafeNet is behind much of the security that you take for granted each day. Many of the largest global financial services companies trust us to secure their transactions. Across all of DOD SafeNet is an integral part of our nations security. We have customers who buy our products direct, partners who sell our products as part of their offerings, and we sell many of our products as OEM to act as the core of the security in their offerings.<Next Slide>
  • SafeNet is proud of its broad portfolio of data security products. It is likely that you don’t go a day without being exposed to data that was secured by SafeNet during its data lifecycle. At the heart and a big differentiator to many of our solutions is our Enterprise Key Management and hardware security modules that act as the root of trust and controls the keys for our encryption solutions. SafeNet starts protection from the moment of access with a portfolio of premise and cloud based authentication and software monetization solutions. We can encrypt your data in production, in storage and in motion so that even when your perimeter is breached, the data isn’t compromised. Your data appears to be only garbage to Hackers and rouge administrators who may penetrate your perimeter protection. We have been innovating and leading the security industry for almost 30 years. We are now taking that experience into securing the virtual world. SafeNet ProtectV, the industry’s first comprehensive, VMware Ready Certified, high-assurance solution for solving critical challenges of security, governance and control of data in a virtual infrastructure.<Know your next slide a prepare a transition. It will be either to invite people to the booth or go into your safenet presentation>
  • We invite you to join us after this presentation to learn more how we can help Fast Track your migration to the cloud with Storage Security, VM security and High-Assurance Virtualization. We have subject matter experts available to speak with you and to help you allay your organizations security, data control and governance concerns through SafeNet security solutions.
  • ProtectV - Data Security for the Cloud

    1. 1. Closing Virtual Datacenter Security Gaps “In the virtual realm, especially when one does not have direct access to the environment, there is just one way to protect data: full VM encryption.” - Peter Stephenson, SC Magazine© SafeNet Confidential and Proprietary 1
    2. 2. We protect the most money that moves in theREVENUE GLOBAL FOOTPRINT world, $1 trillion daily~$500m +25,000 Customers in We protect the most digital 100 countries identities in the worldEMPLOYEES ACCREDITED Products certified We protect the most+1,500 to the highest classified information in the world550+ Crypto security standardEngineers 130 FIPS Certificates We are a Magic Quadrant Leader for Authentication 2
    3. 3. Wherever your Data Goes… ...SafeNet Keeps it Secure Secure Space Communications Uplink command encryptionKey Management /Root of Trust Access Production Stored Virtualized Mutlifactor Authentication, Database, file shares Structured and Private, Public and SSO, entitlement/software PAN, Payments, PII Unstructured Hybrid Clouds rights management Stored and Archived Data Secure Communications High Speed Encryption, Ethernet, SONET 3
    4. 4. Virtualization RisksHow secure is my data in a virtualized world? APP APP APP APP VMs are easy to copy (and steal). OS OS OS OS Hypervisor VMs are easy to move. Compute Layer VMs introduce a new class of privileged users and administrators—server, storage, backup, and application—all Storage operating independently. Snapshots Snapshots VMs have multiple instances, snapshots and backups of data. And what about your Disaster Backup Recovery site? 4
    5. 5. Data Protection for Virtual EnvironmentsProtectV is the industry’s first comprehensivehigh-assurance solution for solving criticalchallenges of security, governance andcontrol of data in a virtual infrastructure orcloud. 6
    6. 6. Anatomy of Securing a Virtual Datacenter1 ProtectV Client ProtectV Client is installed 2 ProtectV Manager on your VMs. ProtectV Manager is a virtual machine that runs as a VM in Storage a VMware environment. Protected Disks VMware ESX Server 3 KeySecure Virtual Machines KeySecure is a hardware-based high-assurance enterprise key management solution. 7
    7. 7. ProtectV: Secures the Entire VM Lifecycle Power On 1 Every day that you power on VMs, ProtectV makes it efficient, fast, and automated5 DeleteEvery time youdelete a key, it Start 2“digitally shreds”the data, rendering You must beall copies of VMs authenticated andinaccessible authorized to launch a VM4 Snapshot Daily Operations 3 Every copy of VM All data and VMs are in storage or encrypted backup is encrypted 8
    8. 8. ProtectV Delivers Complete VM Encryption Encryption of entire VM  Encryption of system/OS partition Entire VM is encrypted  Encryption of data partition Secured Volumes Encryption of associated snapshots and backups (DR sites etc.) Secured VMs 9 9
    9. 9. ProtectV Delivers Ownership & Control of Your Data  Pre-launch user authorization to access a VM Pre-Launch Authentication  Separation of duties between storage, VI and security administrators  Hardware-based FIPS 140-2 level 3 certified Enterprise Key Manager Secured VMs On-Premise EKM 10
    10. 10. ProtectV Delivers Visibility &Proof of Data Governance  Unified management - at-a-glance dashboard view and central audit point  On-premise key management audit for encryption keys 11
    11. 11. Closing Virtual Datacenter Security Gaps Comprehensive encryption of VMs and storage Solves critical challenges of security, governance and control of data in a virtual infrastructure or cloud Certified by VMware 12
    12. 12. Learn More 13