Secure Your Virtualized Environment. Protection from Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)


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Trend Micro Deep Security
#1 Security Platform for Virtualization and the cloud

Trend Micro Deep Discovery
Combating Advanced Persistent Treats (APT’s)

Trend Micro Mobile Security
Manage and control your mobile devices (BYOD)

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  • We’ll start with virtualization security. Not only does this protect your virtual data centers, but also protects the cloud [click]For companies with virtualization in production, over the next 12 months, the average percentage of servers virtualized will jump from 46 to 63%. Similarly the percentage of desktops that are virtualized will jump from 44 to 63%.[click]As virtualization expands to cover more critical applications and data, effective security becomes even more important. To achieve this, we must first understand the security challenges specific to virtual environments.
  • Your data center is evolving. Most of you are already well on your journey to the cloud, likely still maintaining some physical servers, but transitioning many of these to virtual machines, and even leveraging some resources in a private, public or hybrid cloud environment.Virtual servers are already outpacing physical ones, and Gartner predicts that in a few short years 71% of server works loads will be virtualized.From our cloud survey: If using virtualization in pilot or production, also using private or public cloud (over 60%)We know that virtualization and cloud hold great promises.Embracing these new environments enables you to…Lower capital and operational costs -- consolidating the number of servers used and turning on VMs only as the business demands itIncreased business agility – offering new services quickly and easily…even firing up a whole new environment on Amazon, for example, in a matter of minutesInstant scalability – turning on and off VMs as requiredAnywhere, anytime access – offering business services to your users who are in the office, at home or on a mobile device
  • More than half of the respondents indicated that apprehension over security is a key reason holding back their adoption of cloud technique and that shared storage is vulnerable without encryption.More than half expressed more willingness to consider using the cloud if cloud providers took a more hands on approach to securing data or if they knew more about how to secure their data in the cloud.But just because the data center is evolving to include new platforms doesn’t mean the threat landscape is changing—we still have threats like data-stealing malware, targeted attacks, botnets, and more. Security concerns are the #1 barrier to adoption of virtual and cloud.Exploits are happening faster than patches are available. Zero-day vulnerabilities are now our reality.With an ever-changing threat landscape, how can you be sure that your servers and virtual machines have not been altered…have not been turned on in a virtual environment without the right patches in place?And if you do put security agents in place on the VMs, how do you maintain performance?Moving into the cloud has huge advantages of agility, but one of the biggest issues is the loss of visibility…the loss of control over your resources, your data. And if you are in a cloud environment, especially one that is multi-tenant, how sure are you that your data is for your eyes only?With so many parts in this environment, it stands to reason that integrated security is needed across all of three of these platforms to defend against these threats, and to achieve the lower cost/higher agility promise of virtualization and cloud.
  • Survey data shows us that IT departments spend one third of their time doing patching. Yet three quarters of them are simply not satisfied with their existing patch management solution. Why is that? All software is created by humans and to err is human.There were 2095 critical vulnerabilities in 2010 (according to the National Vulnerability Db)Even in vendors come out with patches for these bugs, there are simply too many patches for enterprises to keep up with. Microsoft security intelligence report from this year says that less than one percent of all attacks and infections were due to zero-day attacks. That means companies are simply not patching enough.  
  • And our strength in virtualization has furthered our leadership in overall server security.We were recognized by Network World magazine as being the clear choice winner for virtualization security.As well, we are the only Enterprise Class security solution, and the only agentless solution for Vmware, validated on Cisco UCS.And finally we were the first content security provider to be certified on VCE Vblcok in April 2012
  • This rapid adoption of mobile devices is also affecting the adoption of consumer-friendly applications. For example, it took AOL 9 years to get to 1 million users…9 months to do the same for Facebook…but only 9 DAYS for DrawSomething!!How is this rapid adoption changing our landscape from an IT perspective?
  • This chart shows the platforms that have shipped over the past 35 years or so.Not surprisingly, this growth of mobile devices is changing our landscape forever.<click to show first bubble>Only 15 years ago, there was really only one dominant platform to support. Windows on the PC. And maybe some Mac as well.<click for second bubble>Now, with the rapid adoption of new technologies, mobile devices now outsell PCs. And we are about to see an individual mobile platform (Android) to overtake the PC.<click to zoom>And these mobile devices are not just for home use. The global install base of tablets, for example, will be 760 million by 2016, with 375 million sold just in that year. And according to Forrester, one third of them will be sold to businesses. This platform evolution will change your jobs in IT irreversibly.
  • Remember when your environments looked like this…? Maybe you had some Macs too. Maybe some additional productivity apps…but overall it was pretty consistent.With the changes in technology and the pressure to support the changing demands of the users, the new reality looks like this…
  • Let’s talk about how this changing landscape has affected you.As Risk and Security leaders in this fast-paced world, you can no longer afford to react to business requests; you are proactively transforming the business, empowering users to take full advantage of this strategic information … while effectively managing the risk involved in the feeding and caring of this information
  • Let’s talk more about Consumerization – the business benefits and concerns you may have – and how Trend can help you empower the business while managing the risks involved
  • Consumerization isn’t just about BYOD, it is about changing user expectations. People want to be able to use the same mobile, collaboration and social networking tools that they use in their personal lives when they’re at work too. They want the same familiar, easy, fast devices and applications at work.
  • Let’s consider the dynamics of mobile devices as they not only present the complication of additional platform support, but they are also accelerating the adoption of many of these cloud apps.First, mobile devices and apps, while super convenient, can leak sensitive data. An action that might be natural to do in our personal lives can put sensitive corporate and customer information at risk! Mobile devices and apps are prime targets for data-stealing malware, socially engineered and more advanced attacks.And…of course this data is at risk if the device is left on an airplane or stolen. More than ever, we’re seeing mobile devices lost and stolen.10% of laptopswill be lost or stolen 12,000/week in US airports1Data not protected on 2/3 of laptops 2Lost laptops the number one cause of a data breach.Removable Media loss is escalating51% store confidential information on USBs39% have lost themAirports: : Ponemon (sponsored by Dell), 2008: Airport Insecurity: The case of Missing & Lost Laptops2/3 Laptops: Worldwide Endpoint Encryption 2010 – 2014 Forecast : Data Security for EveryoneLost laptops
  • And with the freedom of a mobile device, it is easy to see why some employees may mistakenly share a confidential document with others outside the organization.The separation of personal and corporate information is a valid concern.
  • The threat environment has evolved over the years. All of these threats still exists out there, but new and more damaging threats are being developed each year. Now, we are dealing with targeted attacks, advanced persistent threats and creative mobile attacks that take advantage of new vulnerabilities, social engineering and mobile proximity.They are stealthy and are designed to fly under the radar, undetected, and to steal your valuable data. And your data is everywhere--in the cloud, on virtualized servers, and on mobile devices. It needs to be protected, w/out slowing you downStreet crime is down 20%. Why? It is becoming so much more profitable and lucrative to enter into the world of cybercrime. And it is getting easier.Cyber criminals use a seemingly endless array of techniques to compromise and infiltrate nearly every aspect of our electronic environment. As our lives, and for that matter, the entire global economy, have become increasingly dependent on Web-based systems and interconnectivity to operate smoothly, cyber-attacks have emerged to stalk us nearly every step of the way. In fact, they’ve grown so complex and varied that traditional IT system defenses such as antivirus (AV) software and intrusion prevention systems (IPSs) are not enough on their own. Cybercrime has become big business with commercialized exploit kits and cybercriminal counter intelligence available to the hackers. This has greatly accelerated the volume, variety and velocity of threats we are dealing with.There are specific emerging trends in cyber-attack: Professionalization and Commoditization of Exploit Kits. i.e. BlackHole Exploit Kit Modularization: We have also observed a high degree of modularization in more advanced malware like SpyEye and FLAME. Increased Sophistication with Traffic Direction Systems (TDS): Traffic Direction Systems (TDS) are used as initial landing pages, also known as “doorway pages”, which direct traffic to content. RansomwareNew Exploitation Vectors Introduced via HTML5 •Evolution of Mobile ThreatsContinued Exploitation of Social Networks As these threats evolve, it is clear that traditional techniques won’t be able to prevent all threats. Additional layered security and specialized visibility into these attacks is needed.
  • The nice thing is that wherever you are on that spectrum, we can support you. Consider the range of activities that users engage in every day? Email, web, mobile access, saving files to disk or USB, collaboration over SharePoint or cloud-based service, and of course Facebook.How can you be sure that all of these activities, devices and data are protected at all times?<click>Our solution is designed to provide complete end user protection – essentially providing protection for all end user activities.Our solution enables you deploy a centralized policy so that you can ensure consistent enforcement across all user activities. And, we provide a single console to administer all endpoints, making it faster and easier for you to manage security for users on their laptops, desktops or mobile devices.<click>With a plug and play architecture, we provide all of the essential capabilities you need to protect your users, their devices, their applications and data.We deliver market leading anti-malware, protecting users from viruses, spam, malicious file attachments and moreTo help you address concerns with mobile devices, we have complete Mobile Security integratedas part of our endpoint solution. This enables you to manage and secure devices (whether these are corporate or employee-owned), mobile applications and data. For example, devices can be seamlessly enrolled and managed. They can be remotely located and wiped to reduce risk of lost devices. Applications can be vetted and pushed out to secure and devices to ease distribution.Intrusion prevention protects against vulnerabilities – essentially offering you virtual patching against new, yet-to-be-addressed exploits Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is fully integrated into the solution making it MUCH easier to deploy than other offerings, and automatically preventing sensitive information from leaking out of the organization via email or removable media.Encryption protects sensitive information on users’ desktops, removable media, in email and more, making it easier to comply with most regulations.With our Complete End User Protection, all user activities are safeguarded, reducing risk of sensitive information loss. ____________________________________________________________________More specifically on mobile <if you want to go into details or pick out example features>:Mobile Device ManagementDevice DiscoveryDevice EnrollmentDevice ProvisioningS/W ManagementRemote ControlReportingInventory Man.Remote LocateSummary ViewsData ProtectionEncryption EnforcementRemote WipeSelective WipeRemote LockSIM Change/ WatchFeature Control / LockPassword PolicyMobile Device SecurityAnti-MalwareFirewall Web Threat Protection Call FilteringSMS/WAP Anti-SpamJail break detectionApplication ManagementApp Black ListingApp White ListingApp PushRequiredOptionalApp Inventory Mobile Device Management
  • Why do WE think YOU should choose Trend Micro for your toughest security challenges???Our solutions are Smart, Simple and provide Security that Fits!Our solutions are Smart –providingreal-time protection powered by innovative solutions, big data analytics and 1200 threat researchers.Our team of experts is 100% focused on security. It is in our DNAOur solutions are Simple – with specialized solutions open and scalable easy to deploy and manageWe deliver Security that Fits – our solutions fit seamlessly with your ecosystem TODAY and in the FUTURE – helping you maximize your existing investments, not replace them. Please come visit our experts at our solution showcase to learn more about our solutions and how they will help you tackle the latest issues surrounding Consumerization, Virtualization and Cloud, or advanced cyber threats.Thank you!
  • Secure Your Virtualized Environment. Protection from Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)

    1. 1. Agenda: Secure Your  Rob Tanner Virtualized Deep Security Environment  Jay Kammerer Protection from Deep Discovery Advanced Persistent  Jamie Haggett Threats (APTs) Mobile Security  Q&A
    2. 2. Server and Desktop Virtualization Security Whats new from Trend Micro • Trend Micro Deep Security #1 Security Platform for Virtualization and the cloud • Trend Micro Deep Discovery Combating Advanced Persistent Treats (APT’s) • Trend Micro Mobile Security Manage and control your mobile devices (BYOD)2/6/2013 Copyright 2012 Trend Micro Inc. 3
    3. 3. RethinkingDatacenter Security Rob Tanner Sr. Manager, Channel Sales Trend Micro
    4. 4. Virtualization is shrinking the datacenter but what about shrinking security overhead?2/6/2013 5
    5. 5. vCenter and vCloud are accelerating VM provisioning Is you security provisioning keeping pace?2/6/2013 |Copyright 2012 Trend Micro Inc. 6
    6. 6. Data Center Physical Virtual Cloud By 2016, 71% of server workloads will be virtualized* • Increased business agility • Instant scalability • Lower capital and operational costs Source: Gartner, Forecast Analysis: Data Center, Worldwide, 2010-2016, 1Q12 Update, Jonathon Hardcastle, 16 May, 2012Confidential | Copyright 2012 Trend Micro Inc.
    7. 7. Data Center Physical Virtual Cloud Security Challenges Manage Risk Ensure compliance Protect the brand Reduce Costs Performance impact Management overheadConfidential | Copyright 2012 Trend Micro Inc.
    8. 8. Virtualization Security Challenge: Resource Contention Typical AV Console 3:00am Scan Antivirus Storm Automatic security scans overburden the system2/6/2013 Copyright 2012 Trend Micro Inc. 9
    9. 9. Virtualization Security Challenge: Instant-on Gaps Reactivated with Active Dormant security Cloned out dated        Reactivated and cloned VMs can have out-of-date security2/6/2013 Copyright 2012 Trend Micro Inc. 10
    10. 10. Virtualization Security Challenge: Inter-VM Attacks / Blind Spots Attacks can spread across VMs2/6/2013 Copyright 2012 Trend Micro Inc. 11
    11. 11. Virtualization Security Challenge: Complexity of Management Provisioning Reconfiguring Rollout Patch new VMs agents patterns agents VM sprawl inhibits compliance2/6/2013 Copyright 2012 Trend Micro Inc. 12
    12. 12. Lower Costs with Agent-less SecurityTrend Micro Deep Security Web Intrusion Firewall Integrity Anti-Malware Reputation Prevention Monitoring The Old Way With Deep Security More VMs Security VM VM VM Virtual Appliance VM VM VM VM VM Higher Fewer Easier Stronger Density Resources Manageability Security
    13. 13. Virtualization Security Increased ROI with Agentless Security Example: Agentless Antivirus VM servers per host Agentless AV 75 Traditional AV 25 3X higher VDI VM consolidation ratios 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 3-year Savings on 1000 VDI VMs = $539,600 Sources: Tolly Enterprises Test Report, Trend Micro Deep Security vs. McAfee and Symantec, February 2011; Saving estimate based on VMware ROI calculations2/6/2013 Copyright 2012 Trend Micro Inc. 14
    14. 14. Deep Security 9Deeper Integration with VMware Platform• Support for latest vSphere and vShield platform capabilities – 4th-generation enhancements across broadest agentless security suite• Improved performance – Antivirus and integrity scan caching/de-dupe across VMs • Significant storage I/O benefits for further VDI consolidation – Tuning of IPS policies to guest application• Stronger protection – Hypervisor boot integrity – chain of trust from VM file integrity to H/W Trend Micro Confidential-NDA Required
    15. 15. Vulnerabilities and Patching - under control? NVD Statistical Data Year # Vulns % Total 1997 145 57.54 1998 134 54.47 1999 424 47.43 2000 452 44.31 2001 773 46.09 2002 1,004 46.57 Critical ―Software Flaw‖ 2095 Vulnerabilities in 2010 2003 2004 678 969 44.40 39.53 • Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures (―CVE‖): Score 7-10 2005 2,038 41.32 2006 2,760 41.77 2007 3,159 48.50 2008 2,841 50.44 2009 2,722 47.48 2010 2,095 45.167 critical alerts every day! 2011* 1,658 43.87
    16. 16. Virtualization Security What is the Solution? Virtual Patching Rules are developed and delivered automatically to protect • Before patches are available • Unsupported OSs and apps • Legacy web applications • Devices that are difficult to patch— ATM kiosk, point of sale, medical devices, etc. Prevent business disruption and data breach. Keep your virtual systems, applications, and data secure2/6/2013 Copyright 2012 Trend Micro Inc. 17 17
    17. 17. Security Vulnerability in Java 7 Already targeted by hacker tools Details • In early January 2013, a vulnerability was discovered in Java 7, impacting Windows, Mac, and Linux users • The vulnerability is being exploited in toolkits like: – Blackhole Exploit Kit (BHEK) – Cool Exploit Kit (CEK) • The toolkits distribute malware, most notably ransomware that locks systems and requires fees (~$200-$300) to unlock • Oracle made a patch available on Sunday, January 13, 2013 • However, the Department of Homeland Security and other security consultants still advise disabling Java unless running the software is business critical Confidential | Copyright 2013 Trend Micro Inc. 18
    18. 18. Trend Micro Customers are Already Shielded Deep Security The Power of Virtual Patching in Deep Security • Deep Security Labs obtains information about this vulnerability from public information sources • Trend Micro protects users from this zero-day vulnerability via its Deep Security update (DSRU13-002) and rule 1005177 (Rule: Restrict Java Bytecode File (Jar/Class) Download) • The rule blocks the .JAR and class files, preventing users from downloading all related malware • At first a patch was not available from Oracle for this vulnerability • This Trend Micro update provided immediate vulnerability shielding for Deep Security and OfficeScan customers • Oracle released a patch on Sunday, January 13, 2013 • Trend Micro customers can roll out the actual Oracle patch during a regularly scheduled maintenance update2/6/2013 Confidential | Copyright 2013 Trend Micro Inc. 19
    19. 19. Automated Security Reduces CostsTrend Micro Deep SecurityInstant and Automated Protection for Virtual and Cloud workloads Deep Security Manager vSphere & vCloud Anti-Malware Firewall Web Integrity Reputation Monitoring Intrusion Log Prevention Inspection Physical Virtual Cloud Desktop & Server Private, Dedicated Server Virtualization Hybrid & Public Cloud
    20. 20. Automate Security 19 controls 15 controls Web Exchange Server Servers Virtual Appliance• Discover VMs & servers requiring protection 73 controls 28 controls – vSphere and vCloud 8 Oracle SAP – Amazon Web Services controls Web Server• Identify and Implement Provisioning Infrastructure unique security controls vSphere required vCloud Deep Security • Scalable • Redundant – OS, applications, patch-levels, vulnerabilities Public Cloud 21
    21. 21. Automate Security 19 12 controls 15 7 controls Web Exchange Server Servers Virtual Appliance• Refresh security 28 5 profiles after patching 73 24 controls controls to remove 87 controls Web Oracle SAP unnecessary rules Server Provisioning• Example, SAP now Infrastructure vSphere requires only 5 vCloud Deep Security • Scalable controls • Redundant Public Cloud 22
    22. 22. What Sets our Solution Apart?Only true server security platform:• Comprehensive, modular security controls• Optimized for virtualization and cloud – Higher density, better performance – Truly agentless Only true server – Multi-tenant management security platform:• Automated management gain freedom and confidence for your – Enforced policy based on OS, applications cloud journey! – Policy follows VM – Consistent policies across physical, virtual, cloud
    23. 23. As Virtualization Security Leader, We Can Help You• Automate tedious and costly security provisioning• Add Confidence to virtualization and cloud deployments• Accelerate deployment of virtualization and cloud 24
    24. 24. How does it work?2/6/2013 Copyright 2012 Trend Micro Inc. 25
    25. 25. IDC: Trend Micro Leader with 27% Global share Top ratings for Virtualization Security Only Enterprise Class Security product validated on Cisco UCS First Content security solution certified on VCE Vblock in April 2012Worldwide Corporate Endpoint Server Security Revenue Share by Vendor, 2011Source: IDC, 2012
    26. 26. Over 1500 Customers: Differing Security Priorities Virtual Compliance Defense inVirtualization Patching Depth Confidential | Copyright 2012 Trend Micro Inc.
    27. 27. Trend Micro: VMware #1 Security Partner and2011 Technology Alliance Partner of the Year Improves Security Improves Virtualization by providing the most by providing security solutions secure virtualization infrastructure, architected to fully exploit with APIs, and certification programs the VMware platform VMworld: Trend Micro Dec: Deep Security 7.5 virtsec customer Nov: Deep Security 7 w/ Agentless AntiVirus May: Trend with virtual appliance Vmworld: Announce acquires RSA: Trend Micro Deep Security 8 Feb: Join Third Brigade Demos Agentless w/ Agentless FIM VMsafe program Sale of DS 7.5 RSA: Other vendors Before GA ―announce‖ Agentless 2008 2009 2010 2011 July: Q1: VMware buys RSA: Trend Micro VMworld: Announce CPVM Deep Security for announces Coordinated Deep Security 7.5 GA Internal VDI Use approach & Virtual pricing And shows Vmsafe demo Q4: Joined EPSEC 2010: RSA: Trend Micro vShield Program >100 customers announces virtual >$1M revenue appliance
    28. 28. Thank you!
    29. 29. Deep Discoveryand The Custom Defense| Jay Kammerer
    30. 30. Traditional Security Protection is Insufficient APTs & Empowere Elastic Targeted Attacks d PerimeterAPTs & Targeted Attacks Employees―The New Norm‖ — IDC Copyright 2012 Trend Micro Inc.
    31. 31. APTs and Targeted Attacks -- The New Norm - IDC Trend Micro finds over 90% of enterprise networks A Cyber Intrusion contain active malicious Every 5 Minutes… malware according to US-CERT
    32. 32. Most Targeted Industries Most common industry targets of APT-related spear phishing Copyright 2012 Trend Micro Inc.
    33. 33. Trend Micro Custom DefenseA complete lifecycle to combat the attacks that matter to you Specialized threat detection Detect capability at network and protection points Deep analysis uses custom Analyze sandboxing & relevant global intel to fully assess threats Custom security blacklists & Deep Discovery Adapt signatures block further attack at network, gateway, endpoints Attack profiles and network-Respond wide event intelligence guide rapid containment & remediation
    34. 34. Deep Discovery Inspector Deep Discovery provides the network-wide visibility, insight and control needed to protect your company against APTs and targeted attacks • Visualization • Analysis Network • Alarms • Reporting Visibility, Analysis & Control Threat Virtual Watch Threat SIEM Detection Analyzer List Connect Connect Network InspectionNetwork Inspection Platform Platform Malicious Content Deep Discovery Suspect Communication Attacker Behavior 35
    35. 35. Threat Analyzer Custom Sandbox Simulation & Analysis • Tracking of malicious actions & events • Detection of malicious destinations and connections to C&C servers • Specific detection rules for Office, PDF and Flash docs • General detection rules for all executables • Exportable reports & PCAP filesFully Customizable Attack Surface using standard VMware tools- Operating system, Office version, Service Packs- Browsers and standard applications- Custom applications
    36. 36. Deep Discovery – How It Works Watch List Simulate GeoPlotting Detect Correlate Alerts, Reports, Out of band feed Evidence Gathering of all network Detect Malicious traffic Content & Communication Identify Attack Behavior Threat Connect & Reduce False Positives Visibility – Real-time Dashboards Insight – Risk-based Analysis Action – Remediation Intelligence2/6/2013 Confidential | Copyright 2012 Trend Micro Inc. 37
    37. 37. Threat Connect Information PortalThreat profile: What are thecharacteristics, origins andvariants of this malware.Related IPs/Domains: What arethe known C&C comms for thisattack.Attack Group/Campaign: Whoand what is behind this threat.Containment and remediation:What to look for, how toremediate and eradicate.
    38. 38. Deep Discovery Advisor Threat Intelligence Center• In-Depth Contextual Analysis including simulation results, asset profiles and additional security events• Integrated Threat Connect Intelligence included in analysis results• Enhanced Threat Investigation and Visualization capabilities• Highly Customizable Dashboard, Reports & Alerts• Centralized Visibility and Reporting across Deep Discovery Inspector units Threat Connect Intelligence
    39. 39. Deep Discovery Advisor Completing the Custom Defense Lifecyle Deep Discovery Inspector Detect Deep Discovery Analyze Advisor AdaptAdvancedProtection Forensics, Respond Containment,Solutions Remediation Security Updates
    40. 40. Why Deep Discovery Detection Intelligence • Beyond MSFT & sandboxing • Smart Protection Network – Mobile, Mac, … & Researchers • Custom sandboxing • Threat Connect Portal • Beyond malware – Attacker behavior, lateral movement, … TCO The Bigger Picture • Single appliance • Custom Defense Solution • Flexible form factors • Services & strategic value • Competitive pricing • Trend commitment to customer success Visibility Insight Control Deep Discovery2/6/2013
    41. 41. Deep DiscoveryThank You 4 2
    42. 42. Acrodex/ Public Sector Edmonton, February 2013 Jamie Haggett (@jhaggett) Global Architect – Enterprise Mobility Empowering the Mobile Workforce in the Age of Consumerization, Cloud and Cyber ThreatsCopyright 2012 Trend Micro Inc.
    43. 43. 1 Million Users 9 Days 9 Months 9 YearsSource: ReadWriteWeb, March 2012
    44. 44., June 2012
    45. 45. Hard Drive2000 Windows MS Office LAN PC + Email + File Server + Dialup Windows LAN Mac VPN2012 MS Office Hard Drive iOS Android + Email + Cloud + Wi-Fi Cellular VDI Cloud
    46. 46. How do youempower the business while managing risk?
    47. 47. Cyber Threats Cloud &Consumerization Virtualization
    48. 48. Personal Productivity ImpactingUser Expectations and Demands at Work I want to be … • Always connected... • Using the devices and apps that I like… • In a way that is fast & easy!
    49. 49. Devices and Apps can leak sensitive data
    50. 50. Compliance is challenging
    51. 51. • Now it’s personal!Changing Threat Landscape • Financially motivatedEvolution to Cybercrime • Targeting most valuable information CRIMEWARE Mobile AttacksDAMAGE CAUSED Targeted Attacks Web Threats Intelligent Botnets Spyware Spam Mass Worm Mailers Outbreaks Vulnerabilities 2001 2003 2004 2005 2007 2010 2012
    52. 52. Collaboration File/Folder & (SharePoint, Removable Cloud/Sync) Social Media Networking Mobile Web Email &Messaging Solution: Complete End User Protection Intrusion Data Loss Anti-Malware Mobile Security Encryption Prevention Prevention Centralized Policy | Simple Administration
    53. 53. Trend Micro Mobile Security 8.0Manage Device Data Protection Mobile Device ApplicationManagement Security Management• Device Discovery • Encryption Enforcement • Anti-Malware • App Black Listing• Device Enrollment • Remote Wipe • Firewall • App White Listing• Device Provisioning • Selective Wipe • Web Threat Protection • App Push• Asset Tracking • Remote Lock • Call Filtering • Required• S/W Management • Feature Lock • SMS/WAP Anti-Spam • Optional• Remote Control • Password Policy • Jail break detection • App Inventory• Reporting• Summary Views Centralized Policy Management – Single Platform• Summery Reports Integrates directly into OfficeScan as a Plug in
    54. 54. SmartReal-time protection powered byinnovative solutions, big data analyticsand deep threat expertiseSimpleSpecialized solutions that are easyto deploy and manageSecurity That FitsSeamless integration with yourecosystem – maximizingexisting investments, COMPLETE DATA CENTERnot replacing them END USER PROTECTION CUSTOM & CLOUD SECURITY DEFENSE
    55. 55. Secure Your Virtualized Environment Protection from Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)