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Cloud Security & Cloud Encryption Explained


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Cloud Security & Cloud Encryption Explained by Porticor the industry leader in Cloud Data Security. Learn from Porticor the issues for cloud security and how to protect your data in the cloud. Learn more about cloud security at

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Cloud Security & Cloud Encryption Explained

  2. 2. Cloud computing is happening now
  3. 3. Cloud security is a must for:• Regulatory Compliance• Maintaining Flexibility• Effective Key Management
  4. 4. Cloud Data Security is a shared responsibility Data security is your responsibility
  5. 5. Approaches to Cloud Key Management - A Challenge Cloud provider User accountkey management server in the datacenter• Expensive: software licenses• Operational overhead• Defeats purpose of going to cloud in the first place Key Management SaaS vendor key management in a cloud hosted by a security vendor • Problematic: puts your encryption keys in somebody else’s hands
  6. 6. Porticor Virtual Private Data
  7. 7. What is Porticor® Virtual Private Data™ System?• The industry’s first cloud encryption and key management system that does not sacrifice trust• The only solution that solves the unaddressed challenge of securely storing keys in the cloud• No changes required on the application servers• Encrypts the entire data level (databases, file servers, distributed storage, virtual disks)
  8. 8. Patented Key-Splitting Technology The “Swiss Banker” metaphor  Customer has a key, “Banker” has a key Designed for Homomorphic key encryption
  9. 9. Cloud servers are up in minutes. With Porticor – so is data security• Virtual appliance, provides key management and encryption• In cloud of customer’s choice• In customer’s account• Pay as you go
  10. 10. Only Porticor! True confidentiality forTrust and control, while data at rest, while beingbeing 100% cloud-based 100% cloud-based Split-key encryption Data security across technology, built for virtual disks, databases, homomorphic key distributed storage and encryption file systems
  11. 11. The Porticor AdvantageData Security Needs Porticor Alternative solutionsHigh Security  Patented split-key encryption • Install a key management technology system in the data center, or  Secure cloud based key • Key management as a service management (transfer trust from business  Designed for homomorphic key to a third party) encryptionEase of Use  Deployed in minutes • Installation takes hours to  Cost-effective operations days  Fully “cloudy”, dynamic & elastic • Requires expertise  Requires no expertise in • Do not cover entire data layer encryption and key management • Often have no cloud API  Full data layer encryption  Secure cloud APIScalability and  Automatic scaling of encrypted • LimitedElasticity environments
  12. 12. Visit our website