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Training Design sample


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Training Design K-12 Seminar

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Training Design sample

  1. 1. DON MARIANO MARCOS MEMORIAL STATE UNIVERSITY North La Union Campus Sapilang, Bacnotan, La Union COLLEGE OF EDUCATION TRAINING DESIGN Title: Seminar-Workshop on the K to 12 Teaching and Learning Theme: K to 12 Teaching and Learning: Meeting the Needs of the 21st Century Learners Participants: All College of Education 3rd and 4th Year Students Date: June 24, 2015 Venue: Corpuz Hall, BPAA Building Rationale: The K-12 curriculum being introduced in the Philippines presents new challenges to teachers and learners in understanding exactly what is meant by “curriculum”. The would be teachers should understand the importance of developing a curriculum relevant for different ways of learning, ensuring that there is seamless integration of learning between various year groups and within subjects across year groups. The importance of appropriate assessment tools plays a key role in the development of learner’s higher-order thinking and 21st century skills. Appropriate assessment is committed to ensure learners’ success in moving from guided to independent display of knowledge, understanding and skills and to enable them to transfer this successfully in future situations. Future educators therefore must be skillful in the utilization varied proven methods of effective classroom management techniques and doable strategies suited to the 21st century learners in order to achieve effective character formation inside the classroom. It is with these thoughts that this seminar is conceptualized. Objectives: The seminar-workshop aims to: 1. develop an appreciation of the importance of the curriculum in the teaching and learning process 2. orient student-teacher participants on innovations and best practices in teaching and learning to meet the learners’ 21st century needs; 3. equip them with interactive and enjoyable strategies and activities to help develop the full potential of their learners; and 4. understand how character formation plays a key role in student learning and development Methodology: Seminar-Workshop Committees: Program & Certificates: BSEd IV BioSci Invitation and Reception: BSEd IV Math Registration: BSEd IV TLE Foods: BSEd IV TLE Stage Preparation: BEEd IV PSE Documentation: BEEd IV GC
  2. 2. Evaluation: BEEd IV PSE Steering: BSEd IV BioSci Programme: SEMINAR-WORKSHOP ON THE K TO 12 TEACHING AND LEARNING Theme: K to 12 Teaching and Learning: Meeting the Needs of the 21st Century Learners June 24, 2015 Corpuz Hall, BPAA Building I. Opening Program Prayer JOY S. DAYSO BEEd IV GC Pilipinas Kong Mahal BEEd IV PSE Opening Remarks STEVEN S. DUCLAYAN BEEd IV GC Inspirational Message DR. ROSITA P. ABUBO Dean Intermission Number Statement of Purpose LESTER E. ORPILLA BSEd IV BioSci Introduction of the Speaker JOANA E. REYES BSEd IV Math II. Seminar Proper  Curriculum Development for K-12: Some Principles and Practices DR. VIRGINIA O. RUDIO  K-12 WW-PT-QA Grading System DR. NORA A. OREDINA  Strategies for Successful Teaching: Classroom Management and Character Formation DR. ANNY ROSS A. BAYAN III. Closing Ceremonies and Giving of Certificates Distribution of Certificates Closing Remarks MIDJENA ROSE ARAGON BSEd IV TLE
  3. 3. Masters of Ceremonies: Janette B. Fontanilla & Gemma B. Sadio Registration Fee: Php 50.00 (inclusive of snack, certificate, program and token for speakers) Prepared by: LESTER E. ORPILLA BSE IV BioSci