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The State of Digital Identity Wallets – Darrell O’Donnell


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Darrell O’Donnell, President & CEO of Continuum Loop and Sovrin community contributor, will be our next guest. He’ll be sharing an update on a Digital Identity and Crypto Wallet study and report that he is releasing.

Discussions about Digital Wallets (aka Identity Wallets) have ended with hand-waving at many hard problems. The Digital Wallet study begins as leaders in Canada looked at what was needed to really enable self-sovereign identity to have an impact. The project sponsors realized that in order to bring Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) into their businesses a deep understanding of the current and future state of Digital Wallets was required.

The seemingly simple wallet turns out to be exceedingly hard. The initial focus of the study was on the enterprise aspects of Digital Wallets but it quickly shifted and broadened to apply generally to people and organizations. The project is culminating in a public and private report. The public report is intended to start a deeper discussion into what we really need from our Digital Wallet.

Darrell will walk us through, at a high-level, the findings of the study and give viewers access to a pre-publication version of the public report.

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The State of Digital Identity Wallets – Darrell O’Donnell

  1. 1. The State of Digital Wallets Preview of Market Report : Where the Digital Wallet market is and where it is headed. This presentation is released under a Creative Commons license. (CC BY-SA 4.0). Darrell O’Donnell, P.Eng. President & CEO Continuum Loop Inc. T: @darrello
  2. 2. 1. Empower global SSI communities 2. Open to everyone interested in SSI 3. All content is shared with CC BY SA Alex Preukschat @SSIMeetup @AlexPreukschat Coordinating Node SSIMeetup objectives
  3. 3. Agenda ● Why a study and reports? ● Digital Wallet Capabilities ● Agents ● State of Tech, Standards, and Art of the Possible ● Business and Markets
  4. 4. Why a Study? Why Reports? “I don’t do reports”... So why? ● Simple - there had been enough hand-waving about wallets. ● Problems and lack of clarity was causing projects and initiatives to die early or fade out. ● Defining a Digital Wallet became impossible. ● Group of leaders wanted to know where to start. ● What’s the bare minimum and where does this go?
  5. 5. What Did We Do? ● Researched over 300 projects ● IIW / RWoT ● Deep discussions with market leaders ● Wrote reports ○ Public (Creative Commons) and a Private Report ● Create reference site for gathering information
  6. 6. Wallet Capabilities ● Managing Credentials ● Authenticating ● Organizing ● Rendering ● Personas ● Emergency Access ● Trust Hubs/Registries ● Compliance and Monitoring ● Schemas & Overlays ● Revocations and Expiries ● Signing ● Offline Operations ● Keys & Secrets ● Secure Hardware Integration ● Notification ● Backup & Recovery ● Vault Support ● Multiple Device Support ● Synchronization ● Selective Disclosure ● Guardianship & Delegation ● Messaging
  7. 7. Guiding Principles ● Consent Driven ● Privacy by Design ● Security by Design ● Portable and Open by Default
  8. 8. “Stuff” In a Digital Wallet ● Receipts, Ownership, and Warranties ● Address Book & Relationships ● Consent - Receipts and Relationships ● ...
  9. 9. Enterprise Concerns ● Scale ● Multiple Agents ● Delegation - Rights, Roles, and Permissions ● Protection
  10. 10. Agents Types of Agents Who is in Your Wallet? ● Break Glass… ● Insurers ● Monitors ● Auditors
  11. 11. State of Tech / Art of the Possible ● Current Successes ○ Few outside of the lab ○ Embedded Agents (e.g. VON) ● Where Are Things Working (and Failing) Now? ○ Single Purpose Use Cases ● Where is it Really Hard?
  12. 12. Where is Further R&D Required ● Trust Hubs ● Credential Lifecycle ● Certification ○ Can I Trust Bubba’s Wallet? ● Rendering ● No Device / No Smartphone ● Guardianship & Delegation ● Schemas & Overlays ● Wallet Protection - loss / theft ● Vault-as-a-Service ● Break Glass ● Bare Minimum Portability
  13. 13. Standards ● Protocol Evolution (proprietary -> community -> formal) ● Overview of Standards Landscape ● Assurance Levels ● Pan-Canadian Trust Framework ● Portability
  14. 14. User Experience - The Big Challenge ● Organizing, Finding, and Using My Stuff ● Invites, Offers, and Requests ● What’s Normal (What’s Weird)?
  15. 15. Business & Markets Help Build the Ecosystem Early Business Approaches ● Single-Purpose Use Cases ● Backup & Recovery is Mandatory ● Simple Trust Hubs Influence Things
  16. 16. The Wallet Wars ●
  17. 17. What Next? ● Report is in layout ● PDF (free) and Printed (at cost) ● Will be released CC by SA 4.0 ● Private report to sponsors Pre-Production Version Available - ● Draft PDF ● Final PDF when complete
  18. 18. 18 / @IdentityBookHQ Digital Banking just got faster and more trustworthy with Decentralized Identity by James Monaghan & Darrell O’Donnell Identity wallets are not the same as crypto wallets by Kyle Kemper & Darrell O’Donnell SSIMeetup.org
  19. 19. The State of Digital Wallets Preview of Market Report : Where the Digital Wallet market is and where it is headed. This presentation is released under a Creative Commons license. (CC BY-SA 4.0). Darrell O’Donnell, P.Eng. President & CEO Continuum Loop Inc. T: @darrello