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Health 3.0 Leadership Conference: City of Richmond Health in all Policies with Meredith Lee


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In Spring 2013, we are on the precipice of dramatic, disruptive change in the health field that offers an unprecedented opportunity and challenge to transform health care and population health.

We know that traditional public health approaches along with more and better health care are not enough to improve health outcomes, equity, and cost. We must also:

- implement sustainable, fundamental "upstream" changes that address the root causes of disease and disability; and
- transform the way we deliver health care to ensure access to quality, affordable health care for all.

Enjoy this Bright Spot presentation from Julia Caplan, Program Director, Public Health Institute, Karen Ben-Moshe, Health in All Policies Taskforce Coordinator, California Department of Public Health, Meredith Lee, Health in All Policies, Intern, City of Richmond, and Gabino Arredondo, Health and Wellness Coordinator, City of Richmond, which was presented at the 2013 Annual Leadership Conference, co-sponsored by the Center for Health Leadership (CHL) and the California Pacific Public Health Training Center (CALPACT) at UC Berkeley's School of Public Health.

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Health 3.0 Leadership Conference: City of Richmond Health in all Policies with Meredith Lee

  1. 1. MAY 31, 2013City of RichmondHealth in All Policies“City services through the prism of health”– Bill Lindsay, Richmond City Manager
  2. 2. Overview—  Intro and Welcome – Meredith Lee—  General Plan 2030 – Gabino Arredondo—  Community Health & Wellness Element –Gabino Arredondo—  Richmond Health Equity Partnership – Meredith Lee—  Richmond Health in All Policies – Meredith Lee—  5 YR Strategic Business Plan – Gabino Arredondo3.1.2013City of Richmond, Health in All Policies2R I C H M O N D
  3. 3. City of Richmond, Health in All Policies 3 3.1.2013Ellen Kersten, PhD Candidate UC BerkeleyLife Expectancy in the East BayRichmond
  4. 4. City of Richmond, Health in All Policies 4 3.1.2013Results from the 2011 Richmond Community Survey:Self-Rated Health
  5. 5. General Plan 20303.1.2013City of Richmond, Health in All Policies5
  6. 6. The Community Health and Wellness Element3.1.2013City of Richmond, Health in All Policies6Community Workshops (18)Community Outreach and EngagementS H A P I N G T H E N E W 1 0 0 Y E A R S | 5part two: planning process overviewD R A F Tideasitude offocusedand publicmies,rn-priliden-thinow thetopics,ited toThe environmentBusiness and economic investmentInstitutional relations: government & educationCommunity services: faith-based, youth, and commu-nity organizationsAffordable housingReal estate developmentFor a list of invitees, participants, and meeting summaries, seethe Appendix.••••••PLAN VANThe Plan Van was designed as a “rolling workshop” to signifi-cantly broaden interest and participation in the General Planprogram. The overall goal of the Plan Van was to take theGeneral Plan program to Richmond’s citizens and neighbor-hoods, either alongside special events like the Pt. RichmondStroll, or on weekend afternoons in prominent public locations.The General Plan Team borrowed a City of Richmond van andwrapped it in a colorful graphic advertising the General Planprogram.The van was outfitted with maps, signs, promotional items,books, and other materials intended to inform the public aboutthe General Plan program as well as solicit community opin-ions on Richmond’s assets, issues, and opportunities. The vanwas staffed by a combination of consultant team members,including people hired from the Richmond community, andCity staff.In the first phase of the project, the Plan Van conducted 24stops; a list of stops is shown in the Appendix.At each stop, participants were asked to participate in a mapexercise, identifying locations where specific changes aredesired. Participants were also asked to complete commentcards identifying Richmond’s assets and major issues. NearlyThe Plan Van debuted at the 2006 Cinco de Mayo celebrations and continued to visitRichmond neighborhoods throughout the summer.The Plan VanCommunity Workshop
  7. 7. Timeline of Community Health and Wellness Element, RichmondHealth Equity Partnership, and Healthy Richmond!!TOWARDHEALTHEQUITYINRICHMONDCityofRichmondCommunityHealth&WellnessElementImplementation(2005%ongoing)++2005:Richmond’s+Community+Health+and+Wellness+Element+(HWE)+is+first+conceived.++Once+completed,+the+HWE+will+become+the+first+standalone+element+in+a+CA+jurisdiction’s+General+Plan+that+addresses+the+relationship+between+public+health+and+the+jurisdiction’s+social,+economic,+and+physical+environments+BuildingHealthyCommunitiesInitiative:HealthyRichmondProject(2010%2020)++RichmondHealthEquityPartnership(Feb+2012%Jan+2014)April24,2012:+Richmond+City+Council+adopts+the+2030+General+Plan+and+the+Health+and+Wellness+Element++2008:+City+launches+HWE+implementation+planning+and+pilots+in+Iron+Triangle+and+Belding+Woods+neighborhoods.++4+focus+areas+identified:+1)+citywide+policy+and+systems+implementation;+2)+neighborhood+improvement+strategies;+3)+data+collection,+indicators+developments,+and+measurement+of+success;+and+4)+community+engagement.+++Oct2009:+First+community+workshops+are+held+in+pilot+neighborhoods+to+get+input+on+potential+improvement+projects,+programs,+and+services+that+would+address+health+outcomes+July2009:+City+began+planning+with+project+partners+to+identify+needs+and+opportunities+for+collaboration.++Partners+included+Contra+Costa+Health+Services,+MIG,+and+PolicyLink++April/May2011:The+City+releases+report+summarizing+recommendations+for+selection+of+indicators+and+implementation+of+data+and+info+tracking+systems+Feb2012:+TCE+approves+RHEP+work+plan.++Objective:+Develop+a+collaborative+partnership+between+City+of+Richmond,+Contra+Costa+Health+Services,+West+Contra+Costa+Unified+School+District+to+advance+health+equity+for+children+and+families+in+Richmond+through+the+development+of+a+Health+in+All+Policies+(HiAP)+strategy,+Full%Service+Community+Schools+(FSCS)+strategy,+and+a+Health+Equity+Report+Card+to+create+a+model+for+duplication+in+other+cities+and+areas+of+West+Contra+Costa+County++May2012:+HiAP+subcommittee+is+convened;+led+by+City+of+Richmond+&+Prof.+Jason+Corburn++June2012:+Health+Equity+Data,+Training,+and+Report+Card+subcommittee+is+convened;+led+by+CCHS++Sept2012:+FSCS+subcommittee+is+convened;+led+by+WCCUSD++Spring2009:+TCE+selects+Richmond+as+BHC+project+site;+convenes+a+community%wide+Steering+Committee+to+manage+planning+process++Feb2011:+LISC/Community+Housing+Development+Corp.+is+chosen+to+serve+as+Hub+Host++Oct2011:+Hub+Steering+Committee+is+convened;+comprised+of+25%members+including+community+residents,+CBOs,+faith%based+orgs,+health+systems,+and+public+agencies+and+institutions++July2009XNov2010:+Planning+phase+–+Steering+Committee+interviews+hundreds+of+local+stakeholders+to+explore+health+equity+issues+related+to+TCE’s+10+outcomes;+creates+Logic+Model+focusing+on+4+priorities:+• Families+have+improved+access+to+a+health+home+that+support+healthy+behaviors++• Children+and+their+families+are+safe+from+violence.+• School+and+neighborhood+environments+support+improved+health+and+healthy+behaviors.+• Community+health+improvements+are+linked+to+economic+development.++++Oct10,2012:+FSCS+resolution+approved+by+WCCUSD+Board++3.1.2013City of Richmond, Health in All Policies 7
  8. 8. +City of Richmond Model of ChangeSource: Associate Professor Jason Corburn, UC Berkeley8
  9. 9. Richmond Health Equity Partnership (RHEP)3.1.2013City of Richmond, Health in All Policies9
  10. 10. What Does ItMean To HaveAn HiAPStrategy?—  A healthy economy depends on ahealthy population.—  Health in All Policies is about changinghow the City thinks about health andhow services are developed, prioritizedand delivered.R I C H M O N D3.1.2013City of Richmond, Health in All Policies10
  11. 11. Applying a health lens:Aligning existing City plans with HiAPGeneralPlan14 Elements Goals Policies Actions5-yearStrategicBusinessPlan5 ChaptersKeyObjectivesSupportingActionsSuccessIndicatorsGeneralPlan GoalsFY2012-13OperatingBudgetDepartment 5 ChaptersKeyObjectivesSupportingActionsSuccessIndicatorsGeneralPlanGoals3.1.2013City of Richmond, Health in All Policies11
  12. 12. Community Meetings3.1.2013City of Richmond, Health in All Policies12Community Engagement—  13 communitymeetings—  Linguistically andculturally competent—  Integrating feedbackinto documents
  13. 13. GABINO ARREDONDOG A B I N O _ A R R E D O N D O @ C I . R I C H M O N D . C A . U S5 1 0 - 6 2 0 - 6 6 0 6MEREDITH LEEM E R E D I T H . L E E @ R I C H M O N D . C A . U S5 1 0 - 6 2 0 - 5 4 8 8FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE VISIT:WWW.RICHMONDHEALTH.ORGCity of Richmond, Health in All Policies 3.1.201313Questions?