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CALPACT New Media Webinar: Building a Social Media Communications Plan


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Social media can be used as powerful public health communication tools for raising awareness, connecting and engaging with your stakeholders, building and sustaining relationships, and encouraging calls to action. Yet, whether you’re a total newbie or a social media guru looking to step up your game, nothing can defeat your efforts more than winging it without a plan.

In this webinar, the first session in the latest 21st Century New Media Series from CALPACT and CHL at UC Berkeley's School of Public Health, JC De Vera of the Greenlining Institute and Rae Roca-Pickett of the Young Invincibles share how they’ve built a social media strategy that works, is integrated with their overall communications plan, and helps them to create meaningful impact with the communities they serve.

Enjoy this presentation from the training!

Listen to the webinar here:

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The Art of Listening Social Media Toolkit for Nonprofits:

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CALPACT New Media Webinar: Building a Social Media Communications Plan

  1. 1. Building  a  Social  Media   Communica1ons  Plan   Welcome to the Webinar! Planning for Social Media Success: Part 1 Building a Social Media Communications Plan We will begin shortly…  
  2. 2. Building  a  Social  Media   Communica1ons  Plan   Today you’ll be hearing from… JC  De  Vera     Communica/ons  Manager   The  Greenlining  Ins/tute   Rae  Roca-­‐PickeG   Communica/ons  Director   The  Young  Invincibles   Lisa  Peterson   New  Media  Educa/on  Specialist   CHL/CALPACT  
  3. 3. Building  a  Social  Media   Communica1ons  Plan   Agenda •  Review of session objectives •  Housekeeping •  JC De Vera ~ The Greenlining Institute •  Rae Roca-Pickett ~ The Young Invincibles •  Conclusion
  4. 4. Building  a  Social  Media   Communica1ons  Plan   Objectives •  Understand  how  how  to  build  a  social  media  strategy  that   integrates  well  with  your  overall  communica/ons  plan     •  Iden/fy  strategies  for  developing  your  communica/on   goals,  objec/ves,  audience  needs  and  interests     •  Iden/fy  the  essen/al  elements  of  a  successful  social  media   strategy      
  5. 5. Building  a  Social  Media   Communica1ons  Plan   How to Participate •  Please  ensure  your  phone  line  is  on  mute  by   entering  *6   •  Send  our  speakers  a  ques/on  or  comment   using  the  chat  box  func/on   •  Click  “raise  hand”  buGon  to  be  taken  off   mute  and  ask  a  ques/on  verbally   •  We  will  reserve  your  ques/ons  for  our  Q  &  A   session  right  aZer  each  speaker     •  Slides  will  be  posted  online  aZer  the   webinar  –  link  will  be  shared  with  all   par/cipants
  6. 6. Building  a  Social  Media   Communica1ons  Plan   We’re live tweeting the event! Use  #calpactNM14    
  7. 7. Building  a  Social  Media   Communica1ons  Plan   The Greenlining Institute JC  De  Vera   Communica/ons  Manager   The  Greenlining  Ins/tute  
  8. 8. ì   Equality  Equity  Graphic   The  Art  of  Listening   Presented  By:  JC  De  Vera,  Communica1ons  Manager  
  9. 9. Greenlining  and  Social  Media   ì  Used  social  media  for  a  few   years  without  a  clear  plan.   ì  Invested  in  staff  +  resources   to  build  a  founda/on.     ì  Produced  a  toolkit  to  share   experiences  and  lessons   learned.    
  10. 10. 3  Ques/ons  to  Answer   ì  What’s  social  media?     ì  Why  should  I  care  about  it?   ì  How  do  I  start  and  grow  a  strategy?  
  11. 11. What  is  social  media?   ì  Collec/on  of  tools  used  to   inform  and  connect  people.     ì  Based  on  interac/ons  and   rela/onships.   ì  An  earphone  to  listen  +  a   megaphone  to  amplify   messages.  
  12. 12. Why  should  I  care  about  social  media?   ?   ì  Build  online  communi/es   and  develop  rela/onships.     ì  Achieve  organiza/onal   objec/ves  (fundraising,   advocacy,  educa/on,  etc.)   ì  Share  stories  on  the  fastest   disseminator  of  news.    
  13. 13. But  keep  in  mind…   ì  Social  media  may  not  be  for  you!     ì  Not  all  organiza/ons  have  to  be  on  social  media.     ì  The  fit  and  alignment  depends  on  your   organiza/onal  goals!  Always  keep  them  in  mind.    
  14. 14. How  do  I  start  a  strategy?   ì  
  15. 15. Start  with  a  vision   ì  Ques/ons  to  ask  yourself  and  your  organiza/on:   ì  Who  is  our  target  audience?   ì  What  do  we  want  to  accomplish  by  using  social   media?   ì  Ex:  raise  awareness,  fundraise,  educate,  take  ac/on   ì  How  do  our  goals  with  social  media  connect  with   overall  organiza/onal  objec/ves?     ì  How  much  /me  and  resources  can  we  invest?  
  16. 16. Choose  the  right  tools   ì  Our  advice:  the  first  two   tools  you  should  adopt  are   Facebook  and  TwiGer.     ì  1.15+  billion  on  FB,  500+   million  on  TwiGer   ì  Always  be  mindful  of  where   your  audience  is  at,  and   what  your  goals  are  
  17. 17. Create  SMART  goals   ì  Specific   Example:     ì  Measurable   In  one  year,  increase  the   number  of  our  Facebook  fans  by   500  through  new  engagement   strategies  like  sharing  asks,   photo  campaigns,  and  posing   ques/ons  in  posts.     ì  AGainable   ì  Relevant   ì  Time-­‐Conscious  
  18. 18. How  do  I  grow  a  strategy  and  presence?   ì  
  19. 19. Listening  as  the  founda/on   ì  Knowing  your  organiza/on   in  and  out  –  “the  pulse”   ì  Gather  buzz  terms  and   known  influencers  in  your   work   ì  Search  and  follow  buzz   terms  and  influencers   ì  Learn  and  adapt  to  the  latest   social  media  best  prac/ces  
  20. 20. Communicate  simply  and  succinctly   ì  Learn  and  familiarize   yourself  with  messaging   conven/ons  (i.e.  hashtags)   ì  Short,  simple,  to  the  point   ì  Develop  an  engaging  online   voice  with  personality   ì  Use  visuals  (photos,  videos,   infographics)  
  21. 21. Build  your  audience   ì  Start  with  who  you  know  –   your  frontline  supporters   ì  Follow  partner  orgs  and   influencers  in  your  work   ì  Search  and  monitor   conversa/ons   ì  Hashtag  your  events  and   campaigns  
  22. 22. Share  engaging  and  exci/ng  content   ì  It’s  your  story   ì  Be  consistent  –  aim  for  daily   posts  &  ac/vity   ì  Diversify  content  –  photos,   videos,  links  to  ar/cles   ì  Develop  a  flexible  post   schedule  with  daily  themes  
  23. 23. Content  Ideas   ì  
  24. 24. Flexible  Post  Schedule   ì  
  25. 25. Manage  your  /me  efficiently   ì  Use  a  content  management   tool,  like  Hootsuite!   ì  Create  TwiGer  lists  for   focused  listening   ì  Schedule  your  posts  ahead   of  /me   ì  Set  aside  a  /me  block  in   your  schedule  to  listen,  post,   and  respond  
  26. 26. HootSuite  in  Ac/on!   ì  
  27. 27. Gaining  buy-­‐in:  spreading  the  social  media  love   ì  Baby  steps  –  show  people   the  value  in  rela/on  to  their   work   ì  Develop  technical  exper/se   –  train  others  with  this   knowledge   ì  Develop  a  social  media   policy   ì  Set  clear  roles  and   expecta/ons  
  28. 28. 3  Takeaways   ì  You  can’t  do  social  media  haphazardly.  A  smart   strategy  with  clear  goals  is  key.       ì  Social  media  takes  a  certain  level  of  skill,   investment,  prac/ce,  and  risk-­‐taking.   ì  There’s  no  one-­‐size-­‐fits-­‐all  solu/on.  Each   organiza/on  has  unique  priori/es  and  audiences.  
  29. 29.          Thank  you!   ì   For  more  informa/on  and  to  find  this  toolkit  please   go  to       Contact:   JC  De  Vera,  Communica/ons  Manager    
  30. 30. Building  a  Social  Media   Communica1ons  Plan   Q & A for JC •  Send  a  ques/on  or  comment  using  the  chat   box  func/on   •  Click  “raise  hand”  buGon  to  be  taken  off   mute  and  ask  a  ques/on  verbally JC  De  Vera   Communica/ons  Coordinator   The  Greenlining  Ins/tute    
  31. 31. Building  a  Social  Media   Communica1ons  Plan   We’re live tweeting the event! Use  #calpactNM14    
  32. 32. Building  a  Social  Media   Communica1ons  Plan   The Young Invincibles Rae  Roca-­‐PickeG   Communica/ons  Director   The  Young  Invincibles  
  33. 33. DIGITAL DOMINATION: HOW TO BUILD AN AWESOME SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN Presented by: Young Invincibles RAEANN ROCA-PICKETT, Senior National Communications Manager JULIAN ALDANA, Digital Media Coordinator RIANA KING, California Communications Coordinator Tweet with us! #CalPactNM14
  34. 34. WHO ARE THE ISSUE AREAS: Health care Jobs/Employment Higher education
  35. 35. WHY HEALTH CARE?: IDENTIFYING THE PROBLEM q Young adults disproportionately uninsured (that’s over 1 in 4!) q 28% of 18 to 34 year olds are uninsured in the United States q Young adults are uninsured at higher rates than other groups because of COST, not because of disinterest q Health care is unaffordable for many young adults without employer-based coverage q Need younger, healthier people in the health insurance pool
  36. 36. OPEN ENROLLMENT: THE SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN BEGINS •  What is open enrollment? •  Phases •  Pre-October 2013-ID Partners •  Oct 1 – Dec 15, 2013-execute •  2014-assess success
  37. 37. PRE-OCTOBER 2013 BRAINSTORMING AND COMMITTING TO A CAMPAIGN •  Capitalize on trends and pop culture •  •  TV/Movies •  Music/Music events •  •  Sports Trending hashtags you can use in a new/clever way (Are you tweeting along yet? #CalPactNM14) Keep in mind resources and budget •  How much capacity do you have to create content? •  Staffing time on editing/producing •  Technology? •  If you have creating videos/photo content – do you have access to talent? •  •  What will cost the least and produce the most? Partnerships •  What are partners looking for? •  What content are partners willing to share/help with?
  38. 38. PRE-OCTOBER 2013 YOUNG INVINCIBLES’ GAMEPLAN -  Capitalize on trends and pop culture -  Beginning of football season Plan to tweet out images during football games using hashtags Keep in mind resources and budget -  Models are YI staff -  Access to Adobe programs for editing -  One day-long photo shoot generates months worth of content Partnerships -  Reaches out to communities with low enrollment in health care plans (men, people of color) -  Shareable content
  41. 41. TWITTER #health4all Twitter Chat •  Engage with key partners: @Calimmigrant @MomsRising @NILC & more •  Promote Chat: Create graphics, share on social media and get partners to share using the #health4all hashtag •  Prepare: Collaborate with partners to create scripted Q&As, designate who will ask and who will answer each question •  Have an amazing chat!
  42. 42. TWITTER Live Tweeting the #SOTU •  Big ideas •  All hands on deck •  Dole out tasks and have a gameplan •  Tweet important things •  Blend the policy and communications minds to make sure your tweets are impactful, fact checked and in line with your organizational messages •  Use trending hashtags
  43. 43. AND NOW … A WORD ON HASHTAGS •  Hashtags increase visibility of your posts by making your content searchable and “trending” •  Research important hashtags for your work •  Have fun with it! Be a trendsetter and create your own hashtags! •  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr all use hashtags!
  45. 45. INSTAGRAM •  Instagram is just for photos •  Think about how you can use Instagram to reach a different audience •  Students/younger users on social media •  Think about how you can use Instagram to show a different side of your organization •  We use Instagram to give followers an insider’s view of YI/show our faces
  46. 46. WHEN IN DOUBT – JUMP ON MEMES •  What is a meme? •  Meme, n.: an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, esp. imitation. A trend that varies widely in written content or context but contains somewhat of a similar image/visual. •  Where to look for memes •  Buzzfeed •  Reddit •  Your Facebook feed! Your friends! •  How to make memes •  Meme Generator ( •  Make your own on Adobe (or Gimp, which is free)
  47. 47. GOOD MEMES – BAD “MEMES”
  48. 48. YOUR ORGANIZERS ON THE GROUND ARE YOUR BEST FRIENDS •  Social media = digital organizing •  Organizers/outreach are your gold mines for content •  Encourage them to take photos/video for you if you can’t be on site yourself •  Make sure you get media releases for folks you snap pics/video of •  You promote their events – they help you with content. It’s a win-win situation!
  49. 49. 2014
  50. 50. Building  a  Social  Media   Communica1ons  Plan   Q & A for Rae •  Send  a  ques/on  or  comment  using  the  chat   box  func/on   •  Click  “raise  hand”  buGon  to  be  taken  off   mute  and  ask  a  ques/on  verbally Rae  Roca-­‐PickeG     Communica/ons  Director   The  Young  Invincibles  
  51. 51. Building  a  Social  Media   Communica1ons  Plan   Speaker Contact Information JC De Vera               Rae Roca-Pickett    
  52. 52. Building  a  Social  Media   Communica1ons  Plan   What action step will you take after the webinar? •  What do you think you can do in the next month to further your goals with building a social media communications plan? •  Let us know ~ we’d love to check back with you and hear how it’s going! •  We appreciate your feedback!    
  53. 53. Building  a  Social  Media   Communica1ons  Plan   Thank you! Have questions? Contact us at To learn more about other trainings in this series visit: