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Health 3.0 Leadership Conference: Glide Health Services with Pat Dennehy


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In Spring 2013, we are on the precipice of dramatic, disruptive change in the health field that offers an unprecedented opportunity and challenge to transform health care and population health.

We know that traditional public health approaches along with more and better health care are not enough to improve health outcomes, equity, and cost. We must also:

- implement sustainable, fundamental "upstream" changes that address the root causes of disease and disability; and
- transform the way we deliver health care to ensure access to quality, affordable health care for all.

Enjoy this Bright Spot presentation from Pat Dennehy of Glide Health Services, which was presented at the 2013 Annual Leadership Conference, co-sponsored by the Center for Health Leadership (CHL) and the California Pacific Public Health Training Center (CALPACT) at UC Berkeley's School of Public Health.

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Health 3.0 Leadership Conference: Glide Health Services with Pat Dennehy

  1. 1. Welcome to Glide Health Services•  Glide Health Services (GHS) is a Nurse-ManagedHealth Center established in 1997•  Federally-Qualified Health Center (FQHC)•  Located in Tenderloin district of San Franciscowhere residents face many health disparities•  GHS serves approximately 3,000 clients annuallyfor a total of 18,193 encounters / year•  62% of GHS clients are homeless•  Services are delivered by multidisciplinary staff
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Primary Care Services•  Preventative Health Care: immunizations, health screenings(PPDs, mammograms, HIV, prostate exams)•  Management of chronic conditions:Diabetes, Asthma, Hepatitis C, Hypertension•  Chronic Pain Management•  Urgent Care•  Women’s Health Services•  Young Adults 18-29 years old
  4. 4. Behavioral Health Services1.  Psychiatric assessment and medication management2.  Individual therapy3.  Case management4.  Integrated substance abuse services5.  90 Day Outpatient Substance Abuse Program•  Professional and peer co-facilitated recovery support groups•  Individual substance use counseling•  Psychoeducation classes•  Supportive medications available to prevent cravings for alcohol,tobacco and other drugs
  5. 5. HIV Counseling & Testing Services•  Rapid, statpack HIV screening/antibody testing•  Rapid, Oraquick Hepatitis C screening/antibody testing•  Linkage to services•  Community outreach and harm reduction kits•  Condom distribution•  Syringe access services& safe disposal (needle-exchange)•  Drug overdose prevention,education, & training
  6. 6. Nursing Case Management•  Care Coordination and Transition Services•  Patient Education•  Coordination of Social Services, Community Resources, & Referrals•  Patient Advocacy
  7. 7. Wellness Activities•  Pharmacist consultation appointments and group education•  Chronic Disease management classes and services•  Diabetes Management & Prevention Group for persons withbehavioral health diagnoses (SF Empower- )•  Chronic Pain Support Group•  Smoking Cessation Group•  Immunization Clinics•  Population Health education classes•  Individual & Group Acupuncture•  Tai Chi, gentle movement classes, aerobics, staff meditation•  Restorative Yoga
  8. 8. Electronic Health Record (EHR)1)  Facilitates continuity of care across disciplines and providers2)  Electronic Health Record improves health data monitoring and integrationof data into overall plan of care3)  Increases capacity to evaluatequality and patient care trends4)  Allows access to shared data bankand Evidence-Based Practice
  9. 9. Clinical Teaching and Workforce BuildingGHS is a clinical training/placement site for the following types of students:•  RN students from UCSF Masters Entry Program in Nursing (MEPN)•  NP students from UCSF•  CNS students from UCSF and other local universities•  Health Sciences Students from local universities•  MSW interns•  Psychology traineesGHS also offers a unique Nurse Practitioner Residency Program
  10. 10. What is our inspiration?•  Information obtained from Health Matters SF websitereveals that residents living in the Tenderloin Area ofSan Francisco experience health disparities at a higherrate than other areas of the city•  We are passionate about wellness and our community
  11. 11. A patient survey in 1999, repeated in 2007 revealed:1. 48% of clients reporting behavioral health issues(depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,schizophrenia)2. 51% reporting substance abuse issues3. 30% reporting both 1. & 2.These surveys also revealed that clients seeking healthservices preferred to receive those services at Glide,even as providers sought to refer them to the externalbehavioral health care system.Size of our Challenges
  12. 12. 1)  Continuity of care across disciplines and providers2)  One-stop shopping increases likelihood that multiple healthproblems, particularly behavioral health problems, will beaddressed3)  Electronic Health Record improves health data monitoring andintegration of behavioral health into overall plan of care4)  De-stigmatizes behavioral health and substance-related problemsBenefit to Clients
  13. 13. *GHS receives funding from HRSA, Bureau of Healthcare Professions, Division of NursingSan FranciscoDepartment ofPublic HealthGHS Partners
  14. 14. 6/26/13Thank YouWe are grateful to our collaborative partners, dedicated clinicians and staff,and volunteers who are so generous with their time.We would also like to thank Saint Francis Memorial Hospital (SFMH),our largest community partner. They have provided our uninsured patientswith free medications and diagnostic services since the clinic opened in 1997.Patricia Dennehy, DNP, RN, NP-C, FAANGlide Health Services Clinic Director2012 James Irvine FoundationLeadership Award Recipient