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Health 3.0 Leadership Conference: Healthy Food in Health Care with Lucia Sayre


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In Spring 2013, we are on the precipice of dramatic, disruptive change in the health field that offers an unprecedented opportunity and challenge to transform health care and population health.

We know that traditional public health approaches along with more and better health care are not enough to improve health outcomes, equity, and cost. We must also:

- implement sustainable, fundamental "upstream" changes that address the root causes of disease and disability; and
- transform the way we deliver health care to ensure access to quality, affordable health care for all.

Enjoy this Bright Spot presentation from Lucia Sayre of Health Care Without Harm, which was presented at the 2013 Annual Leadership Conference, co-sponsored by the Center for Health Leadership (CHL) and the California Pacific Public Health Training Center (CALPACT) at UC Berkeley's School of Public Health.

To learn more about this event, please visit:

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Health 3.0 Leadership Conference: Healthy Food in Health Care with Lucia Sayre

  1. 1. 1Healthy Food in Health CareCalifornia Healthy Food in Health Care 1
  2. 2. 
HCWH has grown to over 500 organizations in 53 countries. Healthy Food Systems,Waste Management,ToxicMaterials, Safer Chemicals, Green Building Energy,Climate Health, Green Purchasing, Pharmaceuticals Together with our partners around the world, HealthCare Without Harm shares a vision of a health caresector that does no harm, and instead promotes thehealth of people and the environment. To that end,we are working to implement ecologically sound andhealthy alternatives to health care practices thatpollute the environment and contribute to disease.
  3. 3. Healthy Food in Health Care Program¨  Definition of healthy food:n  Nutritious, whole foods and beveragesn  Environmentally soundn  Economically viablen  Socially responsible
  4. 4. 
IntensivemonoculturesFarm as Factory
  5. 5. Where in the Food System 
do Health Concerns Exist? ProductionPesticides, chemical fertilizers, antibiotic andhormone use in meat and dairy production,infectious agents, arsenic, environmentaldegradationProcessingIncreased reliance on imported, unregulatedprocessed foods; residual mercury; food-borneillnessPackaging / TransportationBisphenol A (BPA), phthalates, air quality, foodmiles, widespread use of plastics leading to largevolumes of waste both in landfills and incinerated,environmental degradationConsumptionFast food, sugar-sweetened beverages, highfructose corn syrup, marketing, obesogens,nutritionally deplete foods5
  6. 6. Interconnections Between Nutrition and EnvironmentBarilla Centre for Food and Nutritionwww.barillacfn.com6
  7. 7. Why Health Care?•  National Health Crisis of diet relateddiseases•  Increasing understanding of linkagesbetween industrialized food systemsand human and environmental health•  Health Care in prime position tosupport a healthier food system andfood environments:–  Major employer–  Health authority–  Community member/leader–  Large purchaser on food
  8. 8. Why Health Care?•  Their purchasing decisions have thepotential to impact:Ø  Economic Impact on growers andproducers and their communitiesØ Health Impact for customers– directlyand indirectly for employees, patients,visitorsØ Environmental Impact – thus alsoimpacting human health
  9. 9. HFHC Program InitiativesHealthy  Beverage  Ini0a0ve  Balanced  Menus  Ini0a0ve  Healthy  Food  Pledge  Clinical  Educa0on    Advocacy  Program  HHI  –  Call  to  ac0on  for  the  health  care  sector  –  Healthier  Food  Challenge  Local    Sustainable  Purchasing  Ini0a0ve  
  10. 10. 10§  Local, organic, fair trade and sustainably grown foods§  Antibiotic-free and hormone-free meat/poultry; rBGH-free dairy§  Grass-fed meat and reduced meat servings§  Cage-free eggs§  Increasing healthy beverage offerings / decreasing SSBs§  Farmers markets and hospital gardens on site§  Healthy vended items§  Fast-food-free zones§  Composting and food waste reduction§  Adopting healthy food policiesSustainable Food ServiceA Menu of Options
  11. 11. 11Clinical Education and Advocacy§  CME-accredited trainings, grand rounds,webinars§  Nationwide clinical network§  Maternal and child health calendar§  Videos for waiting rooms, clinics, exam rooms, meetingswww.healthyfoodinhealthcare.org
  12. 12. 12Awards and Benchmarking§  Food-Climate-HealthConnection§  Sustainable FoodProcurement§  Clinical Advocacy andEngagement§  Exemplary Food ServiceProfessional
  13. 13. 13www.healthierhospitals.orgLAUNCHED APRIL 2012!
  14. 14. 14
  15. 15. 15HHI Healthier Food ChallengeBaseline: Sign Health Care Without Harm’s Healthy Food inHealth Care Pledge or adopt a sustainable food policy.Choose 1 to 3 objectives over three years:1) Take the Balanced Menus Challenge (Less Meat, BetterMeat)2) Increase Purchases of Healthy Beverages3) Increase Procurement of Local and/or Sustainable Foods
  16. 16. 8 Providence Health ServicesHospitals in Oregon sign thePledge Portland Oregon hospitalspresent check toDepartment of Agriculturerepresenting their Local FoodPurchasing Trends: Policies and PurchasingSustainable FoodPurchasing at UnionHospital of Cecil County
  17. 17. Healthy Food inVendingMachines Healthy BeverageProgramsTrends: Healthy Food and Beverage EnvironmentsLabelingHealthy MenuItemsFresh, local andsustainable fruitsand vegetables
  18. 18. Trends: Healthy Food AccessCSA at MedStar MontgomeryFarm Stand at KaiserPermanente Farmers’ Market at OregonHealth Science UniversityIt’s All GoodStore atOregonHealth ScienceUniversity
  19. 19. Community Garden: Johns HopkinsBayview Medical Center Good Samaritan HospitalFuturecare Cherrywood Nursing RehabilitationHospital Farm: St. Joseph MercyMedical CenterTrends: Healthy Communities Beyond HospitalWalls
  20. 20. 20Healthy Food in Health Care
NATIONALLY409 Pledgesignatories 
in 26 states
201 HHI FoodChallengesignatories 

  21. 21. 21108 SignatoriesHealthy Food in Health CarePledge82 SignatoriesHealthier Hospitals InitiativeHealthy Food ChallengeLeadership TeamsSF Bay AreaSan DiegoLos Angeles. . .Healthy Food in Health Care
  22. 22. 22Santa Rosa MemorialHospitalKentfield Rehabilitation Specialty HospitalUCSF Medical CenterSF VA Medical CenterSequoia HospitalJohn Muir Health SystemKaiser PermanenteSF Bay Area Leadership TeamAlta Bates MedicalCenterSanford Hospital,Lucile PackardChildren’s HospitalWashington HospitalSF General HospitalSt. Mary’s Med CtrSaint FrancisHospital
  23. 23. 23San DiegoNutrition in Healthcare Leadership Team§  Palomar Pomerado Health§  Kaiser Permanente San Diego Medical Center §  VA San Diego Healthcare System§  UC San Diego Health Sciences§  Scripps Memorial Hospital§  Rady Childrens Hospital§  Sharp HealthCare§  Alvarado HospitalOrganized by Community HealthImprovement Partners
  24. 24. 24Los AngelesHealthy Food in Health Care Pledge SignersUCLA HealthcareMethodist Hospital of Southern CAHoag Memorial PresbyterianHoag Hospital IrvineHoag Hospital Newport BeachHoag Orthopedic InstituteDignity HealthSt. Mary Medical Center Long Beach California Hospital Medical Center,LA Glendale Memorial Hospital andHealth Center St. Joseph Health St. Joseph Hospital, Orange St. Jude Medical Center, Fullerton Kaiser PermanenteBaldwin Park Medical Center Bellflower Medical Center Los Angeles Medical Center Orange County – Irvine MedicalCenter South Bay Medical Center West Los Angeles Medical Center Woodland Hills Medical Center Panorama City Medical Center Anaheim Medical Center
  25. 25.
  26. 26. PromotionalMaterials:BalancedMenusTableTent HFHC Tools and ResourcesFact Sheets and Case Studies E-NewsLettersListserve
  27. 27. HFHC Tools and ResourcesTracking Tools: Local SustainableProcurement Purchasing Guides forHospitals and GPOs
  28. 28. 28Thank you to our hospital leaders!www.HealthyFoodinHealthCare.orgwww.CAHealthyFoodinHealthCare.orgLucia SayreSF Bay Area PSRHealthy Food in Health Care510 559 8777luciasayre@sbcglobal.net28