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Health 3.0 Leadership Conference: Healthier and Sustainable Food In a Large Academic Medical Center with Jack Henderson


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In Spring 2013, we are on the precipice of dramatic, disruptive change in the health field that offers an unprecedented opportunity and challenge to transform health care and population health.

We know that traditional public health approaches along with more and better health care are not enough to improve health outcomes, equity, and cost. We must also:

- implement sustainable, fundamental "upstream" changes that address the root causes of disease and disability; and
- transform the way we deliver health care to ensure access to quality, affordable health care for all.

Enjoy this Bright Spot presentation from Jack Henderson of Nutrition and Food Services at the UCSF Medical Center, which was presented at the 2013 Annual Leadership Conference, co-sponsored by the Center for Health Leadership (CHL) and the California Pacific Public Health Training Center (CALPACT) at UC Berkeley's School of Public Health.

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Health 3.0 Leadership Conference: Healthier and Sustainable Food In a Large Academic Medical Center with Jack Henderson

  1. 1. HEALTHIER ANDSUSTAINABLE FOOD IN ALARGE ACADEMIC MEDICALCENTERMay 31st 2013Jack HendersonAssociate Director,Nutrition and Food Services,UCSF Medical Center
  2. 2. 2Introduction: UCSF MedicalCenter•  Part of University of California system’s 10campuses and 5 medical centers•  One of the top 10 hospitals in the nation (U.S.News and World Report)•  2 hospitals - 704 beds and 1.5M sq. ft.–  3rd hospital – Mission Bay opens February 2015•  Large, urban, academic facility with a healthsciences university adjacent to the hospitals
  3. 3. 3What counts as “Sustainable”?•  Locally Grown•  Fair Trade or Domestic FairTrade Certified•  Shade-Grown or Bird FriendlyCoffee•  Rainforest Alliance Certified•  Food Alliance Certified•  USDA Organic•  AGA Grassfed/GrassFinished/100% Grassfed•  Marine Stewardship Councilor Seafood Watch GuideRecommended•  Certified Humane Raised &Handled•  Cage-free•  Protected Harvest Certified•  Pasture Raised•  Cooperative Farm/Business•  Farm/Business SocialResponsibility includes–  Union or prevailing wages–  Transportation and/or housingsupport–  Health care benefits–  Other practices or certifiedprocesses as determined bycampusONLY  NEED  1  CRITERION  TO  BE  CONSIDERED  “SUSTAINABLE”  
  4. 4. 4Nutrition & Food ServicesTimeline of Accomplishments
  5. 5. 5Nutrition & Food ServicesTimeline of Accomplishments
  6. 6. 6Nutrition & Food ServicesTimeline of Accomplishments
  7. 7. Nutrition & Food ServicesTimeline of Accomplishments7UCSF Sustainability ProgressOct/Nov 2012 Feb 2013 Mar 2013Did you know?• To help retail patrons make informed choices abouttheir food purchases, we began posting nutritionfacts on digital boards at point-of-purchase inaddition to cash register receipts post-purchase.• The digital signage in our Moffitt Café and MoffittCafé Express also indicate whether a menu item isvegetarian, vegan, sustainable, or a Smart Choice.• The Smart Choice program was developed to helppatrons select better options at our retail outlets. Toearn Smart Choice status, a meal (entrée and 2 sides)must meet the following criteria*:o < 700 calorieso < 27 grams total fato < 6 grams saturated fato < 100 milligrams cholesterolo < 770 milligrams sodiumo At least 10%or greater Daily Value of one ormore key nutrients AND/OR at least oneserving of fruits, vegetables, or whole grains.*Based on 2000 calorie per day diet.Switched toEarthboundFarms organicromaine lettuce,spring mix, andkaleBegan featuringRocky free rangehormone freeanti-biotic chickenon patient menuSwitched toThree Twinsorganic icecreamBegan sellingFroovieOrganic juices          
  8. 8. 8Food Selection & SourcingAccomplishments•  Tracking Local Produce–  Worked with produce vendor to establish local guidelines–  Invoices contain local designation or country of origin
  9. 9. 9Looking at Local Produce3 Levels of local•  Level 1 = 100 miles•  Level 2 = 250 miles•  Level 3 = rest ofCalifornia
  10. 10. 10Tracking SustainablePurchases
  11. 11. 11Food Selection & SourcingAccomplishments•  Wilcox Cage Free Liquid Eggs–  Cage free chickens, 100% vegetarian feed, free of hormonesand antibiotics
  12. 12. 12Food Selection & SourcingAccomplishments•  Wallaby Organic Local Yogurt–  High quality organic milk sourced from small, local familyfarms in Sonoma and Marin Counties
  13. 13. 13Food Selection & SourcingAccomplishments•  Wallaby OrganicLocal Yogurt
  14. 14. 14Food Selection & SourcingAccomplishments•  Alvarado Street Local Organic Sprouted WheatBread–  Organic sprouted wheat bread products from worker ownedand managed cooperative in Sonoma County
  15. 15. 15Food Selection & SourcingAccomplishments•  Alvarado Street LocalOrganic SproutedWheat Bread
  16. 16. 16Food Selection & SourcingAccomplishments•  Organic Whole Fruit Under $1–  Provide seasonal organic and/or local whole fruits (apples,citrus, bananas, pears, stone fruit etc.) under $1 to promoteboth sustainability and health
  17. 17. 17Food Selection & SourcingAccomplishments•  Organic WholeFruit Under $1
  18. 18. 18Wellness & EducationAccomplishments•  Smart Choice•  Smart Choice criteria(entree & 2 sides):
  19. 19. 19Smart  Choice    Descrip<on  
  20. 20. 20Wellness & EducationAccomplishments•  Digital boards toinform customers of
  21. 21. 21Wellness & EducationAccomplishments•  Smart Receipt
  22. 22. The Anatomy of the Receipt22Personalized Nutrition InformationNutrition Education & Marketing
  23. 23. Nutritional Information DisplayPrint nutrientinformation at theitem or modifierlevelHighlight healthy optionsAutomatic Meal TotalsAutomatic % Daily ValuesPrint up to 4 nutrients
  24. 24. Promotion Examples24
  25. 25. 25Wellness & EducationAccomplishments•  Meatless Monday•  Decrease meat & increasefresh produce on bothpatient and retail menus
  26. 26. 26Wellness & EducationAccomplishments•  Living Green Fair
  27. 27. 27Summary of Challenges in MeetingSustainability Goals•  Cost•  Sourcing•  Operational effect•  Consumer satisfaction & demand•  Meeting needs of everyone•  Ability to effectively market•  Closing gap between manufacturers,distributors, and consumers•  Developing reliable sustainability metrics
  28. 28. 28Lessons LearnedBeing Sustainable =•  Requires more monitoring, time, and effort•  Is a learning process•  Persistence•  Becoming an essential aspect of foodserviceoperations•  Supports the environment for future generations•  Creates employee engagement and sense of value•  Can link health, wellness, and sustainabilitytogether•  Marketing is key otherwise no one knows whatyou are doing•  Start small….it all adds up!!
  29. 29. 29What’s Next?•  Local partnerships•  Proteins•  Better tracking of purchases•  Improved marketing and branding
  30. 30. 30Questions?Jack HendersonAssociate Director Nutrition and Food ServicesUCSF Medical 353-1680