Facebook: Who? What! When? Why! How?


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Facebook is a hugely popular social networking site that allows you to make connections, share interests, and join groups.

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Facebook: Who? What! When? Why! How?

  1. 1. #Facebook: Who? What! When? Why! How? © SO! What? SOcial
  2. 2. Who: Anyone and everyone.What: Connecting, sharing advice andstaying top of mind with friends and colleagues. © SO! What? SOcial
  3. 3. When: Check in every day or two. Why: It’s for networking with all yourfamily, friends, classmates and appeals to a wide range of people – all ages – because it is relatively easy-to-use. © SO! What? SOcial
  4. 4. HOW? Choose the right time: Weekend posts have higher engagement rates than other days of the week. The best time of the week to write istoward the end of the week. More people are onFacebook outside of business hours therefor wallposts written between 8 p.m. and 7 a.m. have 20 percent higher engagement rates. © SO! What? SOcial
  5. 5. Add links: If you can avoid URL shorteners. Engagement rates arethree times higher for wall posts that use the full-length URL vs shortened URLS social media platforms like Hootsuite. © SO! What? SOcial
  6. 6. Avoid wall posts that are complicated: Links, photos and videos canincorporate intresting content via wall posts on Facebook. Simple contentposts achieve the most engagement in general and are easy to share across other social media channels. © SO! What? SOcial
  7. 7. Keep it short: The longer the post, the less engaging fans find it as mostpeople scan Facebook and don’t read it. © SO! What? SOcial
  8. 8. Ask questions: To drive comments, ask a direct question and ask for theresponse. Did you know that people are twice more likely to comment on a post that poses a question? This can help attract people who like to give their ideas, opinions or advice on Facebook. © SO! What? SOcial
  9. 9. Keep variety in your posts: Keep it interestingby mixing in polls, videos, links, questions andtext-only updates. Don’t post about the same thing every time as this is not engaging if nobody is responding or interacting. Make sure to mix up the posts with a variety of personal, fun and current events/ industry trends. © SO! What? SOcial