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Rubric "Project draft"

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Rubric for evaluating project drafts in their initial stages

Rubric "Project draft"

  1. 1. Rubric: “Project draft” CURRICULAR INNOVATION AND INTEGRATION Varied pedagogical methods are proposed. Students' creativity, autonomy and responsibility are fostered. The project is clearly related to the curricular design of one or more subjects. 1 None There are no references to curricular or methodological elements. 2 Improvable Areas covered by the project are mentioned as well as contents and curricular objectives, but vaguely. 3 Good The contents and objectives are described specifically. There is a clear methodological approach. 4 Very good Contents, objectives and methodology are described in some detail. Information is given about how the work is integrated into the project in evaluation of the areas involved. COMMUNICATION AND COLLABORATION Communication and information exchange processes are evaluated, referring both to teachers and pupils. They include activities such as voting, contests, etc. aimed at fostering contact with the partners' products. Communication is the starting point for collaboration. Pupils collaborate in teams, where they are co-creators of materials together with their partners. 1 None No collaboration or communication between partners is proposed. 2 Improvable Communication channels are established and final products are foreseen for sharing. 3 Good Things produced by groups will be employed by another group to progress in their work: e.g. preparing a travel book by chapters. 4 Very good Pupil groups will be of mixed nationality; they will work together and interact from the beginning of the creation process, not only exchanging finished products. USE OF TECHNOLOGY How will technology be used? Will it be used by teachers and pupils? With which goals: discussion, sharing information, team organization, creation...? 1 None The use of technological tools is not planned. 2 Improvable The use of basic tools tailored to the activities and objectives are planned, but it will mostly be teachers that employ them. 3 Good Tools planned are tailored to the activities and objectives, as well as the age of the pupils, who will use them regularly. 4 Very good In addition to the above, the tools planned are not common ones or are used creatively. There is a clear space for pupil initiative.
  2. 2. RESULTS, IMPACT AND DISTRIBUTION What objectives does the project have? Which visible final products are expected? Which impact is aimed at? How will the project be evaluated? Is there any dissemination plan? 1 None No planned objectives or expected results are mentioned 2 Improvable The planned objectives and expected results are described, but vaguely. 3 Good The objectives and results are described specifically. Project evaluation mechanisms are mentioned. 4 Very good Evaluation mechanisms are described specifically. A documentation compilation plan is foreseen, and dissemination of the project and its results inside and outside the educational community.
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Rubric for evaluating project drafts in their initial stages


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