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Marrying Mobile with Social


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Sam McKelvie, Head of Mobile Strategy, Mobile Commons
Twitter Handle: @Sam_McKelvie

Whether your organization’s mission is to educate, empower, or encourage positive behavior, text messaging is a proven effective medium to reach people regardless of preferred social media, access to smart phones, or the digital divide. In this session, we’ll discuss how you can use text messaging to best communicate with the populations that your non-profit serves.

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Marrying Mobile with Social

  1. 1. Marrying Mobile with Social Sam McKelvie Head of Mobile Strategy Mobile Commons @sam_mckelvie
  3. 3. Why Text Messaging • 97% of mobile phones are text enabled • 99% of text messages are read
  4. 4. Why Text Messaging
  5. 5. Why Text Messaging In an A/B test, supporters that received an SMS reminder were 77% more likely to donate online.
  6. 6. Why Text Messaging NARAL found that people on their SMS list were twice as likely to be donors. • Higher frequency of engagement • More opportunities to donate • More informed and dedicated supporters
  7. 7. Why Text Messaging The action rate of Brady’s SMS list is 25X higher than email. The Brady Campaign
  8. 8. HOW DO ORGANIZATIONS USE TEXT MESSAGING? • Getting Started • SMS in Programs • SMS To Engage Supporters
  9. 9. Getting Started • Identify program needs and find the right provider • Start building SMS campaigns that will grow a list
  10. 10. Getting Started
  11. 11. Let’s Try it!! Text PDF to 662266 Text SOCIAL to 662266 Reply STOP to quit. Message&Data rates apply
  12. 12. Incorporating SMS in to your Programs Text messaging can help your organization engage the populations you serve by: • Giving people educational information and tips • Helping people find resources close to them • Getting people the right message at the right time • Helping people get the right answers
  13. 13. Engaging Supporters With Text • Event Invitations & RSVPs • Updates & Awareness • Donation Asks • Polls, Quizzes & Contests • Share Experiences • Ask to make Phone Calls • Collect Petition Signatures • Share Content with Friends • MMS – Picture & Video messages Action comes from regular, varied conversations that move supporters up the ladder of engagement.
  14. 14. MARRYING MOBILE AND SOCIAL A symbiotic relationship of mutual promotion
  15. 15. Promoting Mobile Campaigns on Social
  16. 16. Promoting Mobile Campaigns on Social
  17. 17. Promoting Mobile Campaigns on Social
  18. 18. Promoting Mobile Campaigns on Social
  19. 19. Promoting Mobile Campaigns on Social
  20. 20. Promoting Mobile Campaigns on Social Best Practices: • Make keywords real, clear words • Capitalize keywords in CTAs • Include CTAs in sharable images AND copy of tweets or status updates • Give people an action to take or a reason to join your mobile campaign • Create a buzz – build your list everywhere
  21. 21. Build your List Everywhere RI4A
  22. 22. Build your List Everywhere RI4A
  23. 23. Promoting Social Campaigns on Mobile
  24. 24. Promoting Social Campaigns on Mobile
  25. 25. Promoting Social Campaigns on Mobile
  26. 26. Promoting Social Campaigns on Mobile
  27. 27. Promoting Social Campaigns on Mobile
  28. 28. THANK YOU! Sam McKelvie @sam_mckelvie