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Melbourne social media forum - Green Renters


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Presentation at the Melbourne social media forum by Cate Lawrence from Green Renters, titled 'Using social media to cultivate a niche audience'

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Melbourne social media forum - Green Renters

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Who are weGreen Renters is a not forprofit organisationproviding sustainabilityeducation, advocacy,information and resourcesfor people living in rentalaccommodation.
  3. 3. Why renters?• Currently national average of 30%• Inner city can be 70% or more and likely to rise• Up until recently generally overlooked
  4. 4. Challenges for renters• Short term leases• No minimum standards• Share housing• Low income• Small space• May not have a garden• Body corporates• Lack of collective power
  5. 5. Challenges for us• Competing for $$ and hearts• Local vs global• Lack of glamour• Green Fatigue
  6. 6. What we do• Workshops• Participation in community forums and events• Resource archive• Tutorials• Project work• Media coverage
  7. 7. “If you walked into a bar, stood on the counterand shouted about yourself all night, would youexpect anyone to want to engage with you?”“The same goes for social media.”
  8. 8. “Cultivating Social Media in specific sub-setof the population, cultural group or specialinterest group”…But that’s not a very catchy title!
  9. 9. How we compareEnvironment sectortraditionally has some of theworst numbersSourcewww.e-benchmarksstudy.comM&R and NTEN
  10. 10. Our resources…
  11. 11. Website3,000 visits/month4 page views/visitBounce rate 0.37%Visit Duration 3mins
  12. 12. EmailAround 4,000Open rate – 20% (14%)Click through – 14% (2%)Fairly up & down with mailing list churn
  13. 13. FacebookNonprofits had 103Facebook fan page users forevery 1,000 emailsubscribers.We have roughly 400
  14. 14. FacebookThe median growth rate fornonprofit fan pages was anastounding 70%.We have roughly 80%
  15. 15. FacebookNon-profits averaged 2.5actions per 1,000 Facebookusers.We have roughly 35
  16. 16. TwitterOn average, a nonprofit has29 Twitter followers forevery 1,000 emailsubscribers.We have roughly 300Roughly half tweetsretweeted.
  17. 17. Be „genuine‟Know your audience(easier in a niche)
  18. 18. In teams, be yourself{cate}
  19. 19. Go where the people areThey may not be where you think
  20. 20. Policies can be restrictingWhat’s the worst that can happen…
  21. 21. Make others your championsThey can do the work for you
  22. 22. Quality not QuantityIt’s OK to go off topic…
  23. 23. Humour appeals…
  24. 24. Relevance appeals
  25. 25. Happy/hope appeals
  26. 26. Give people a chance to shareTheir stories… Not yours!
  27. 27. Be social!Remember the quote?
  28. 28. Thank 8300 0233