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Presentation, Joop Vrolijk, joint SIGMA ReSPA PIFC regional conference, Skopje, 19 September 2019


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Presentation on guidelines for PIFC compliant financial inspection, Joop Vrolijk, SIGMA expert, joint SIGMA-ReSPA PIFC regional conference for EU candidate countries and potential candidates, Skopje, 19 September 2019.

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Presentation, Joop Vrolijk, joint SIGMA ReSPA PIFC regional conference, Skopje, 19 September 2019

  1. 1. © OECD GUIDELINES FOR PIFC COMPLIANT FINANCIAL INSPECTION Joop Vrolijk , SIGMA expert Skopje, North Macedonia 20 September 2019
  2. 2. What is Financial Inspection? • Tool of management • Ex post control activity reporting usually to a central organisation • Should aim at inspecting major failures/irregularities • Administratively sanctioning the responsible people and organisations
  3. 3. Why Guidelines? • FI function is not mandatory for EU Enlargement countries but where FI exists…… • Powers, mandate, scope, and tasks of FI functions differ, which can influence development of PIFC • Guidelines will be mandatory for Enlargement countries after discussion and approval on this PIFC conference but….. • Implementation depends on local regulatory framework for administrative investigations 2
  4. 4. Proposed guidelines for Financial Inspection (1) 1. The ex-post control function of FI should check cases of serious mismanagement, suspected professional misconduct and negligence. 2. Financial Inspection should only check compliance with laws, regulations, rules and national and international agreements. 3. Financial Inspection should cover the whole public sector 3
  5. 5. Proposed guidelines for Financial Inspection (2) 4. FI should be a reactive control activity 5. FI should be a centralised, professional control function 6. FI’s should be based on risks 7. Financial Inspectors should have unlimited access to premises and documentation of the inspected entity 8. FI should hold perpetrators administratively liable 4
  6. 6. Proposed guidelines for Financial Inspection (3) 9. FI should report to entity inspected and to institution responsible for that entity. If the entity responsible for the entity inspected is involved in financial inspection, FI institution should report to next higher level. Annual FI report should be discussed at Government level and published on FI website. 10. FI requests to eliminate violations of laws and regulations should be followed-up regularly 11. FI should co-operate with functional national and international partners 5
  7. 7. Thank You Questions? 6