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my educational technology

  2. 2. MY EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY Hi there! I am Ruffa Gazmen Zorilla from BEEd II-A. What will I tell you is all about the different educational technology used by my teachers and how it greatly helped me as a student. LET STARTUP!
  3. 3. PRE-SCHOOL
  4. 4. MY EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY There are lot’s of Educational technology used by my teachers including books, charts, flash cards, blackboard, mock up model of Human System, Philippine Map, specimen, microscope, globe, television, whiteboard and laptop together with projector. I II
  5. 5. MY EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY BOOKS Book have been a part of my life since the beginning. Many teachers use this kind of educational technology in various type like discussing their lesson. And with the help of this, I gain knowledge and different information. It also widen my vocabulary. In addition, it helps me to learn about new technologies and literature. It allows speaking languages fluently and to communicate spontaneously.
  6. 6. MY EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY CHARTS/VISUAL AIDS Charts and visual aids gives me life because it helps me to increase my interest in a subject. It is easy for me to remember the concepts I’ve learned and improve my understanding. The simple pictures and the words about the topic offer an easy way for me to link the concept to the picture.
  7. 7. MY EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY FLASH CARDS Flashcards makes the learning fun and enjoyable to the children. When I was young, I really love pictures and looking at them closely. And with the help of this, I develop my language skills before turning into higher education.
  9. 9. MY EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY BLACK BOARD Blackboard is very effective and easy for teacher and student. It can use in different activities like discussing, writing, and presenting new ideas. I remember my experience when I was in pre-elem. where in I used blackboard in drawing. It was a big helped to me because I learned how to write my name and draw simple objects like lines, shapes, and stickman.
  10. 10. MY EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY HUMAN SYSTEM This type of Educational technology is very effective because I can easily point out the different organs in our body. I can also identify their names and the part where it is located.
  11. 11. MY EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY PHILIPPINE MAP In my primary level , Philippine map is very important thing because we are discussing the whole structure of our own country and how beautiful it is. When I was in Grade IV, I remember my experience to recite places in different region. Through the help of this, I'm having a familiarity with different areas.
  12. 12. HIGH SCHOOL
  13. 13. MY EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY SPECIMEN Through specimen, I can see the whole structure in real. When I was in high school, our teacher shows different specimens so that we can see the true appearance of an object. It is commonly used in biology subject.
  14. 14. MY EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY MICROSCOPE Through the use of microscope, little things like cells can easily see. This educational technology helps me greatly because I can see something that is not easy to see. One of the activity that we made is when we observed our own saliva and used microscope to see the cells within it. Like specimen, It is commonly use in biology subject.
  15. 15. MY EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY GLOBE We all know that Globe is the representation of the world. When I was in high school, we always use this material in Araling Panlipunan “AP”. Through Globe, our teacher can explain the things easily and quickly. So with this type of Educational technology, I can easily determine the whole structure of the world including the different countries.
  16. 16. MY EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY TELEVISION We have television in our classroom. Since it is available , our teacher used it in teaching. When we’re bored, we’re just watching educational movie about our subject.
  17. 17. MY EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY LAPTOP A teacher can do a lot of things with the use of laptop. It is very effective in teaching like in power point presentation. In some case, our teacher tend to show us videos where in it is the best way to bring the real world into the classroom and make the lesson relevant to a student like me.
  18. 18. COLLEGE
  19. 19. MY EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY WHITE BOARD In my college life, white board is the material always used by teachers. Like blackboard, it is very effective and easy for both teacher and student. It can use in different activities like discussing, writing, and presenting new ideas.
  20. 20. MY EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY PROJECTOR Using projector , teachers demonstrate and present their materials to a large audience. For those students who are visual learners, or for deaf or hard-of-hearing students, an overhead projector is in valuable. Since I don’t have these kind of problems, projector helps me because it still captures my attention through videos and pictures shown inside.
  21. 21. Submitted by: Ruffa Gazmen Zorilla BEED II-A Submitted to: Ms. Rachelle Joyce Aseoche EDTECH II Instructor
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