The Twits


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Have a read of the adventures of the Twits created by Room 6.

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The Twits

  1. 1. The Twits<br />By Roald Dahl<br />Stories and illustrations <br />by Room 6<br />
  2. 2. I will put hair in Mr Twit’s beer and worms in his bed and put a frog sleeping with him. That is not showing kindness. Kindness is showing that you will do the right thing. You know you are doing this when you have good manners.By NadFel<br /> That’s enough! I am sick of Mrs Twit playing tricks on me. I am going to pay her back for the wormy spaghetti. I am going to full the bedroom with water at night and I will sleep downstairs. When she wakes up she doesn’t know how to swim, she will have to stay in the water until she drinks all the water. She is not showing kindness for the wormy spaghetti. That is why I had to do that to you so you can stop doing tricks on me.<br />By AljIbr<br />
  3. 3. What are you doing Mr Twit? I am eating spaghetti. Then Mrs Twit put a shoe in Mr Twit’s rice. Next Mrs Twit put a stinky frog on top of Mr Twits face. After Mrs Twit’s walking stick got longer and longer. Lastly Mrs Twit put 55 cups around Mr Twit’s bed. The Twits are not showing kindness and consideration. Why? Because Mrs Twit is not allowed to put a frog on someone’s face.By HuaXia<br /> <br />I will tell her to make a pill and when she eats it her hair will grow big, up to the sky. Then it will fall out. But then he won’t be being kind.<br />By DicTyl<br />
  4. 4. “That’s enough!” said Mrs Twit. I am going to pay Mr Twit back. So I am going to put poos in his meat balls and spaghetti. So then that night Mrs twit cooked meat balls and spaghetti. Later on that night when Mr Twit said “I have got a funny taste in my mouth.” Mrs Twit said “I don’t know, ask someone else.” So he did. The person he asked was his best friend. He said “Yes you have the badest breath I’ve ever smelled!” I think Mr and Mrs Twit don’t show kindness by doing bad things to each other. <br /> By RoxAsh<br />
  5. 5. What are you doing? I am going to get a bunch of rocks. Then put them everywhere to the door. When Mr Twit wakes up he will jump over the rocks and eat a little bit. Mr Twit is always being mean to Mrs Twit. Mr Twit needs to be kind to Mrs Twit. They will live happily ever after.By RajDan <br />What are you doing Mrs Twit? I am going to put a frog on top of his face. After that I am going to make you eat yucky spaghetti with strawberry and banana. Mrs and Mr Twit are not being kind to each other and it is not nice to put a frog on his face.<br /> By TulGer<br />
  6. 6. That’s enough Mrs Twit! What could I do? Aha! I know a mean plan. I will put a snake in her spaghetti and worms, two strings, ropes and blue tack at the bottom. Meatballs and insects that smell bad. It’s new spaghetti. It is not kind and considerate. Kindness means being kind to everyone. Consideration means look after others. By ElaSha<br /> <br />That’s enough! Mr Twit has done to many tricks on me. I’m going to get a whole lot of cups and fill them with ice and water. So he can’t get out of bed and has to drink that water and eat the ice. Mr and Mrs Twit are not showing kindness to each other by not saying sorry.<br />By BojVer<br />
  7. 7. I’ve had enough! It’s time to pay him back. For dinner tonight we are going to have lettuce and I’m going to put a frog in his lettuce. But we are not showing kindness or consideration because we’re playing tricks on each other and it’s going on and on.By ParJes<br />What’s that? What’s this? It’s time. Mrs Twit gave me wormy spaghetti. So I will put a snake in her spaghetti and the snake will chase her and bring her to me. She put worms in my spaghetti so then I’ll put worms in her spaghetti. If you put spaghetti with worms it’s not showing kindness and consideration. It is really not showing those values. It is really good to show those values. <br />By HilJac<br />
  8. 8. Mr Twit put a spider in her spaghetti. Ahhh! Mrs Twit screamed. Then the spider shot spider webs.<br />By BroAla<br /> <br />The Twits were not nice to each other. They gave spaghetti with worms. They had meatballs with worms.<br />By SteCod<br /> <br />We read a book and I’m going to trick Mr Twit by putting cups along the bed and through the doorway.<br />By MatCoo<br />
  9. 9. It is time to trick Mr Twit. What do I do to do something mean to Mr Twit? I know what to do to Mr Twit! I will put grass in Mr Twit’s dinner and my glass eye in his dinner tonight. It is mean to not say sorry. Be kind and considerate or it can hurt their feelings. <br />By PaySim<br /> <br />What’s that? Mr Twit you want to get my wood and put coins in my wood and you put a coin on my chair you made me to not put my toes on the ground. Mrs Twit is not kind to Mr Twit. She is not kind.By NazKal<br />
  10. 10. That’s enough! I can’t take Mrs Twit’s tricks anymore. I am going to put a new taste in Mrs Twit’s spaghetti. Then she will eat it.By PayHay<br />What’s that? I am going to play a trick by filling 5000 cups of rocks. She can’t lift that many rocks. And about the spaghetti. I put worms and snakes in it. Mrs Twit is always being mean to me. Can you be kind to me please? <br />By Mr Twit (KumAry)<br />
  11. 11. What’s your favourite Roald Dahl story?<br />