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Bigby's Centrio Promo: "Who ate my ribs?"


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Bigby's Centrio Promo Slide: "Who ate my ribs?"
Centrio will open November 9 - 11AM in Cagayan de Oro City

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Bigby's Centrio Promo: "Who ate my ribs?"

  1. 1. An exciting detective story
  2. 2. Mrs. Em is an old lady living with her old dog in a remoteneighborhood.
  3. 3. Her dog, adalmatian named Spotty, is her bestfriend. If she isn’t asthmatic, she would haveallowed Spottyto always stay inside her house.
  4. 4. However, because of her asthma, Spotty has alwaysstayed in his cage outside of her house.
  5. 5. Mrs. Em isfriendly and accommodating; thus, neighbors usually drop by not only to help her with thehousehold chores but also to take care of her when she is sick.
  6. 6. One day, she is not feeling well so she calls up hernearest neighbor, Mr. A, to come over.
  7. 7. Mr. A immediately helps her out by making herrest while he feeds the dog. He texts anotherneighbor, Ms. B, to come and help him do the chores.
  8. 8. Mrs. Em doesn’t get better the nextday, so six (6) neighbors come to her house to help out. One neighbor brought flowers, one gave fruits, and one brought a yummy Rack-a-bye Baby Ribs which is Mrs. Em’s favorite
  9. 9. Since Mrs. Em has no appetite to eat, she puts the ribs on herbedside table for her to consume later. It is on a plate that is covered with another plate.
  10. 10. An hour later, she falls asleep.
  11. 11. When she wakes up, theribs on the plate isgone, much to Mrs. Em’s disgust!
  12. 12. “Who ate my ribs?”she asks her 6 neighbors who are in her house.
  13. 13. The neighbors exclaim in unison, “We don’t know!All of us have been very busy since we came here…”
  14. 14. “I will find outwho because it’s my favorite dish!” she cries.
  15. 15. Then, Mrs. Em looks at them oneby one, trying to find out who ate her ribs.
  16. 16. Was itMr. A?
  17. 17. Was itMr. B?
  18. 18. Or was it Ms. C?
  19. 19. Or Ms. D?
  20. 20. Or Mr. E?
  21. 21. Was itMs. F?
  22. 22. Then, Mrs. Em looks closely around her house…
  23. 23. Oh, Spotty has that guilty look! Perhaps he ate theribs, since the pet dog isstanding right beside herbedside table!
  24. 24. Now, Mrs. Em isalready very puzzled and angry.“Who ate my ribs?” she keeps on asking. ??????????
  25. 25. Dear friends, do you somehow have an idea who ate Mrs. Em’s ribs?
  26. 26. Just follow the trail of clues at our FB page ( from Oct.15-Nov.9,2012 until you find out whoreally ate Mrs. Em’s ribs!
  27. 27. And have the chance to get a FREERack-a-bye Baby Ribs…
  28. 28. …because…
  29. 29. …the 1st 100 customers who will give the correct answer to Mrs. Em’s question “WHO ATE MY RIBS?” will get a*FREE Rack-a-bye Baby Ribs each in Bigby’s Centrio Mall’s opening on Nov.9!