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an apology from a friend.

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  1. 2. Once upon a time there lived a Big Weenie.
  2. 3. He had many friends and was well-liked by many multi-cultural people.
  3. 4. One day, Big Weenie woke up super early to do Big Weenie chores.
  4. 5. He had to be ready for tonight, because he and his lady friend were going to Multifest!
  5. 6. Multifest is a place for black people.
  6. 7. Big Weenie loved his Lady Friend, but he knew it would never work.
  7. 8. She was always working at her 38 jobs, and besides, he liked other weenies.
  8. 9. Still, he tried to make it work with Lady Friend.
  9. 10. That afternoon, he made the best strawberry shortcake ever.
  10. 11. It would be sure to win him her boobies!
  11. 12. However, early that evening, Big Weenie got very, very sleepy.
  12. 13. Still, he invited Lady Friend over to his home, but the dumb ass fell asleep on the couch.
  13. 14. He never woke up through all the phone calls and text messages! What a Big Weenie!
  14. 15. Finally, he woke up at 1:15 that night, but it was far too late to hang out with his wang out.
  15. 16. He called Lady Friend to apologize, but she hates him now.
  16. 17. Big Weenie sighed with the realization that he would never have her boobies.
  17. 18. THE END
  18. 19. I know you’re probably wondering how I came up with such a good story, but it’s actually based on true events. Try reading it again, but instead of Big Weenie and Lady Friend, say Trey Goff and Asia Lee. By the way, I mean for “Big Weenie” to mean something like “Big Douche” and not “OMG-look-at-his-Big-Weenie”.
  19. 20. PS – After I woke up, it rained really bad and my internet died, and then I got a bad case of diarrhea. God hates me, too.