ReTargeter Case Studies 2013


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A collection of ReTargeter Case Studies

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ReTargeter Case Studies 2013

  1. 1. Case Studies
  2. 2. BustedTees has seen consistent success with site retargeting to bringback recent customers and convert casual browsers, but they alsowanted to re-engage with customers who hadn’t made a purchase,been to the website, or opened an email in a significant period oftime.To reach those users, BustedTees turned to CRM Retargeting, aninnovative form of retargeting that allows advertisers to serve displayads to people with nothing but an email or mailing address. “This is a way that you can re-market to customers who have fallen off your marketing bandwagon. This is one of the best tools I know of that provides a channel to get those people back into your funnel.” - Adam Schwartz | General Manager 390% ROIBustedTees’ email list was converted into a fully anonymized, secureonline audience segment, allowing us to serve 447,180 adimpressions over the course of one month. The campaign resulted in Conversions195 total conversions, and with an average order value of $40,BustedTees was able to see an ROI of 390%. 195
  3. 3. Brahmin is a family-owned high end handbag company based inMassachusetts. Within a month of launching a retargeting campaign,Brahmin was able to see a positive return on their investment.Brahmin has been able to reengage 20% of customers who initiallyabandoned their carts and bring them back to the site.In addition to driving sales by bringing shoppers back to the website,ReTargeter has also provided valuable insights into Brahmins’customers. Brahmin has been able to gain a strong understanding ofwhere their customers are going online, what sites they head to, andwhat blogs they read, allowing Brahmin to develop a more targetedmarketing strategy. “ReTargeter is easy for us to navigate. To be able to launch campaigns quickly has been extraordinarily valuable for us. We’re able to adjust and change what’s not working and ramp up what is Total Percentage of Reengaged working. We love that we’re able to test and get comprehensive Shopping Cart Abandoners results almost immediately.” - Amy Sullivan | Director of Ecommerce and Catalog 20%
  4. 4. Icebreaker is a retailer of merino wool-based activewear. They focuson producing natural, high-performing materials with an eye towardsustainability. They sell their products from an online store, inwholesale stores around the world, as well as in their own stores inNew Zealand, Canada, New York, Portland and San Francisco.Icebreaker has used other online advertisers, such as Google’s DisplayNetwork, but has not seen a particularly high return on this traffic.Retargeting solves an important problem for Icebreaker by bringingcustomers back to the site to complete transactions.For Icebreaker, retargeting has been easy to execute and simple tomaintain thanks to ReTargeter’s account management team. One ofthe primary highlights of working with ReTargeter has been thecommitment to the campaign demonstrated by their dedicatedaccount manager, Marvin. “I love working with Marvin; he’s a very helpful, can-do account manager. Getting a campaign up and running with ReTargeter has been easy, efficient and seamless. His involvement has made the process enjoyable and he’s always eager to jump on the phone if I have questions or need more data.” - Justine Seidel | eMarketing Manager
  5. 5. Magoosh Online Test prep offers online courses for GMAT, GRE andSAT courses including video explanations, subject lessons, andpractice tests.Organic search is Magooshs primary source of web traffic, but it israre for a student to convert after just one visit, as most are stillresearching. “What ReTargeter really does well for us is following up with site visitors and getting people used to our brand. It serves as a brand booster as students are out researching test prep and helps establish our reputation.” 486% ROI - Margarette Jung| Marketing ManagerA retargeting campaign for Magooshs GRE course yielded 1,123 Conversionsconversions over six months (61 click-through and 1,062 view-through). A conversion is the purchase of a $99 course. 1,123To determine the value of view-throughs, Magoosh ran a test andfound that people who had been retargeted converted at asignificantly higher rate than the control group. As a result of the test,Magoosh attributes view-throughs at $50, or 50% of a click-through.Ultimately, the campaign generated $58,608 in attributable revenue.At a total cost of $11,000 the campaign resulted in an ROI of 486%.
  6. 6. Graduation Source, a company that sells caps, gowns and othergraduation attire, uses ReTargeter to keep their brand top of mindduring a longer than average retail purchase cycle.After launching a campaign with ReTargeter, Graduation Sourceimmediately saw a positive ROI. Retargeting has made a significantimpact both from a branding and a direct response perspective. Theironline revenue has been steadily increasing, and Graduation Sourcehas seen a 460% return on their retargeting spend over the course oftheir campaigns. “Retargeting made us realize that the traffic that comes to our homepage is extremely relevant. In our market, customers don’t make decisions spontaneously. That’s why Total ROI from Retargeting I think retargeting has made such a big impact. I think it is Campaigns a mix of the industry we’re in, the ReTargeter team, and the service provided that’s allowed us to see such 460% consistently high returns.” - Sri Pv | Digital Marketing Specialist
  7. 7. The University of Florida’s Hough School of Business has usedReTargeter to keep their messages in front of prospective students. Intwo months, they were able to serve 3.3 million impressions,receiving a 0.31% click-through rate.Nathan Lowery of Lipof, the ad agency that handles the University ofFlorida’s marketing, has found retargeting to be an effective way torecapture interest and ultimately drive conversions. Prior to launchingtheir retargeting campaign, Lipof had focused the lion’s share of the Total Impressions Served OverUniversity’s budget on driving new traffic to the website, largely via Length of Campaigndirect ad buys on premium sites. However, while they were able tosuccessfully drive new traffic to the UF site, getting that traffic to 3.3 millionconvert proved a challenge. ReTargeter has solved the problem bybringing qualified prospects back to their site, resulting in 59 closed Average Click-Through Rateleads over two months. Over Length of Campaign "ReTargeter has worked as a great tool to communicate with 0.31% prospects that we may not have captured the first time they visited our clients website. We spend a lot of effort initially pulling Total Number of Closed Leads prospects to the UF site, and in the past we had no way to get our Over 2 Month Campaign message in front of them again unless they specifically requested more information.” - Nathan Lowery | Lipof 59
  8. 8. Skimlinks helps publishers earn revenue seamlessly by automatingthe process of creating and collecting money from affiliate links.Skimlinks uses ReTargeter to improve brand recall and stay in front ofprospective clients during their sales cycle.In the first month, ReTargeter was able to drive 448 conversions. AtSkimlinks, churn rates are quite low; as Director of Marketing AaronWeissman puts it, "happy clients are lifelong clients," so having newclients join their program is of paramount importance. Customerlifetime values can be extraordinarily high, and with ReTargeter, thecost per conversion averages a few dollars, leading to an incrediblyhigh return—which has been the most striking benefit that Skimlinkshas seen from retargeting.In addition to the high return on investment, Skimlinks has alsobenefitted from ReTargeter’s account management team. “The account management at ReTargeter is incredibly helpful. I have so many other things going on, so it’s nice to know that Total Conversions Captured Over Length of Campaign ReTargeter is able to provide advice, guidance, and actively give us feedback on how to optimize our campaign. This was never a self- 448 service model; ReTargeter really goes above and beyond to help make sure our campaign is running smoothly.” - Aaron Weissman | Director of Marketing
  9. 9. ZenDesk is a web-based customer support software company with aninnovative ticket management system and a strong customercommunity. Offering a variety of products, starting from a free trial tothree paid tiers, ZenDesk began using ReTargeter with the hopes ofachieving a strong direct ROI, as well as improving brand awareness.Over a one month period in September 2010, ZenDesk’s ReTargetercampaign delivered outstanding results with a total of 43 unique visitorswho clicked on a retargeted banner ad, visited their website, andconverted immediately.Furthermore, 364 additional unique visitors were influenced by aretargeted banner ad and converted without directly clicking on thebanner ad. In total, ZenDesk saw an astonishing 1317% ROI from theirretargeting campaign. "ReTargeter has been a great addition to our marketing mix." - Jacob Meltzer | Online Marketing Manager
  10. 10. Get Satisfaction is a leading online customer community platformthat companies use to grow and engage their customers throughcustomer support, idea submission, marketing and sales questions,and feedback collection. Display advertising played no part in theirmarketing strategy.When the display retargeting opportunity was presented to them,Get Satisfaction was a bit skeptical, but figured they would give it atry. After achieving a positive ROI during the first month, GetSatisfaction was able to leverage ReTargeter’s optimization engineand support team to grow ROI to 104% over the first month, to160% over the second month, and to 248% over the third month. "I like using ReTargeter because they have made it simple and cost effective. Not only does retargeting work but I can measure the ROI in any given month as a function of how many conversions we generate." - Jeff Nolan | VP Product Marketing
  11. 11. The Clean Program is a detoxification diet that promotes a healthful dietand lifestyle through a 21 day program. They use ReTargeter to stay infront of their traffic and give their visitors additional chances topurchase their product.The Clean Program spent $1,000 per month on retargeting their webtraffic. Their retargeting campaign produced 40 conversions at a pricepoint of $350 per product. They generated $14,000 in revenue fromretargeting in June alone, yielding an incredible ROI of 1300%. "We have a niche audience for our products, so it makes sense to only target the people visiting our site because theyve already shown theyre interested in us. ReTargeter is amazing at bringing back bounced traffic and adding additional sales." - Ben Tseitlin | The Clean Program 1300% ROI
  12. 12. is the largest organization in the United Statesgeared toward inspiring young people to work for social is focused on acquiring new members with a goal ofreaching five million active members by 2015.Each month, launches two national causecampaigns, each of which focuses on one simple call to action toencourage young people to engage in social change. For their 2012Thumb Wars campaign against texting and driving, DoSomething.orgteamed up with ReTargeter to increase new member sign ups. "Working with the ReTargeter team was simple and effective! We explained our needs and their team executed with successful results. They were always available with a smile - one of the most enjoyable teams to work with!" - Aria Finger | COOReTargeter provided a highly cost effective solution for acquiring newmembers, particularly when compared to running a campaign withGoogle AdWords Search Network. The effective cost per acquisitionfor a retargeted user was $2.74, while for AdWords the cost peracquisition was $4.08.