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Retargeting & Prospecting: What's your strategy for the holiday season?


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With the holiday season around the corner, be one step ahead and plan your Retargeting and Branding campaigns NOW. If you struggle with display, RTB, and/or believe that the Google Display Network is all you need for display, we will shatter those notions and arm you with powerful tools GDN does not want you knowing about. What's your strategy and why? We will help unlock the answers to those everpresent questions.

Check out Maria Coletta presentation, Acquisio Trading Desk Manager, on as she will discuss how, when and why to use Retargeting strategies to maximize quality conversions and ROAS. She will also speak about when and why to use New User Prospecting strategies with effectiveness and success.

You will learn:
- Defining key prospecting and retargeting strategies
- When to specifically use Prospecting and Retargeting strategies successfully
- How to manage and optimize retargeting campaigns to exceed your CPA and ROAS goals

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Retargeting & Prospecting: What's your strategy for the holiday season?

  1. 1. Retargeting & Prospecting: What’s your strategy for the Holiday Season? Retargeting & Prospecting
  2. 2. Webinar Housekeeping RETARGETING • Q&A session at the end of the webinar • Use the Chat box to submit your questions at any time • The slide will be made available by email • The webinar is recorded and will be made available by email
  3. 3. Speaker Maria Coletta Acquisio Trading Desk Manager • Seasoned display expert with over 12 years experience in the display • Thought leader with a poised and dynamic presence who inspires a passion and excitement for all that is display. • Expertise lies within the Real Time Bidding space, navigating new users and experts alike through the sometimes challenging waters of branding and retargeting strategies. RETARGETING
  4. 4. Digital Advertising Trends RETARGETING
  5. 5. Digital Advertising Trends – Spending Forecast RETARGETING
  6. 6. Ad Exchange Accessibility ATD Accesses All the Major Ad Exchanges Under One Centralized Reporting System RETARGETING
  7. 7. When to Use Prospecting Strategies • When a Campaign’s Goal is to Create Brand Awareness • When a Client’s Site has fewer than 20,000 Estimated Uniques per month. Prospecting New Users helps build the Retargeting Pool via Targeted Traffic • When Client’s KPI’s focus mainly on CTR and eCPC, Branding is a Key Element • When a Campaign’s Measurement is CPM focused • When a Campaign Requires a plethora of Clicks to the Site • When a Campaign Requires very Specific Audiences ie: Targeting HHI, Age, Gender, Edu, etc. • When a Campaign Requires a Specific Site/White List RETARGETING
  8. 8. ATD New Prospecting Strategies RETARGETING •Crawlers scan the content of sites and based on relevant keywords and/or customizable categories, displays ads on the sites that are a fit. This is a Page-level keyword and contextual strategy Contextual & Keyword Targeting • Matching the client’s keyword with a user searching for that same term via all search engines Keyword Search Targeting •Running Pre-Mid or Post-Roll Video on Targeted Sites with Video Video Completion Rates Visibility •Displaying ads to users who appear on specific verticals ie: Fashion, Education, Automotive etc Channel/Vertical Targeting •Outlook users migrated from Hotmail & view ads while on their Outlook Webmail. Exclusive inventory that allows only one advertiser on page & garners strong CTR's. Yahoo allows larger 300x600 ads and tends to yield higher CTR Outlook & Yahoo Targeting •The Look-Alike Modeling strategy uses the DMP to ID the most valuable first-party data traffic and matches the DMP data to the first-party data. Need at least 50K Cookies for this strategy to be viable Look-A-Like Modeling •The algorithm selects data segments with a high likelihood of driving campaign performance & automatically adjusts audiences as the campaign progresses. The Algos deactivate/activate underperforming & higher performing segments. CTR goals can average 3-6x improvement Predictive Audience •IP and Zip Code Targeting to connect with users in specific IP and/or Zip Code areas. Targets can be supplied by client or created by ATD based on Campaign Demo IP & Zip Code Targeting
  9. 9. When To Use Retargeting Strategies: • When a client’s site has in excess of at least 20,000 estimated Unique Visitors per Month. ATD requires a robust cookie pool in order to achieve successful Retargeting campaign results. Only 7-10% of the Uniques can be used toward a Monthly Retargeting budget • Performance Driven Campaigns demanding specific CPA and ROAS Goals • CPM, CPC & CTR Rates take on less importance as Conversions and Revenue drive the KPIs. Retargeting strategies force higher CPM's and CPC's and tend to draw a lower CTR, mainly because we are forced to bid higher on limited retargeted cookies • No focus on the Geo as we only want to capture users who have shown intent when they initially visited the client’s site • Retargeting can also be used as a Branding Strategy as users are delivered multiple retargeting ads, ensuring that the Brand is top of mind • Retargeting is key for Cross-Selling campaigns RETARGETING
  10. 10. ATD Leverages All Major Retargeting Strategies RETARGETING • Retarget Users anywhere on the internet. ATD has access to all the exchanges and can thereby cast a very large net in order to reach your valued customer. Site Wide Retargeting • Retargets users while they appear on their Outlook/Yahoo Webmail. Outlook is a highly coveted group as they migrated as previous Hotmail users. Yahoo uses a larger ad unit 300x600 Outlook & Yahoo Retargeting • Retargets users while on their Facebook page. The ad will appear on the RHR and/or Newsfeed sections of FB FBX RHR (Right Hand Rail) and Newsfeed Retargeting • Retargets users while they appear on the You Tube. The use of Video and Free Companion Ads for this strategy You Tube Retargeting • Connecting client’s CRM data to Liveramp’s massive database, matching email addresses, physical addresses, etc to first party data. No emails need to be deployed via this method Live Ramp Email Retargeting • Retargets users via their IP address. Connect with all family members across all devices. Ie: Tablet, Smartphone, Laptop, etc Household Extension Retargeting • Specifically retarget users who didn’t fully complete the conversion funnel. One of the most effective performance driven strategies Shop Cart Abandoner Retargeting
  11. 11. The Data Alliance & FBX Just recently, Data Alliance agreed to change its price model from CPM to Revenue Share in order to accelerate 3rd party data performance. Data Alliance is used to successfully grow Client’s Limited Cookie Pool as ATD couples it with inexpensive FBX Inventory – This Successful Strategy is unique to ATD as the Data Alliance exclusively sells on a Rev Share Price Model through ATD alone. RETARGETING o In the past, layering 3rd party audience data on top of FBX CPMs was too costly o FBX CPMs are typically between $0.20 - $1, and 3rd Party Audience Targeting can add another $1- $3, hurting efficiency o The Data Alliance revolutionized 3rd Party Audience Pricing by charging a % of CPM, instead of a flat fee Example Campaign Targeting Females: Data Alliance: Fee of 12% For Targeting Females  On FBX, if the CPM is $0.30, the additional cost for Data Alliance is only 12%, or $0.03, making your total CPM cost about $0.33  Compare this to typical 3rd party data pricing where targeting Females costs a flat $0.75. $0.75 for data + $0.30 CPM fee = $1.05 (3X higher than targeting with The Data Alliance)
  12. 12. Outlook New User Prospecting Strategy • Outlook Offers Two creative sizes: • 100x72, static only, <40kb • 160x600, static only, <40kb • Only ONE advertisement per page and ATD has exclusive access to this CTR Driven Strategy! Example of Outlook 100x72 Ad Format: RETARGETING
  13. 13. FBX Newsfeed & Right Hand Rail New Ad Format The Facebook Exchange has recently introduced new ad sizes featuring the same ad unit dimensions for both RHR and Newsfeed section. The 1200x627 will accommodate both sections yet the RHR will be reduced in size on the page. FBX has also increased the Frequency cap to 2/24 from the previously set 1/24 and additionally, if a user ‘likes’ the a Newsfeed or Advertiser page, ATD is able to serve that user 4 ads within a 24 hour period, allowing for more targeted volume RETARGETING
  14. 14. ATD Contextual & Keyword Targeting Enhance Fancy Feast Contextual Targeting with Keyword and Contextual Page-Level Targeting Technology. Create Custom Semantic Categories with lists of Keywords & Phrases and Leveraging Existing Categories. Example Custom Keywords: • Cat Food • Cat • Fancy Feast Existing Categories: • Pet Lovers RETARGETING
  15. 15. ATD Keyword Search Targeting Target Users who have Searched for Relevant Keywords using Custom Search Targeting Data These keywords are NOT Page-Level but were initiated by the user via their Search Query Box Example Search Keywords: • Cat Food • Cat RETARGETING Example: Fancy Feast
  16. 16. What Is Predictive How? Audience and Look Alike Modeling? Predictive Audience Targeting applies algorithmic learning to 3rd party data to build an audience comprised of users who matter for achieving an ad group’s configured goals The Targeting Algorithm uses Pixels (Retargeting or Conversion) placed on an advertiser’s site and Utilizes Look-alike Modeling to find 3rd party data Segments to Build Audience comprised of High-Value Users Data Pool Filter The algorithm also deactivates underperforming segments and constantly adjusts the predicted model to reach the most valuable audience Added to Targeting Discarded
  17. 17. LiveRamp Data Onboarding Send your Data Securely to LiveRamp. No Set Up Fee. Email Data Matched to Live Ramp’s User Name Database LiveRamp matches data to Online Browsers. Only Pay for the Data that Matches with LiveRamp 1st Party Data LiveRamp Syncs your Data Directly to ATD. Cost of CPM added as Revenue Share Percentage. RETARGETING Email Address LifetimeValue Purchased in last 6months 123 Main St. $2,000 No 1757 Elm St. $30,000 No 667 Mission St. $500 Yes 20 Maiden Ln. $1500 No 375 George St. $20,000 Yes 598 Howard St. $100,000 Yes THE PROBLEM: Marketing organizations today have a wealth of transactional and CRM data tied to email and postal addresses. But this data is siloed from their online marketing initiatives and can only be used to personalize email and direct mail campaigns THE SOLUTION:
  18. 18. ATD Offers Access to a Large Video Footprint • A Single Video Ad Network is not enough. Don’t limit your video campaigns to one slice of the universe • Video networks are also taking large, non-transparent fees • From public financial statements • Tremor: 41% average fee • TubeMogul: 72% average fee RETARGETING
  19. 19. Advanced Video RTB Reporting ATD Provides In-Depth Video Engagement Metrics, like Video starts, Quartile Completions and Completion Rates • View performance for video and display in one single report • Same granularity as display reporting, which is more detailed than any other DSP RETARGETING
  20. 20. Targeting 1st Party Audiences across ALL Household Devices By Leveraging IP Targeting. Reach Same User Across All Devices in Conjunction with Targeting All Members of Household Across All Devices Wife visits website to look for promotions and gets retargeted RETARGETING 20 Ad also reaches husband on laptop Ad reaches daughter (influencer) on phone Ad reaches grandmother (influencer) on tablet Household Extension Retargeting
  21. 21. ATD High Definition (HD) Reporting ATD Boasts the Most Comprehensive Display Reporting in the Industry through its High Definition (HD) Report RETARGETING
  22. 22. High Definition Reporting Granularity RETARGETING •Great for viewing general stats by day and by ad group/campaign 1. Ad Group Performance •For viewing video 2. Video stat performance by creative 3. Frequency •For viewing performance across frequency. Great for click based optimization campaigns 4. Ad Format •For viewing performance across ad format 5. Creative •For viewing performance by creative. Pull in ad format to help organize 6. Fold •For viewing performance by fold placement, Above/Below Fold 7. Site - Category • If running on a whitelist or running contextual targeting, see performance for every site on this tab 8. Site •Go here for any site optimizations – Blacklisting sites that are not performing 9. Supply Vendor •For viewing performance by supply vendor 10. Time of Day •Reporting in the user’s time of day – really powerful for optimizing and story telling 11. Day of Week •Reporting in the user’s day of week – look at performance of weekends against weekdays 12. Browser •Performance by browser – pull in device type or operating system 13. Device Type •Performance by device type – pull in browser or operating system •Really powerful tab for optimizing retargeting ad groups as we increase/lower bids on specific cookies 14. Recency 15. Data Elements •Reporting at the data element level inside of an audience. Really great for BT campaigns! 16. Language •For viewing performance across the languages used in the browser
  23. 23. How ATD Uniquely Optimizes Retargeting Campaigns Building Customizable Recency Schedules Bidding higher/lower for recent/older prospects Recency Flexibility Recency capping: Avoid displaying ads to users 30+ days after they visit your website Frequency Capping Controls how many Retargeted Impressions are being delivered to the User in a Specific Time Period RETARGETING
  24. 24. Display Viewability, Brand Safety and Suspicious Activity • Despite growing measures toward ensuring RTB quality traffic, the universe is so vast that it’s sometimes risky to only run with a Global Block List. • The Global Block List is updated by continually removing any offending IP Addresses or URL’s, yet when your Brand’s reputation is on the line, it is highly recommend to incorporate additional premium traffic filter measures including Brand Safety Features, Viewability and Suspicious Activity. New Brand Safety Features does not allow any Adult, Alcohol, Drug, Hate Speech, Illegal Download or Offensive Language Content to come into contact with your client’s Brand Viewability targets the Top 10-75% of Impressions most likely to be viewed for the longest time Suspicious Activity Blocks Very High Risk sites above and beyond the ATD’s daily updated Block Lists which are already in place. RETARGETING
  25. 25. Cross Channel Attribution, from Branding to DR Mercedes + agency target new dads looking for safe sedans RETARGETING Dad sees video ad on TopGear online episode Visits Mercedes site, looks at safety pages Retargeted with display ad listing safety features on FBX and YahooMail 2 weeks later, targeted with display ad for local dealer & pricing info on phone Targeted with 3 more video ads about Mercedes racing Visits dealer for test drive and gives email. Email is mapped to cookie LiveRamp. Target audience is converted: Dad purchases 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  26. 26. How ATD Differs From Its Competitors ATD is a Direct Publisher RETARGETING ATD is NOT an Ad Network. When you're not dealing direct, you will likely incur additional 'middleman' fees. ATD has access to a large digital marketing footprint as it connects with all the major ad exchanges including the Facebook Exchange ATD is Frequency Transparent ATD is unique in its ability to optimize Frequency. We are not a black box outfit, but one that is transparent and sets realistic frequency caps. Black box frequency capping can easily result in ad fatigue or worse, user annoyance! ATD’s Unique Recency Data Recency is data uniquely reflected in our reporting. We can bid on cookies that are more valuable as they convert and lower bid multipliers on those that don’t. This decreases CPA and increases performance as we maximize budget potential ATD’s High Definition Reporting ATD HD reports are the most comprehensive in the industry with over 16 tabs of data. The data is used to optimize campaigns on a granular level and includes Ad Group, Frequency, Site Vertical, Site List, Creative, Fold, Exchange, Time of Day, Day of Week, etc ATD Offers a 48 HR OutClause & Low Commitment IO’s ATD is confident in showing results pretty quickly. Media Buyers are very attracted by this low risk element. ATD can work on a month to month basis and doesn’t require a large dedicated spend. Retargeting Only = $5k/Mth and Channel + Retargeting = $10k/Mth ATD’s Unique Data Alliance Rev Share Model ATD uniquely offers Data Alliance 3rd Party Data on a Revenue Share basis. The CPM drops from $5-6 down to below $1-$1.50 CPM, greatly increasing the odds of successful performance. DA also allows the growing of small cookie pools without solely relying on New User Prospecting
  27. 27. Special Offers for Webinar Attendees Offers - would you be interested in: 1. Scheduling a discovery call with the ATD team 2. Receiving more information about Acquisio Trading Desk 3. All of the Above 4. None of the Above RETARGETING
  28. 28. Live Q&A RETARGETING