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Aimia - Increasing the Lifetime Value for your OTC Pharmaceutical Consumers


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Aimia is helping OTC Pharmaceutical and Vitamin, Mineral and Supplement (VMS) companies create long-term engagement and increase the life time value of their consumers. Check out this infographic to learn more about how.

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Aimia - Increasing the Lifetime Value for your OTC Pharmaceutical Consumers

  1. 1. Acquire new customers INCREASING THE LIFETIME VALUE FOR YOUR OVER THE COUNTER (OTC) CONSUMERS From Acquisition Campaigns to Long-Term Engagement YOUR CHALLENGES YOUR BENEFITS OUR PROOF OUR APPROACH 1 3 4 Increase customer lifetime value by engaging the right customer, at the right time, with the right message Aimia designed, deployed and manages a Consumer Loyalty Program for a Fortune 500 manufacturer We help you establish a complete view of your customer by capturing interactions at each point of engagement Consumer influence is growing and manufacturers have increasingly less control Captures consumer interactions with their family of brands through our patented proof of purchase technology Provides individual purchase data to the manufacturer regardless of point of purchase Program data influences the right offers/messages, to the right person, at the right time Acquisition – Direct access to 7.5MM of their consumers Engagement – Highest traffic of all other consumer-facing client websites combined. Over 17MM page views per month Advocacy – Over 30% have recommended to friends/family 3 Limited promotional tools available Coupons are everywhere! An acquisition tool by design, they are used in any circumstance 2 Lack of direct access to consumers Reliant on retailers and mass communication 5 High churn in the OTC category Competitive offers are prevalent and today’s marketing initiatives are not geared to create long term consumer engagement 1 Limited insight on consumer level behavior Reliant on retailers and market research firms for broad data 4 Marketing programs are difficult to measure Weak test and learn process leads to poorly optimized marketing spend 2 THE PROGRAM THE RESULTS Point of Purchase Customer Profile In Social Media Time of Use Understand buyer behavior Identify yourbest consum ers Deploy and measure relevant marketing initiatives Establish relevantand personalized experiences Create direct dialogue 1 2 3 4 5 CUSTOMER PROFILE ENGAGEMENT HISTORY ©2014, AIMIA. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. To discuss how Aimia can help you create long-term engagement with your customers, please contact: