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How make an attractive story .


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Some tips and tricks for story telling

Published in: Design
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How make an attractive story .

  1. 1. How to make a Story for your Business?
  2. 2. We know help Investors & Clients understand and relate to your business better stories
  3. 3. howBut to make a story?
  4. 4. Let’s see the basic elements of a story
  5. 5. In every story there’s a VILLAIN In your case the villain is the problems that your business solves. For example, for a food-ordering app, hunger and the inconvenience of going out (traffic jams etc.) are the villains. VILLAIN !
  6. 6. VILLAIN ! Now that you’ve plotted a problem, the world needs a solution…
  7. 7. VILLAIN ! Hero enters the story! In your case- your product or service. HERO!
  8. 8. VILLAIN ! And solves the problem, saving the day! HERO! SOLUTION
  9. 9. VILLAIN ! HOORAY! That’s it. The story is finished. HERO! SOLUTION But something still seems to be missing, right?
  10. 10. VILLAIN ! HERO! SOLUTION Of course something is missing!
  11. 11. VILLAIN ! HERO! SOLUTION That something is- Humor! Humor!
  12. 12. VILLAIN ! HERO! SOLUTION Humor! And a little drama to make things more memorable. Drama!
  13. 13. VILLAIN ! HERO! SOLUTION Humor! And now for something very, very important… Drama!
  14. 14. VILLAIN ! HERO! SOLUTION Humor! What could it be? Drama!
  15. 15. VILLAIN ! HERO! SOLUTION Humor! hmm Drama!
  16. 16. VILLAIN ! HERO! SOLUTION Humor! hmm... Drama!
  17. 17. VILLAIN ! HERO! SOLUTION Humor! It’s Suspense! Always add suspense, it engages the audience. Drama! Suspense
  18. 18. So what are you waiting for? story Go on, make your own
  19. 19. Now that you’ve learnt making stories,There’s something more to learn…
  20. 20. how to EVALUATEwhether your story is communicating or not
  21. 21. It’s a secret formula, so pay attention…
  22. 22. It’s really very crucial…
  23. 23. Show it to a 9 year old kid 
  24. 24. WHAT?!
  25. 25. WHAT?!
  26. 26. WHAT?!
  27. 27. No seriously, WHAT?!
  28. 28. It might sound funny but if a 9 year old gets your story, you’re doing just fine!
  29. 29. There are many ways to tell a story…
  30. 30. You can choose any medium to attach a story to your business.
  31. 31. Designer PPTs, short animated videos white-board animations, motion graphics, viral videos are fairly popular these days.
  32. 32. So pick a medium and reach out to your audience with a story. By