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California Chp11


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California Chp11

  1. 1. California : a History chapter 11<br />By Rachel Tunnell<br />
  2. 2. Chapter 11: An Imagined Place<br />This Chapters main points were about the Hollywood lifestyle and the California dreams that are promised through the life of living in California on the coast<br /> <br />Entertainment was  all developed extremely fast in Southern California during the early 1900’s.<br /> <br />Film, Radio and Television were booming during this time and shaping our Nation <br /> <br />Women and wine went together pretty well with wealth, glamour and fame and it was the thing that pulled dreamers to the Californian. <br />  Traditional culture through literature was not what California produced but this new way of experience through a lenseand with voices.<br />  There were many popular artists at this time that are considered still great, Cecil B. DeMille for movie dramas, John Steinbeck for writing, Ansel Adams for photography, Frank Lloyd Wright for architecture, and later the Beach Boys for music and all of these people painted California as a dream life. <br />
  3. 3. Chapter 11: An Imagined place<br />