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California Chp7


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California Chp7

  1. 1. California: A History<br />By: Rachel Tunnell<br />
  2. 2. Chapter 7: Great Expectations<br />The main points and theme of this chapter are based on the organization of California&apos;s political and socio-economic structures and lay the foundations of its built environment<br />California&apos;s infrastructure was established in its second 45 years as a state and it required a state wide water system for it to be inhabitable and productive in its entirety.  <br />California established legal and political framework for irrigation districts, this later would turn southern California into an agricultural empire.<br /> President Roosevelt promised the South Pacific compensation for railroad companies after they saved Southern California from being flooded, however Congress did not agree with Roosevelt and refused to pay after everything had already been taken care of. <br />In Los Angeles and the Bay area there was a rising in population which meant California needed more water and they needed it at a rapid speed.<br /> Southern California cities established their own administrative board to help create an individual water plan but later it became more of a mess then a help<br />It took up to six years to come up with the Los Angeles water system but other water systems in southern California caused a lot of damage to the environment and there water system would need to be better so they had to re-think the water plan.<br /> The Nolen plan was created by the most notable architects of the generation and was a new version to the Los Angeles&apos; system.<br /> Hoover Dam was constructed between 1930 and 1935 and discussed during this chapter as well as the Golden Gate Bridge being built in <br />
  3. 3. cHapter 7: Great Expectationspictures of The Golden gate bridge being built and today…<br />