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Flexible Packaging Equipment Machinery and Supplies

This presentation explains the different types of flexible packaging equipment, supplies and services that are available from Pyramid Packaging Inc. We are a value-added reseller of flexible packaging equipment supplies and equipment. Contact us at 800.547.5130 or visit

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Flexible Packaging Equipment Machinery and Supplies

  1. 1. Flexible Packaging Solutions Value Added Packaging Supplier
  2. 2. 2 Est. in 1968, Pyramid Packaging is a value-added reseller of flexible packaging equipment, materials & services.
  3. 3. We’re centrally located in the Chicago suburb of Northbrook& service customers nationwide.
  4. 4. We offer packaging solutions to the following industries: food & beverage
  5. 5. industrial
  6. 6. pharmaceutical
  7. 7. distribution & fulfillment centers
  8. 8. Quality Matters! ISO 9001:Compliant Pyramid Packaging is pleased to announce certification compliance to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.
  9. 9. Responsiveness Matters! As a local supplier we are more reactive during times of high demand and are set up to provide customers with the best value proposition in the industry.
  10. 10. We can warehouse your supplies. Availability Matters!
  11. 11. Supplies delivered same or next day.
  12. 12. Service Our experienced packaging sales engineers provide value-added support . Knowledge Matters!
  13. 13. On-Site Repair We provide on-site repair service by qualified technicians.
  14. 14. VMI Vendor Management Inventory With Pyramid’s VMI service plan, our sales representative visits your company, evaluates your packaging inventory and replenish stock when needed. This service frees up a customer’s valuable time and resources. Also, it gives the customer an opportunity to meet with our sales representative on a scheduled basis to discuss any further packaging requirements or questions they may have.
  15. 15. APS Protective Packaging Equipment AirPouch Express On-Demand Air Pillow Machine AirPouch FAST Wrap On-Demand Bubble Wrap
  16. 16. APS has been designing and manufacturing packaging systems for 50 years. Headquartered in Streetsboro, Ohio, APS is a global packaging supplier, with sales, service, and distribution offices located throughout North America & Europe. Over 30,000 packaging systems in operation worldwide.
  17. 17. AirPouch Pillows void-fill air pillow systems provide on-demand high packing productivity & reduced shipping cost
  18. 18. Advantages of Void Fill AirPouch Pillows EZ-Tear™ Perforations: patented technology increases efficiency and provides less operator Boxed Material: reduced changeovers rate = increased run time Knifeless Material: no knife / blade required to slit the material Excellent Yield: up to 12% higher yield than the competition Pillow Sizes: available in 8”, 10” and 12” inch widths. Available in recycled & biodegradable Custom Printing and pillow lengths available Small-Quiet-Fast: compact system weighs only 35 lbs with operating speeds of 55 ft/min. grade
  19. 19. Void fill packaging is reusable, cleaner & more cost effective compared to paper and packaging peanuts.
  20. 20. Void fill packaging has a smaller carbon foot print when compared other packaging materials.
  21. 21. On-Demand Bubble Wrap void-fill on-demand bubble wrap machines produce bubble wrap when you need it
  22. 22. FastWrap On-Demand Tubes void-fill on-demand tubes when you need it
  23. 23. One box of on demand bubble wrap is equal to all these bundles of bubble wrap.
  24. 24. Airpouch Pillows come in a variety of sizes & gauges depending on your application.
  25. 25. Green Friendly Packaging Supplies recycled & biodegradable void fill
  26. 26. Void Fill Packaging Accessories
  27. 27. We provide custom engineered packaging solutions.
  28. 28. Baggers – Wrappers – Case Erectors
  29. 29. Autobag Poly Bagging Machines can semi or automatically industrial or computer related items
  30. 30. Mail Order Bagging Machines are a good packaging solutions for order fulfillment and short-run applications
  31. 31. Automated Mail Order Fulfillment Systems brings automation, speed and flexibility to high-volume mail order fulfillment applications
  32. 32. Loveshaw / Little David Case Erectors and Sealers will semi or automatically erect and seal corrugated cardboard boxes
  33. 33. ARPAC Stretch Wrappers can semi or automatically pallet wrap both stable and unstable loads
  34. 34. Connect with us on our social networks & you’ll be updated on the newest innovation options, & productivity tips.
  35. 35. Our packaging solutions will save you money.
  36. 36. 2901 Shermer Rd. Northbrook, IL 60062 ph: (847) 272-3400