гбоу сош-№276-класс-4-а


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гбоу сош-№276-класс-4-а

  1. 1. The pupils of 4 “A” grade school №276 Moscow present
  2. 2. We love you, Moscow!
  3. 3. It is the heart of Moscow. It is one of the most beautiful squares. We like to watch parades in May there. In winter we like to skate. There is a big skating rink on the square.
  4. 4. There is a zoo in Moscow. It is very big. There are a lot of animals there. There are camels, eagles, elephants, horses, lions etc. Monkeys are the funniest!
  5. 5. We like to walk. VDNKH is one of our favourite places. We can eat ice cream, ride a bike and roller skate there.
  6. 6. There is a metro in Moscow. It is very beautiful. Our station is Medvedkovo.
  7. 7. Come and see our city! Welcome to Moscow!
  8. 8.  Khlybova Polina  Pak Dmitry  Saltykova Kseniya  Shikov Dmitry  Surnichenko Nikita  Trushkina Anastasiya  Zhugaleva Ekaterina Teacher: I.M.Vorobyeva