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School 2012engl


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Презентация на английском языке о школе №45 г.Львова к форуму специализированых школ, который проходил во Львове 11 мая 2012 года.

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School 2012engl

  1. 1. SCHOL’S STATISTICSDuring the last 33 years if its existence school 2770 graduates have left it. Were awarded with the gold medal – 27, were awarded with the silver medal – 68,were awarded with the honourable certificates - 297. In 2011-2012 In 40 classes there study 1175 pupils School of the I grade - 499 School of the II grade - 529 School of the III grade - 147
  2. 2. Facilities: two Lingua Media Centers, the Computer Library Centre, two School Gyms, the Swimming Pool, five well-equipped Science Labs, ten English Language Rooms, twoGerman Language Rooms, the Ecclesiastic Culture Room, the Pushkin Museum, Shakespeare Centre, the Ukrainian Folk Art Room, the Russian Folk Art Room, Ivan Franko Room, two Computer Rooms, four Maths Rooms, two Ukrainian Language Rooms, two Russian Language Rooms, the Assembly Hall, three Workshops
  3. 3. LibraryInnovative school library was opened in 2006 withthe help of the supervising board. It contains more than 40000 кbooks in Russian, Ukrainian, English, German and other languages, lots ofperiodicals. At teachers’ and pupils’ disposal there are computers with the Internet access, media library, satellite TV i.e. various sources of information.
  4. 4. The Ecclesiastic RoomThe Ecclesiastic Room is one of the centers ofschool’s enlightening activity As pupils of our school are the representatives of differentreligious confessions it is there that they can study the Bible, the Torah, the Koran…
  5. 5. The Pushkin’s MuseumThe Museum, that was opened in в 1991 and was officially registered in 2007, contains over 300 exponents including those dated back to 1821. Especially valuable one is a unique collection“Pushkin and Galicia”, first translations of poet’sworks into Ukrainian, dramatic history of the first monument to Pushkin outside Russia ...
  6. 6. Shakespeare CentreIn October 2010 there was opened Shakespeare Centre Since then it hosts young lovers ofEnglish literature and theatre
  7. 7. Antiques, clothes, artwork, 18-19  century books help to understand the past of our peoples. Easter eggs painting, weaving, artistic weaving,pottery, embroidery ancient symbols  ofnature reveal the unity of the traditions of the Slavic people the Ukrainian Folk Art Room, the Russian Folk Art Room,
  8. 8. The Ivan Franko Museum Ivan Franko was a citizen of Lviv, Ivan Franko is the citizen of the world. The exhibition, being the result of the creativity of teacherspupils and their parents, reveals thedepth of the literary heritage of the great Kameniar.
  9. 9. Computer class №160 modern computers with the Internet access and licensed software are used for teaching and effective management.
  10. 10. Computer class №2 In 2008 the IT class for junior pupils started its work. The class was renovated due to the School board of supervisors, computers were installed due to the aid of honourable citizen of Lviv father Robert Hotz (Zurich, Switzerland)
  11. 11. Lingua Media Centres Lingua media centers provide free internet access to various information in English, help to broaden pupils’ horizons, inspire them to create multimedia presentations, brochures, booklets, newspapers and thus develop pupils’ creative and learning skills.
  12. 12. Junior ClassesSchool 45 gradually modernize classrooms and recreational premises
  13. 13. Junior Classes
  14. 14. Welcome to Our Modernized School Canteen!
  15. 15. The Swimming Pool January 2011 – the reconstructi on begins… March 2011– festive opening of the pool
  16. 16. Unforgettable masterclass of the master of sports in swimming, world and European champion , four timeswinner of the World Cup in swimming;silver Sydney Olympic medalist Denis Silantiev.
  17. 17. Another reason of our school’s popularity is that pupils here study 4 languages: Ukrainian, Russian,…
  18. 18. …English and German
  19. 19. School 45 Specialising in English is a united staff of 97 highly qualified teachers -Teachers of higher category - 41Teachers of I category - 24Teachers of II category - 10“teacher-methodologist” - 8“senior teacher” - 19Excellent Teacher of Education of Ukraine - 7 Were awarded with Gratitude of the president of Ukraine – 1 teacher. Honourable letters of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine – 11 teachers. Medals and awards – 3 teachers
  20. 20. School methodologicalboard and the boardof Supervisors form the strategy and methodics of school’s teaching activity.
  21. 21. School AdministrationSchool headmaster : Volodymyr KravchenkoHeadmaster’s deputies: Tamare Dragan Tetiana Blank Tetiana Dzus Natalia Melnyk
  22. 22. There are lots of things to do at our school all 4 seasons of the year: there are vocal club “Cherry Orchard”, dancecompany “Noktiurn”, school drama club, martial arts school, archery club “The Golden Arrow”, the aerobics circle…
  23. 23. Passion, rhythm, elegance – meet the school dancing company “Noktiurn”. Choreographer – Irina Rybakova
  24. 24. Our charming girls from the ”Triumph” group are five times champions of Ukraine in aerobics being trained by Larisa Yefimova.Young karate athletes win many competitions under the leadership of our school graduate Tetiana Ushakova.
  25. 25. Pupils’ health is one of our main priorities. Many pupils take advantage of school’s facilities and go in for sports. Some of them win European and Ukrainianchampionships in archery, karate, track and field athletics, tennis and other sports.
  26. 26. We Are Proud of Our Graduates!Athens Olympic medalist DenisGrachev Famous athlete Larisa SavchenkoSinger Garik Krichevskij Journalist and public figure - Natalia Baliuk
  27. 27. Our school is looking forward to its 35thanniversary preserving a lot of traditions.
  28. 28. During the last 10 many pupils won top places on the Olympiads in many subjects.During the last 4 years 340 pupils graduated from school. All of them now continuetheir education: 326– in Ukraine, 14 – abroad (in Poland, Israel, Russia, the Czech Republic, the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Italy).
  29. 29. Our colleagues from Saint Petersburg conduct masterclassfor the teachers of history and Russian language. Summer 2011 року.
  30. 30. Maslenitsa is the happiest holiday of the school year. Pupils sing folk songs, dance, play, eat pancakes. What a fun for pupils, their parents and our neighbours!.
  31. 31. Every year on the 19 of October pupils of the 8thform follow the timetable of Pushkin’s Lyceum. Lessons are conducted by the prominent priests, artists, actors, poets and historians of Lviv. The summary of the day is the Lyceum’s competition.
  32. 32. The Holy Bible’s Study conducted by father NicholasHistory lesson “Culture of Lviv at the beginning of the ХІХ century and Pushkin” conducted by the scientist of Lviv’s Historical Archive Natalia Tsariova
  33. 33. Lesson of music for the pupils of the “lyceum”
  34. 34. Good friends visit the Lyceum:Father Robert Hotz, a honourable citizen of Lviv, Lviv poets: Angelina Bulichova and Liliana Kosanovska
  35. 35. Pushkin enters our lives in earlychildhood – competition “Those Fairy Tales!”
  36. 36. January 25 – another page in Pushkin’s calendar – Tatiana’s Contest
  37. 37. The International Puskin’sContest began in our school in 1991. There were 16 of them. The 16th Contest welcomed the participantsfrom Lviv, Ivano Frankivsk,Mukacheve, Rivne, Kharkiv, Kryvyi Rih, Sevastopol, Moscow (Russia), Minsk(Belarus), Kalish (Poland).
  38. 38. Saint Petersburg Contest In 2006 Lviv and Saint Petersburg became twin cities. Since then there is held an annual regional competition “Love you, Peter’s creation”. The winners become the guests of Saint Petersburg city council.
  39. 39. Shevchenko’s EveningThere is a tradition to commemorate the great Ukrainian writers T. Shevchenko, I. Franko, Lesia Ukrainka and others. Literary musical evenings, theatrical performances, competitionsи, meetings with modern poetsof Lviv make pupils feel proud of the culture of their Motherland.
  40. 40. Integrated lesson “ Shevchenko and Maths”
  41. 41. Traditional holiday of native language for the 3 formers:Motherland, language, mother are the only ones we have…
  42. 42. One more tradition: every year the whole school is overwhelmed by the passions and philosophy of Shakespeare’s plays…
  43. 43. February 17, 2012 –celebration of the 200-th anniversary of Charles Dickenss’ birthday.
  44. 44. “Artek”, summer of 2011. Winners of the competition «Heirs of Kossaks’ Glory»
  45. 45. Geography of friendship We have signed theagreement on cooperationwith school № 353 named after Pushkin (Moscow, Russia), Lyceum of T. Kozciushko in Kalish (Poland), gymnasium of Zimmern (Germany),we have fruitful cooperation with the sport school in Zlin (the Czech Republic), Gymnasium named after F.Skorina (Minsk, Belarus), schools of Eastern Ukraine, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Kryvyi Rih, Sevastopol.
  46. 46. Partner Schools Luceum of T. Kozciushko in Kalish (Poland) - principal Jaroslav Vuikovsky , gymnasium №153 named afrae A.Pushkin, Kyiv – principal Valerija Batalova school №353 named after A.Pushkin in Moscow (Russia) - principalNatalia YazukovaSigning the agreement on cooperation in Kalish (Poland)
  47. 47. Cooperation with Sunday Russiancommunity School in Birmingham (UK)
  48. 48. A Visit to Moscow…
  49. 49. …to Saint Petersburg
  50. 50. Meeting friends from Zlin (theCzech Republic)
  51. 51. Visit to Kalish(Poland)
  52. 52. Switzerland For more than 5 років our school have been gratefully accepting the assistance from the Swizz association of aid for Western Ukraine headed by professor father Robert Hotz: theroof and gyms have been repaired, the system of automatic water supply for the swimmingpool has been installed, new classes have been equipped with computers.
  53. 53. Cooperation with international organisations: AEISEC…
  54. 54. … the Foundationof Peter Shteimle(Germany)
  55. 55. …The European Voluntary Service
  56. 56. …Polish transboardercooperationprogramme RITA andschools in Poland…
  57. 57. …International women’s organisation SOROPTIMIST (Denmark)
  58. 58. ShakespeareFoundation (Stratford- upon-Avon, the UK) Visit to Britain in 2011
  59. 59. Visit to Britain in 2012
  60. 60. Our school is a multinational community. Ethnic Ukrainians make up to 47% , so does Russians.Among our pupils there are representatives of more than 20 nationalities. School provides a multicultural approach to forming a personality based on the principles of deep respect towards Ukrainian culture and spirituality and towards Russian and other foreign cultures.
  61. 61. Our 34th generationThe future of our school – the future of Ukraine
  62. 62. Lviv Secondary School #45 Specialising in English Our Address: 25, Naukova Street Phone:(80322)636263 htttp://