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Designing an IT Solution



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Designing an IT Solution

  1. 1. Open for Business…
  2. 2. WHO AM I • Big Data / Analytics / BI & Cloud Solutions Specialist • • Skills Architecture Business Intelligence IT Transformation Cloud Computing IT Solutions Management Mentoring Big Data Analytics Business Development Hadoop Datacenter Optimization Data Warehousing 2 Designing an IT Solution
  3. 3. WHY IT TRANSFORMATION Observations Next Steps  Misrepresented as solution or service  Product approach  Solution approach based on a framework -  Development is reactive - Expose the pains without offering solution   Don’t survive to maturity   Crisis control management   Never present an “Enterprise” view  Don’t measure the IT performance and value    3 - Business Model IT Model IT Maturity Model IT as a Service Reusable and repeatable solutions Business value management Continuous change management Measuring IT performance and value Designing an IT Solution
  4. 4. SOLUTION APPROACH VS. PRODUCT APPROACH Business Value Added Value Business Stakes 4 Designing an IT Solution
  5. 5. FROM BUSINESS TO INFRASTRUCTURE Objective Information Business Strategy Process Flow Procedure Organization User Function Application Tool Technology Data 5 Hardware Designing an IT Solution
  6. 6. ARCHITECTURE ON 3 LAYERS • Business Architecture • • • • Application Architecture • • • Software Applications Technical Architecture • • 6 Business needs Data model Flows diagram Hardware Tools Designing an IT Solution
  7. 7. BUSINESS DRIVERS - EXAMPLES Telecommunications Manufacturing • Resources Consolidation • • Manufacturer / Supplier collaboration • Reengineering sales • Re engineering distribution • Intensified focus on customer • • • • • • Costs Reduction • Eco Responsibility • • • 7 Provide direct information access Citizen services enhancements Public security Provide timely access to decision support information Accomplish more work with fewer resources Recognize and adapt to frequent business process changes Eco Responsibility • • • • • • • • • Retail Government • • • • Convergence audio/video, fixed/mobile Internationalization Outsourcing Customize Services Costs Reduction Eco Responsibility Banking & Insurance • • • • • • • • • Need to manage profitability and control expenses Increased competition from providers Need to mitigate current and emerging risk Increased regulatory pressures Industry consolidation Consumers adoption of electronic channels and payments Consumers concerns about security and privacy Costs Reduction Eco Responsibility Designing an IT Solution Increase banking and financial transaction Critical size on the market International development Banking and financial regulations observance Inheritance optimization and management Activities diversification Increase risks management Eco Responsibility Costs Reduction Media & Entertainment • • • • • • Emerging media environments Evolving consumer behaviors On-going technological innovation Increasing scarcity of consumer attention Costs Reduction Eco Responsibility
  8. 8. BUSINESS DRIVERS - EXAMPLES Education & Research Healthcare • • • • • • • Accelerating Employers Led Initiatives - Consumerism Entering Healthcare Accelerating IT Adoption Among Providers New Consumers-centric Technologies Disintermediation of Care Patient Security Costs Reduction Eco Responsibilityy • • • • • • • • • Pharmaceutical Energy • • • • • • • • 8 Increase refining capacity in traditional petroleum Grid Connected Power improvement Investments in the renewable energy sector Energy education Carbon emissions reduction Power consumption reduction Energy cost reduction Security power plan Enable Anytime, Anywhere Access Create Intelligent Buildings Protect School Records and Information Protect Safety Incidents on School Campus Creating a New Form of Collaborative Education Expanding the Boundaries of Knowledge Costs Reduction Eco Responsibility • • • • • • • • Improved R&D efficiency leveraging collaboration capabilities Improved collaboration between public and private labs and partners Improved lifecycle management of products Enhanced information dissemination Improved relations with key stakeholders such as doctors and consumers Focus on products that have the best chance of getting to market and accelerated time to market Costs Reduction Eco Responsibility Designing an IT Solution Transportation & Travel • • • • • • • • • Social Responsibility Technology, exposure to other cultures Collecting and Sharing experiences Consolidation for buying power Business Travel online Adoption Increase Safety Green Initiatives Costs Reduction Eco Responsibility Consumers Packaged Goods • • • • • • • Explore applications for Boomer positioning Simplify and purify the products New private label food and beverage introductions New products development Customers in control Discount brands Eco Label
  9. 9. BUSINESS MODEL  Industry -  Ex : Personalize and individualize services, Adaptation for regulatory constraints… Ex : Sales, Supply, Billing… KPI Ex : Convergence audio/video, fixed/mobile phone., Costs Reduction… Business Drivers Market Trends – Ex : Increasing transaction volumes, shrinking margins. Managing costs and risks…  Business KPI - 9 Objective Industry Business Drivers -  Strategy Process -  Ex : Innovation, Customer satisfaction... Objective -  Market Trends Strategy -  Ex : Manufacturing., Banking, Telecommunications, Government... Ex : Sales, Gross margin… Designing an IT Solution Process
  10. 10. IT MODEL  -  Infrastructure Virtualization... Availability Time To Repair, IT Costs Reduction… Cloud computing, Storage mass memory… IT KPI - 10 Flexibility KPI IT Trends -  Clustering, Components redundancy... IT Drivers -  Data Access, Encryption... Flexibility -  ECO Scalability Availability -  Costs saving , Ecology, Economy Security -  Horizontal, Vertical, Increase Data Volume... ECO -  IT Trends Scalability Availability ratio, TCO… Designing an IT Solution IT Drivers Security
  11. 11. IT KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS  Technical Performance Indicators     Financial Performance Indicators    TCO, ROI Depreciation... Ecological Performance Indicators    11 I/O, SAPS, SpecInt, TPC-H Availability Ratio, Time To Repair Data Loss Ratio... Space, Watt CO2, RoHS Ratio WEEE Ratio... Designing an IT Solution
  12. 12. IT SOLUTION  Software - -  Big Data, BI Cloud HPC ERP Web - - Servers -  - Applications development IT Transformation Installation Deployment Tuning Support Training -  CPU, RAM Disk, I/O Connectivity Storage - Services - 12  Disk, I/O SAN, NAS, DAS Connectivity Network - Designing an IT Solution Ethernet Infiniband Connectivity
  13. 13. FROM BUSINESS TO IT SOLUTION   Business Model Applications Apps IT Model Strategy ECO Scalability Objective Industry KPI    Market Trends Business Drivers KPI Flexibility Process  Governance Availability    IT Solution      13 Security KPI Designing an IT Solution Software Servers Storage Network Services IT Trends IT Drivers KPI
  14. 14. THINK SCALABILITY  Vertical Scalability    Horizontal Scalability    14 Scalability CPU, PCI Card Internal I/O Storage Servers, Storage Arrays Grid Computing Distributed File Systems Designing an IT Solution ECO Security Flexibility Availability
  15. 15. THINK ECONOMY AND ECOLOGY Total Cost of Ownership  Return On Investment  Footprint reduction  Electrical consumption reduction  Open Source HW/SW  Number of Servers, Storage, Network reduction  Global Financial Services  15 Designing an IT Solution Scalability ECO Security Flexibility Availability
  16. 16. THINK SECURITY Data Replication  Data Encryption  Data De-duplication  Backup of data  Data Retention  Fire Wall, DMZ  RAID Factor  O.S. Security  File System  16 Designing an IT Solution Scalability ECO Security Flexibility Availability
  17. 17. THINK AVAILABILITY Cluster  Time To Repair  Support Service  Disaster Recovery  Components Redundancy  Grid Computing  On-Site Support  17 Scalability ECO Security Flexibility Availability Designing an IT Solution
  18. 18. THINK FLEXIBILITY Dynamic reconfiguration  Virtualization  Provisioning  Deployment  18 Scalability ECO Security Flexibility Availability Designing an IT Solution
  19. 19. FROM BUSINESS TO INFRASTRUCTURE Business Driver  IT Driver Drivers  1,n Drivers 1,n   1,n Aligned with  IT KPI Indicators 1,n Aligned with 1 Business Driver → 1 to “n” IT Drivers 1 IT Driver → 1 to “n” KPIs Banking & Finance industry Example IT Drivers Business Drivers Increase data volume Increase banking and financial transactions IT KPIs RPO Conservation Time Data processing and simulation performance Nb of calculation Nb of Gflops 19 Designing an IT Solution
  20. 20. ROAD TO DYNAMIC INFRASTRUCTURE Value Infrastructure as a Services Infrastructure Managed Services Infrastructure Solutions Infrastructure Products Time Dynamic Infrastructure Infrastructure as a Services Cut your IT costs down leveraging economies of scale by accessing a centrally shared infrastructure Infrastructure Managed Services Delegate the resposability to run your IT Utilize your expert support services for the operation of your dynamic infrastructure Infrastructure Solutions Use pre-tested infrastructure solutions Infrastructure Products 20 Run your applications on a shared environment Use building blocks design for dynamism Benefit from evaluation and integration experience out of many projects Products and services designed for virtualized and automated environments Designing an IT Solution
  21. 21. INFRASTRUCTURE OPTIMIZATION MODEL From a basic unmanaged cost center toward an automated, dynamic, and strategic asset. Organizations 21 Designing an IT Solution
  22. 22. ROAD TO BUSINESS VALUE Maturity Governance Sustain value IT processes performance Drive eco-responsibility Risk management Relationship management Level 5 Business Value Management Level 4 IT Service Management Capacity on-Demand As a service Pay as you go Appliance Automation Provisioning Deployment Dynamic workload Level 3 IT Operation Management Virtualization Level 2 IT Component Management Level 1 Crisis Control Industrialization vSphere, Hyper-V, Xen, KVM Standardization Server, storage, network Value 22 Designing an IT Solution
  23. 23. STANDARDIZATION Standards : O.S, Servers, Storage, Network  Building and sizing rules  Best Practices and Methodologies : ITIL, COBIT, TOGAF…  Components : servers, storage, network and services  Infrastructure consolidation : reduce number of servers, storage and power consumption  23 Designing an IT Solution
  24. 24. VIRTUALIZATION Abstraction of IT resources  Full virtualization  Hardware-assisted virtualization  Partial virtualization  Paravirtualization  Operating system-level virtualization  Hardware virtualization  24 Designing an IT Solution
  25. 25. AUTOMATION Automation : a process which may once have been performed manually but has been altered in some way which allows a machine or computer to either wholly or partially manipulate the process to save time Infrastructure Automation : the basic services necessary for your infrastructure to operate largely without the aid of a keeper   - 25 Discovering, Provisioning, Updating, Monitoring Measuring, Capacity Planning, Deployment Designing an IT Solution
  26. 26. INDUSTRIALIZATION Repeatability of the solutions Reusability of the solutions Appliances Homogeneity of the solutions Capacity Units Models With Agility (Cloud Computing)       - - - 26 Software as a Service : Applications offered on demand over the network (, iTunes Store...) Platform as a Service : Developer platform with built-in services (Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure...) Infrastructure as a Service : Basic storage and compute capabilities offered as a service (Amazon Web Services, Mosso...) Designing an IT Solution
  27. 27. GOVERNANCE Sustain value objectives  Increase IT processes performance and their customers orientations  Drive economy and ecology  Develop IT solutions and competencies for new generations  Manage risks  Manage relationship  27 Designing an IT Solution
  28. 28. MULTI-TIER ARCHITECTURE TCP/IP SAN Web Servers Ethernet Switches Database Servers SAN Switches Storage Arrays 28 Designing an IT Solution
  29. 29. DYNAMIC ARCHITECTURE TCP/IP • Open Stack, Hadoop, NoSQL DB… • Virtualization, Automation Ethernet Switches Applications Servers 29 Compute & Storage Nodes Designing an IT Solution
  30. 30. WHAT IS BUSINESS VALUE • Focus on Industry - Bank/Finance, Government, Retail, Telco, Manufacturing... • Business Value is Large - Stakeholder Value, Customer Value, Employee Value - Partner Value, Supplier Value, Managerial Value, Societal Value • Key Business Indicators - Profitability, Revenue Growth, - Customer Satisfaction, Market Share, - Cross-Sell Ratio, Marketing Campaign Response Rates - Relationship Duration... • Common Language Management 30 Designing an IT Solution
  31. 31. WHAT IS “IT” VALUE • Business/IT Alignment • Intellectual Properties • IT Process Automation • IT Performance • Innovation • Community • Know-How • Expertise • Service Level Agreement • IT Portfolio and Maturity 31 Designing an IT Solution
  32. 32. BUSINESS VALUE PROPOSITION IT Drivers Company Strategy/Objectives IT Value Proposition Technical and Eco Performance Indicators Key Business Drivers Promise Technology/Methodology Business and Eco References Performance Indicators Added Value Services Partners IT Trends Commitment 32 Designing an IT Solution
  33. 33. #9 Pro po siti on #8 Val ue Pro po siti on #7 Val ue Pro po siti on #6 Val ue Pro po siti on #5 Val ue Pro po siti on #4 Val ue Pro po siti on #3 Val ue Pro po siti on #2 Val ue Pro po Val ue Key Business Drivers Val ue Pro po siti on Promise siti on #1 BUSINESS/IT ALIGNMENT Business Driver #1 Business Driver #2 Business Driver #3 Business Driver #4 Business Driver #5 Business Driver #6 • Matrix with Key Business Drivers and IT Solutions • Value Proposition: Virtualization, BI, Cloud Computing, Big Data... 33 Designing an IT Solution
  34. 34. Hig h Pe rfo rm anc We b2 eC .0 om pu tin Sta g nd ard ize Tec De skt hn ica op lB Vi r asi tua Inf s liza ras tio trc n utu re Ide Vi r nti tua ty M liza ana tio n Arc gem hiv ent ing Bu sin ess Ap pli Da cat ta P i on rot Inf ect ras i on Se tru cur ctu ity re Dis ast er Re cov Op ery en So urc e TELECOMMUNICATIONS EXAMPLE Convergence audo/video, fixed/mobile Resources consolidation Internationalisation Outsourcing Customize Services Costs Reduction ECO Responsibility • • 34 To manage complex network evolution towards all-IP and converged networks, many operators are now looking to contract fewer providers to evolve and optimize their networks. Business growth is a focus area for operators who understand the need to differentiate themselves with new user segments, revenue streams, and services. • Outsourcing • Customize Services • Costs Reduction • ECO Responsibility Maximizing efficiency and reducing operational costs have never been so important to operators, which must review core and non-core activities and increasingly consider outsourcing network operations. Designing an IT Solution Business intelligence • IT Security • Business continuity • Web 2.0 Speed up deployment new services Service Level Agreement High Performance Computing Open Source componants applications IT Costs reduction • Internationalization • • • Virtualization technologies (server, storage, network, services and desktop) • Resources Consolidation • • • Standardization and technical basis, Infrastructure consolidation • Convergence • • • IT DRIVERS • BUSINESS DRIVERS MARKET TRENDS PROMISE Business Drivers Green IT
  35. 35. MEASURING IT VALUE How to prove that IT solutions create Business Value ? « You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure ! » « IT value benefits are beyond costs reduction, contributing to increase company's profitability » 35 Designing an IT Solution
  36. 36. MEASURING IT VALUE • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) • Technical Performance Indicators - CPU, I/O, SAPS, SpecInt, TPC-H - Availability Ratio, Time To Repair • Financial Performance Indicators - TCO, ROI - Depreciation... • Ecological Performance Indicators - Space, Watt - CO2, RoHS Ratio - Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recycling Ratio... • • Define IT Drivers • 36 Define KBD Define KPI Implement Infrastructure Measure Baseline Define Metrics • Build measurement framework • • Define Infrastructure Build Infrastructure Designing an IT Solution Measure Infrastructure • Monitor • Analyze • Optimize Business Value • Determine Value with TCO/ROI methodology
  37. 37. MEASURING IT VALUE      Put technical sensors in different points of the infrastructure Collect data from sensors Calculate the indicators value Integrate the indicators values into the CMDB and calculate the complex indicators Analyze the IT infrastructure performance     37 Information Gathering Ecological KPI Technical KPI CMDB Analyze the results with reporting tool Compare the results obtained to the awaited results Design dashboard for CIO, IT Decision-maker, Manager Optimize the IT Infrastructure on Technical, Financial and Ecological sides Designing an IT Solution Dashboard & Report Data analysis & visualization Financial KPI
  38. 38. INCREASING IT PERFORMANCE • Performance Lever is a specific Key Performance Indicator • Lever increases the system performance • Lever interacts with Key Performance Indicators Ex. Increasing The Speed of The Car - The Gear Lever is changing up - The Speed Indicator is increasing 38 Designing an IT Solution
  39. 39. INCREASING IT PERFORMANCE Example • #Concurrent Users Indicator is a Performance Lever • #CPU and #I/O are Key Performance Indicators • #CPU = f(#Concurrent users) • #I/O = f(#Concurrent users) • Start a Provisioning Process automatically with #CPU and #I/O Values - Integrate a new Web server with IT Automation Software - 39 Activate #CPU and #I/O Cards with Capacity on Demand Process Testing Designing an IT Solution
  40. 40. INFRASTRUCTURE SIZING METHODOLOGY Data Volume Concurrent Users Extract volume Complexity Concurrent Requests Data Processing Complexity S/W Components Batch Time Range DB Structure Users Time Range Costs Benchmarks Results A balanced configuration from CPUs to Disks CPUs 40 Memory I/O Disks Designing an IT Solution
  41. 41. SOLUTION DESIGN EXAMPLE 41 Designing an IT Solution
  42. 42. BUSINESS MODEL EXAMPLE Manufacturing company has gradually extended its sphere of operations around the world Ability to innovate and invent for the day-to-day life in tomorrow’s world   Objective Strategy Industry  Customer Satisfaction  Innovation   Better sales management across the world The system must be on top for users and data integration activities in every time zones KPI • • Margin per country • Customer satisfaction rate per country • Strategy Sales per country Product quality per country Objective Industry KPI Process Business Drivers 42  Financial consolidation of the company Designing an IT Solution Increase sales  Reduce costs  Gain market shares Customers satisfaction  Process Sales Management    Reduce time to market
  43. 43. IT MODEL EXAMPLE Scalability     X86 Servers with 100% scalability Eco Very large database  Production, qualification, and development environments KPI Increase data volume • • Availability ratio = 99.999 Time to deploy a new country : 4h • Availability • Flexibility and dynamic integration for new users and data integration 43 Virtualization of Infrastructure Financing, leasing  Costs reduction Security  Data replication  IT Security Availability IT Drivers  High performance    Return On Investment : 24 months Flexibility  Reduce footprint Mean Time To Repair : 4h - 6h •  Volume of data integration/day = 4GB • Flexibility Security Low electric consumption Volume of unstructured data = 150TB •  Volume of structured data = 1TB • KPI Data integration time = 6h • ECO Scalability Number of concurrent users = 100 Standard configurations High availability  System agility Designing an IT Solution  Clustering  24/7 Support  Right information at the right time
  44. 44. IT SOLUTION EXAMPLE 2 x AppServers  Big Data Application  Data Warehouse Solution DHW Solution (1TB - raw data - structured data)    2 x Servers with 4 CPU quad-core / 64GB RAM. connected to 5TB on SAN Storage Array System All Application Servers per Time Zone and country are integrated in different virtual machines for guarantying and increasing the performance of the solution   2 x Master Nodes 48GB / 6 x 600GB 15RPM Disks   2 x Database Servers Hadoop Solution (150TB - raw data – unstructured data)   2 x Network Switches 23 x Data Nodes 32GB / 12 x 2TB 7200 RPM Disks Storage Array SAN Switch An integrated model, built on the basis architectures, flexible and extensible technologies allows to address the change and business evolutions, reduced costs and preserve the investment 2 x AppServers The infrastructure is based on standards Competency, expertise and support are adapted to Service Level Agreement, 2 x Network Switches Hardware installation, professional services for data integration, 24/7 support and leasing for enhancing the TCO/ROI of the solution 2 x Master Nodes 44 Hadoop Solution Designing an IT Solution 23 x Data Nodes
  45. 45. THANK YOU