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Next Generation Data Center - IT Transformation


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Computerworld CIO Event in Hong Kong sponsored by Dimension Data, EMC & Cisco.

Insights into Dimension Data's DC strategy and recent Client engagements

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Next Generation Data Center - IT Transformation

  1. 1. Damian Hamilton Business Lead - NGDC accelerate your ambition Evolving your data centre into a next-generation innovation centre
  2. 2. Global Data Centre Credibility Video (2 mins)
  3. 3. Harnessing technology as a business enabler improve performance reduce risk lower costs Corporate buyers spend more than CIOs Pursue alternative service models to allow capex to opex Match IT spending with consumption Correct capacity at the right time Our Clients are changing the way they look at technology
  4. 4. Internet facing Variable usage Agility Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Social Apps Productivity Operating cost Email & collaboration, ERP, HR Management Core IP Sustain & Develop Core Applications (e.g. Core banking, supply chain), transactional systems, analytics Our clients’ technology needs are changing Revenue Generation Client Facing IT Differentiation Genetic IT Standardisation Generic IT
  5. 5. “ICT is increasingly recognized as a key source of innovation that can generate increased economic growth and new sources of high-value-added jobs. This ability to innovate is essential in the current information revolution that is transforming economic and social transactions in our societies.” The Global Information Technology Report, World Economic Forum and INSEAD, 2013
  6. 6. Innovation Strategies through Cloud desiging the Future Digital Bank “Banks that recognize they do not have to create any financial products, they just need to deliver them in the most customer intimate way.” - Banking On Demand: The Customer-Focused Bank, Chris Skinner, SAP, 2014 Treasury Operations Management (B2B) Budgeting integrated with social media Microfinance platforms providing Peer2Peer financing
  7. 7. Innovation Strategies with Big Data and Analytics providing Actionable Insights “A data-driven organisation would be highly capable of using data to manage its exposure to risks in marketing, supply chain and finance.” - Going beyond the data: Achieving actionable insights with data and analytics, Data Modeling to provide Consumer Insights for Sales and Marketing teams Big Data and Data Scientists providing analysis and scenarios for business strategy KPMG Capital, 2014
  8. 8. Dimension Data is helping our clients innovate
  9. 9. Retailer moves business systems to cloud enabling Business Growth & IT alignment Business Objectives Dimension Data provided Global Cloud Services Launch new stores with minimal investment Focus on core business for rapid growth Expand into new markets overseas ITaaS in Multiple Geographies Cloud planning and migration services Global network to optimise data traffic between Geo’s Service Desk for 24x7 support of IT services
  10. 10. Utility company enabled by “always on, always available” business Business Objectives Dimension Data delivered an Active-Active Data Centre Consolidation of data sources into unified storage platform Plan, Design and Build of Active-Active DC – Storage Network Project Management to deliver project on-time and within budget Implemented IT architecture to deliver Regulatory Compliance Protected the businesses Core IP in their business platforms Simplified and standardised IT to Reduce Operating Costs 99.999% availability
  11. 11. Conglomerate outsources enabling IT Transformation to support the business Business Objectives Reduce operating costs for IT Cost transparency to the business users Improve access to business systems Availability and protection of client Information Dimension Data delivered Managed Service, DR Plan and IT Transformation IT Outsourcing for Infrastructure Systems DR plan and strategy, technical architecture to support business systems Utility IT model to align IT spend with business projects and change DD Relocation services and Co-Location with NTT Communications Ongoing IT Transformation Services for IT processes and technology innovation
  12. 12. The next-generation data centre
  13. 13. Data Centre solutions Core infrastructure solutions Workload infrastructure solutions Data Centre transformation Microsoft Application Workloads Desktop Virtualisation Data Centre Build Data Centre Consolidation Relocation Virtualisation/ Converged Infrastructure Storage Backup and Recovery Virtualisation and Cloud SAP Application workloads Cloud and enablement services Data centre outsourcing Data Centre Managed Operations
  14. 14. DD take a holistic approach to Next Generation Data Centre IT Strategy Data Centre/Cloud Strategy Operations/Process Strategy Strategy Operations User Applications Next Generation Desktop What Apps / workloads is a Client running? Mobility MDM Global cloud data centre Cloud Operations Virtualisation Application Platform applications, storage Storage Data Management Converged infrastructure Facility Virtualisation Operations Workloads, Network Compute Storage Network Business Resilience High Availability Security What Infra is the Client running the apps / workloads on? Data Centre Network + Software Defined Network What is the client’s IT Strategy? 1 2 3 New users New devices New applications New locations Big data and workloads Security Facility Cloud services Internet, enterprise network
  15. 15. Leading engagements with a Consultative Framework Consult, Discover Validate Requirements Data Centre Development Model (DCDM) Workshop 3 Engage Client Identify Opportunities Position NGDC Value Prop Identify Opportunities 2 Plan Focus Accounts NGDC Account Plans 1 NGDC Top 10 Client Outcomes 4 + Business Value Develop Propose Solution Cloud / Outsourcing / SI Services Commercial Services Technology Proposal Deliver Solution 5 Integration Migration ITaaS Data Centre Networking Comms End-user ITO SI Computing Security +
  16. 16. the starting point Identify an opportunity to bring innovation into your business through IT Perform a GAP analysis and develop a roadmap Create a Business Case to support your plan