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Managed Services Overview


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Managed Services Overview

  1. 1. Global Delivery Customer Focus Business Automation Managed Services
  2. 2. SVAM Managed ServicesContentsCorporate OverviewKey PartnersManaged Services • Introduction • Services Offered • Engagement Approach • Execution Approach • Service Delivery • GovernanceClients
  3. 3. SVAM Managed ServicesCorporate Overview - History 1994 1998 2000 2003 2007 2009
  4. 4. SVAM Managed ServicesCorporate Overview – Value PropositionClients choose SVAM for the trust we engender, the results we achieve, our commitment to theirsuccess, and the experience we create by the way we work with them.We enable our clients to leverage technology for business excellence by providing :  Creative solutions at an optimal cost of ownership  Experience in getting the best value from technology investments  Talented people, proven processes, and the right technology  The ability to scale while retaining client flexibilityOur teams leverage innovative thinking, a systematic approach, and disciplined deployment to deliversuperior returns.
  5. 5. SVAM Managed ServicesCorporate Overview – Global Presence New York, USA San Diego, USA Ciudad Victoria, Mexico Delhi, India
  6. 6. SVAM Managed ServicesCorporate Overview – Correct ShoreSM Model Client Company Client’s Project ManagerSVAM Correct ShoreSM delivery model delivers all the benefitsand advantages of Global delivery models. Our blended team SVAM ONSITE (US)approach is relevant across many types of engagements. Theproject team leadership works on-site with the client team Project Manager Technical Architectthroughout the engagement. • Customer Communication • Project ManagementAs appropriate, the offsite/offshore team may travel to the • Requirement Management • Risk Managementclient’s location to kick off the project, then return to their • High Level Design • Acceptance testingdevelopment center while maintaining the lines ofcommunication and relationships built while onsite. Thiscreates both a high-touch and high-tech project experience. SVAM NEAR SHORE (Mexico) SVAM OFF SHORE (India)With development centers in New York, Delhi, and Victoria, • Detail Design • Detail DesignMexico; SVAM can offer clients cost effective solutions through • Development • Development • Documentation • Documentationa blend of engagement models: • Testing • Testing• On-site• Off-Site• Off-site + Off-shore• On-site + Off-site + Off-shore• On-site + Off-site + Off-shore + Near-shore
  7. 7. SVAM Managed ServicesCorporate Overview – TechnologyWe Have a Proven Track Record Across A Wide Range Of Technologies Operating System Operating Systems Windows Platform Linux/ Unix/ AIX Databases Platforms Databases .NET SQL Server J2EE Oracle Open Source DB2/ UDB Packages Languages Languages Packages SharePoint, SAP C++, C#, JavaScript Tech Components FileNet, Vignette VB, VB.NET, PERL Tech Components Saperion, PeopleSoft Apache, Cold Fusion Weblogic, WebSphere PHP, MySQL, Python
  8. 8. Corporate OverviewTechnology Partners
  9. 9. SVAM Managed ServicesApplication Development & Maintenance – Service Offerings LEVEL 1 LEVEL 2 LEVEL 3 Break Fix Enhancements New Development• Base offer level within • Includes the Break Fix • Includes the Break FixSVAM Managed service in Level 1. service in Level 1 andServices and provides Enhancements in Levelmonitoring of your • Extend the functionality 2.applications. to meet customer and market needs. • Major functional• Designed to additions to theproactively monitor the • Includes requirements application’s feature of your entire determination, developm • Includes requirementsapplication’s ent, testing and determination, architectuenvironment. deployment. re, development, testing and deployment.• Return Applications tofull availability
  10. 10. SVAM Managed ServicesApplication Development & Maintenance – Benefits1. Reduce total cost of ownership for application management by 20 to 50 percent.2. Improve maintenance support and enhancement productivity by 20 to 30 percent.3. Improve service execution through over 99 percent achievement of critical service levels.4. Improve application availability through over 99 percent uptime.
  11. 11. SVAM Managed Services Remote Infrastructure Management – Service Offerings ALERTS RESOLUTION MANAGEMENT ADD - ON SERVICES• Remote monitoring • 24x7x365 remote • End user support of networks, resolution • Patch management • Troubleshooting & systems • Service desk • Vulnerability Repair and applications access scanning • Virus & spyware• 24x7x365 fault, with named • Asset tracking issues including OS performance and escalation • SQL and • Software support security alerts manager Microsoft® • Data migration• Monthly reporting • Monthly on-site Exchange support • Data storage & by email support hour credits • Quarterly planning backup • Annual planning • Installation session and • Network assessment assessment & design • Security assessment & design
  12. 12. SVAM Managed ServicesRemote Infrastructure Management – Benefits1. Lowers operational costs, typically by at least 20%, with minimal up-front costs2. Includes comprehensive monitoring and management solutions for server, storage, network and middleware3. Offers both agent and agent-less approaches depending on your requirements for advanced management function4. Improves infrastructure availability with 24x7 proactive monitoring5. Provides real-time reports, automated notifications and alerts6. Gives you access to the right combination of specialized remote competency centers and on-site capabilities
  13. 13. SVAM Managed ServicesDatabase Administration Management – Service Offerings BASIC SERVICES PREMIUM SERVICES • Monitoring & Issue Resolution • Technical Architecture & Design • Maintenance • Hardware Sizing & Capacity (General, Weekly, Monthly) Planning • Patch Application • Oracle Database & Applications • Performance Monitoring & Tuning (eBusiness Suite) Upgrades • Database Security • Single Sign-On Solutions • Backup Scheduling & Monitoring • Infrastructure Setup (Design to • Database Refresh GoLive) • Code Migration • Real Application Cluster & Cluster Setup • Logs Maintenance • Data guard & Disaster Recovery • DB Health Check • Recovery Solutions • Purging & Archival Solutions
  14. 14. Phase I Kickoff 2-6 weeks• Engagement definition Phase II• Identify critical functions Transition• Initial SLAs• Roles and responsibilities 6–12 weeks• Project management• Risk mitigation plans • Knowledge transfer Phase III• Client engagement model • Implement processes Execution • Capturing metrics • Kickoff validation Ongoing Engagements • Implement reports & SLAs Phase IV • Execute to SLAs Continue to support and Roll-off • Dashboard reporting maintain current operations • Continuous improvement Optional • Client status meetings • Steering committee • Renewal • ROI and TCO new projects • Retirement • SLA evaluation quarterly • Rewrite Continuous Optimization
  15. 15. Phase 0 : AssessmentObjectives weeks 1–3– Determine priorities, scope and business objectives without affecting current operationsActivitiesRequire designated person from Finance, HR and IT;Meetings are confidential and performed off- site.– Inventory applications– Analyze current support model– Determine support costs– Review of current reportsDeliverables– Application support improvement plans
  16. 16. . . Offshore Delivery Center (India/ Mexico)Onsite  Program Management  Project Management SUPPORT SVAM  Knowledge Management  Knowledge Transfer  Prioritization and assigning  Planning SUPPORT tickets  Statement of Work Knowledge Transition  User Relationships  Contract Negotiation Maintenance / Enhancements DEVELOPMENT  Relationship Management Performance SLAs & KPIs  Requirements DEVELOPMENT  Acceptance Testing Technical Design  Status Reviews Coding & Unit Testing  Client Sign-off System & Integration Testing Documentation 17
  17. 17. Kickoff Planning (X wks) KT & Shadow Support (Y wks) Ongoing Support Knowledge Initiation Shadow Support Stabilization Transfer Transition Acquire Stage 1 Planning Knowledge New Team Moves to Front • Business Deliver Support Current Services from Onsite/ Onsite / Offshore • ProcessServices Offshore Resources • Technical Stage 2 Fully Ramp-up SVAM Current Teams Provide SupportOnsite by Cutover Activities Client Methodology Establish Continuous Customized KT Improvement Process • Self Study Stage 3 KT Kickoff • Classroom Phased Move to Off Shore • Testing Infrastructure • Joint Workshops Set up Client SVAM Team Offshore Onsite
  18. 18. Steering Committee SVAM Senior Management Meeting : Quarterly Client Senior ManagementSVAM Key Executive Sponsor Engagement review, Strategy & Key Executive Sponsor Business Transformation initiatives, Approval of changes and policies Relationship Management Meeting : Monthly SVAM Account Manager Program Review , Delivery Excellence Client IT Sponsor SVAM Program Director SLA/Metric tracking, Risk Management Client Engagement Manager New Opportunities Value Register, Customer Delight Execution Management Meeting : Weekly Project Status and Tracking, SLA and Metric Client Project Managers SVAM Project Manager Tracking , Operation Issues, Delivery Local Business Owners Coordination ,Issue Consolidation and Tracking , Resource Management, Tactical Control, Change Management
  19. 19. Weekly Tickets Report: Statistics on number of incidents handled during the week & their status New Issues this week Carry Forward Incidents Total Total Issues handled App 1 App 2 App 3 App 4 Issues Issues Received Issues 18 2 0 0 20 3 23 Resolved Issues 15 1 0 0 16 2 18 Issues on Info Required 1 0 0 0 1 27 28 Net Backlog 2 1 0 0 3 1 4Monthly SLA Report- Monthly dashboard for Monthly SLA Report- Monthly dashboard fornumber of tickets where Service Level number of tickets where Service LevelAgreements address Response time Agreements address Resolution time Ontime and Response Breach Status Ontime and Fix Breach Status25 3520 30 0 0 0 015 2510 0 20 0 18 16 16 0 0 16 0 15 0 0 0 5 0 0 11 9 0 9 0 0 4 6 7 6 4 10 0 18 0 0 0 2 0 0 11 15 16 0 16 5 6 6 9 7 0 9 0 0 2 0 2 5 0 1 OnTime Response Breached OnTime Fix Breached
  20. 20. Escalation Model Events Causing Issue Issue Identification By The Support Team Escalation Issue Logging And Executive Sponsor Level 3 Classification Classify The Issue Impact Analysis And Identify Escalation Account Manager Level 2 Issue Resolution Study Impact Of Issue And Identify Issue Resolution Review The Issue, Impact And Escalation Resolution Program Director Level 1 Review The Resolution Within Client And SVAM Team Discuss The Team Issue Resolution Project Manager Issues Review The Impact, Resolution With Client Resolution IdentifiedApproval Of Issue Resolution FromClient / Resolution Implementation Client Approves Issue Resolution / Implement Yes Issue Closed
  21. 21. Potential risks causing service disruption, delays and increasing support costs IdentificationCommunicating risks and • Impact (low, moderate,corrective action plans to significant, severe) Communicationall stakeholders Assessment • Probability (high, medium, low) • Trends (improving, steady, down, deteriorating) • Regular Monitoring • Strategy • Action Driven Tracking Mitigation • Plan • Status updates • Roles and Responsibilities
  22. 22. Impact if realized ... Low Moderate Significant Severe Is Not likely to impact end Will delay end date by up to Will delay end date by morePotential Schedule May impact end date; some date; no dependencies 2 weeks; some critical path than two weeks; severe Impact dependencies impacted impacted dependencies impacted. impact to critical path Current staffing can May require increase in Likely to require increase in Likely to require increase inPotential Resource accommodate or no cost staffing <10% or relatively staffing >10% or significant staffing > 25% or major cost Impact impact to Client slight cost impact to Client cost impact to Client impact to Client Not likely to impact May impact project quality Likely to reduce project Will definitely reduce Quality Impact project quality but reversible quality project quality Significant increases to Significant impact to scope; Minor changes to scope; Insignificant change to scope or delivery of reduced does not deliver business Scope Impact not impacting business scope functionality, reducing value within the timeframe value ultimate business value expected Improving Steady Down Deteriorating Trend Improving position; No change in Approaching more Rapidly moving Status Moving up towards position risky level towards riskier level less risky level
  23. 23. SonicWALL designs, develops, manufactures, and sells network security, content security, and businesscontinuity solutions worldwide. In a very competitive industry, SonicWALL wanted deeper insight intothe profit dynamics of the business, and how operational excellence could make an impact. ChallengeSonicWall had ERP and CRM platforms that are functionally rich and integrated, but the IT team was fullycommitted to supporting that environment for ongoing activities. They could not have the capacity tocreate a robust business intelligence platform to yield the desired insight. SVAM’s SolutionSVAM built and continuously enhanced an Enterprise Data Management platform for robust yet easy touse performance management. The system is built on .NET technologies and makes extensive use ofthe Qlikview Business Intelligence Tool. The SVAM team took an agile development approach thatpermitted the client to experiment with innovative ideas and deploy those that created the most value. ResultsThe BI solution was so successful that it was deployed among the senior leadership throughout thecompany. In a subsequent phase, SVAM integrated the platform with a business process managementengine to integrate operations, and with the corporate SharePoint portal to foster greater collaborationthroughout the company.
  24. 24. The Enterprise Mobility Division asked SVAM to improve service levels and reduce expenses inmanaging a suite of applications and the supporting infrastructure. SVAM provides managed servicesteams onsite and offshore. ChallengeThe applications portfolio includes disparate but integrated solutions: Dispatch for Windows (DFW), a group of custom applications, serves as the customer interface for accessing Motorola’s service functions ViryaNet, a COTS solution that provides Customer Service Clarify, a CRM application for Service Center and Field Service Actuate, Centralized Reporting for the Enterprise Performance Production Support, including System Admin, Network Engineering, and DB Admin SVAM’s SolutionSVAM applied its CorrectShoreSM model to staff a distributed team onsite and offshore to deliver ADMand infrastructure services at a very attractive price while delivering top flight service. ResultsThe applications suite has an unrivaled reputation with Motorola’s business leaders and customers forcreating high service levels.
  25. 25. The world’s second largest fragrance and flavors creator, a $2B global company, needed to manageinfrastructure by simultaneously taming costs without compromising on quality. They also needed torapidly implement a document management system integrated with SAP. ChallengeThe document solution required integration across multiple continents and service providers: Implement the Saperion document platform in less than three months Integrate with data created by a BPO partner Take over support for a legacy Lotus Notes that links to the new system. SVAM’s SolutionSVAM deployed a local team to work closely with client business and technology leaders, along withvendor product experts, to implement the system rapidly. We then continued onsite and offshore supportfor Notes as client teams redeployed to strategic areas. ResultsSVAM delivered world-class solutions at significant cost advantage via process and resourcemanagement expertise based on experience with other global clients. We became integral with theclient’s IT “chemistry” leveraging SVAM’s CorrectShore TM model.
  26. 26. State of Connecticut
  27. 27. Q A
  28. 28. Your feedback is very important to us, please contact us for more information and feedback Email : Phone : +1 (516) 466 6655
  29. 29. Global Delivery Customer Focus Business Automation