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PMI Lebanon Chapter Newsletter Q4


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PMI LC Newsletter Q4

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PMI Lebanon Chapter Newsletter Q4

  1. 1. PMI Lebanon Chapter Newsletter Quarter 4, 2018 Contact Us | Our Website
  2. 2. Word from PMI Lebanon Chapter PMI Lebanon Chapter National Conference Monthly Talks October / November / December Thank You to Our Sponsors, Speakers and Volunteers in 2018 Lebanon Chapter Events  Chapter Guest Pass Achievement - 500 Club for 2018 Membership  Chapter Membership Recognition Initiative Results Q3 2018  PMI Lebanon Chapter at Berlin PMI Event  PMI Lebanon Chapter Participation in LIM North America - Los Angeles  Business Analyst Eyeball to Eyeball  PMI Lebanon Chapter Board Members Dinner with some of our Conference Speakers  Multiple Celebrations in November Board Meeting Welcoming New Members Getting to Know Our Members Articles by PMILC Community PMI International Events Contents 03 04 07 08 09 09 09 10 10 11 11 12 13 18 19
  3. 3.  Back to Contents PMI Lebanon Chapter Newsletter3 Word from PMI Lebanon Chapter My personal journey with PMILC I have joined PMI Lebanon Chapter (PMI LC) in 2011 and started attending lectures as preparation for my PMP certification. I used to wait for the monthly lectures to meet new acquaintances in our community, who later became friends, to benefit from their experiences and to always grasp new insights. In July 2012, I acquired my PMP certification and then moved into a different horizon of learning since the PMP certification enriched my knowledge in the broad field of project management and also the application of new techniques and methods in my career. In 2016, I started volunteering with PMI LC to update the website content and by the end of 2017, I became a board member. My contribution to PMI LC gave me added value and joy on a personal and professional level; not only did I further enhance my knowledge in the Project Management field but I was happy to give back to this community and see it grow and prosper. As a recap of our successful activities and events organized in 2018 and achievements awarded to PMILC from PMI; I am proud to be a member of this board and its success goes back to the efforts of all our community members in addition to our board members. Throughout my years of experience in project management, I have learned that we should always thrive to gain knowledge in this emerging field and to be consistent in developing and improving our skills and expertise. I sincerely encourage all PMI LC community members to become more involved so we can all enhance our journey of knowledge transfer and constant learning; this contribution by itself will be a member’s own reward. As PMI refers to its community members; you are all change makers and champions of change! Nelly Khnaiser Sakr VP of Administration
  4. 4. PMILC National Conference PMI Lebanon Chapter Newsletter Project Management Institute Lebanon Chapter (PMI LC) organized its third conference on November 10, 2018 titled “Effective Project Management for Economic Growth” at Le Royal Hotel Dbayeh Lebanon under the Patronage of Ogero Mr. Imad Kreidieh (Ogero Chairman). The conference tackled the use of PMI global standards in stimulating the growth of the Lebanese economy by providing a framework for the Lebanese public and private sectors. International Speakers and Lebanese government officials shared with the PMI Lebanon Chapter community their wide knowledge and hands on experience. The panels had interesting discussions among professionals coming from different background; the panels’ topics were about Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act (PMIAA) and Entrepreneurship and they were followed by three parallel innovative workshop tracks.Around 200 professionals coming from various sectors (including engineering and construction, information technology, banking, 4 Back to Contents airlines, pharmaceutical, education, management consulting and also food and beverage) attended the conference. Holders of PMI credentials acquired 8 Professional Development Units (PDUs) upon attending the full day conference. The conference was sponsored by esteemed companies such as Khatib and Alami, Ogero as platinum sponsors, by Dar Al Handassah as chapter and conference gold sponsor, by IDM, GDS and SNH as gold sponsors also by NewTek solutions, Zeinoun Engineering and Contracting, BCL and MIC as silver sponsors. In addition, the following educational institutions took part in sponsoring the conference: Advisors, Amideast, Formatech and LAU CEP (Continuing Education Program). The conference opening session was initiated by H.E. Nicolas Tueni minister of State for Anti- Corruption Affairs followed by Eng. Mark Dickson (former PMI Board of Directors Chair), Dr. Claude Khalil (Mentor – PMI Region 12) and Mrs. Gretta Kelzi (president of PMI Lebanon Chapter). Ms. Youmna Nawfal was our master ceremony and Continue Reading 
  5. 5. PMILC National Conference PMI Lebanon Chapter Newsletter5 Back to Contents the patron of the conference Mr. Imad Kreidieh (Ogero Chairman) also gave a speech as part of the opening session. The first Panel discussing Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act (PMIAA) had four main anchors: Formal jobs and career path, standards based program management government policy recognizing essential role of executive sponsorship and interagency council on program management. These points where discussed with the panelists to check how it can be adapted in Lebanon. This panel was moderated by Dr. Saadi Adra and its panelists were Judge Mohammad Fawaz (Lebanese Ministry of Justice), Eng. Mark Dickson (former PMI Board of Directors Chair), Dr. Ibrahim Chahrour (Council for Development and Reconstruction), Col. Elie El Asmar (Internal security forces-Lebanon), Dr. Hayyan Haidar (Arab Anti Corruption Organization). The second Panel was about Entrepreneurship and why project management is a critical skill for entrepreneurs and how it is being applied based on the broad know-how and experience of the panelists. It was moderated by Mr. Andre Abi Awad and its panelists were Mr. Thiago Ayres from Brazil, Mr. Dirk Doppelfeld from France, Dr. Nazih El Jor and Dr. Imad Abou Rached from Lebanon. The panels were followed by lunch at Le Royal and then 3 parallel workshops took place. The hands on workshops that were presented in parallel are: • Corporate Agility and Innovation by Mr. Thiago Ayres where he emphasized the agility use in non-agile environments. • Benefits Realization Management by Mr. Farhad Abdollahyan who discussed the meaning of benefit, benefit realization, logical framework and benefit design. • Design thinking by Mr. Mohamed Khalifa where he allowed participants to practice the most modern and effective technique used in solving complex problems, to innovate collaboratively and to create holistic sustainable solution with a human-centered focus. Continue Reading 
  6. 6. PMILC National Conference PMI Lebanon Chapter Newsletter6 Back to Contents As a closing session, Mr. Dirk Doppelfeld discussed virtual teams, Mrs. Gretta Kelzi thanked all those who contributed to the success of this event and mainly speakers, sponsors and volunteers for their dedication and kind involvement. In addition; PMI LC bylaws updates were approved by the members in the presence of the PMI LC board member VP of Governance. Tombola took place for early bird registration and valuable vouchers were presented from our educational sponsors for PMI related courses. “Good things happen when you get involved with PMI.” For more information about PMI Lebanon Chapter and the conference presentations and pictures, please check Panel A Recommendations by Dr. Saadi Adra: • Establish public investment fund and/ or ministry of planning to set a 5 years plan long term vision for Lebanon and to prepare integrated plans between various ministries stakeholders. • Adjust, improve, modify and add project management related roles both for execution and directly oversight roles into government agencies and ministries. • Define and set standards and policies for project management to be implemented across various ministries providing unified reporting and governance with visibility at the macro level. • Enhance accountability at ministries and directorate via providing proper training, knowledge, supervision, support and hands on applications.
  7. 7. Monthly Talks PMI Lebanon Chapter Newsletter Embedding Project Management Environment in a Traditional Organization Structure by Brigadier Simon Yammine Project Hit the Wall: Handling the Construction Industry Challenges through the Financial Crisis by Mr. Hisham Zeinoun and Year End Celebration with Our Speakers, Volunteers and Members. NOV DEC Brigadier Simon Yammine was the speaker for the month of November 2018 and he talked about “Embedding Project Management Environment in a Traditional Organization Structure” and shed light through the eyes of an “insider” on lessons learned from the many previous attempts to reform the public service and the various reasons behind their ultimate failure. The session was held on Thursday, November 29, 2018 at 6:30 PM at The Key ApartHotel, Palais de Justice District, Corniche du Fleuve, Beirut, Lebanon. Mr. Hisham Zeinoun was the speaker for the month of December 2018 and he talked about “Another Project Hit the Wall: Handling the Construction industry Challenges through the Financial Crisis” and shared his hands on experience as a project manager the challenges faced in the construction field through the cases he has gone through especially with the recent housing financial crisis in the Lebanese real estate. The session was held on Thursday, December 27, 2018 at 6:30 PM at The Key ApartHotel, Palais de Justice District, Corniche du Fleuve, Beirut, Lebanon. 7 Back to Contents More Info More Info Impact of Organizational Culture on Project Success by Mr. Emile KanaanOCT Mr. Emile Kanaan was the speaker for the month of October 2018 and he talked about the “Impact of Organizational Culture on Project Success” and also shared his hands on vast experience and insight of working in multi-cultural environments and projects. The session was held on Thursday, October 25th, 2018 at 6:30 PM in The Key ApartHotel Palais de Justice District, Corniche du Fleuve, Beirut, Lebanon.More Info
  8. 8. Thank You PMI Lebanon Chapter Newsletter8 Back to Contents Thank You to Our Sponsors, Speakers and Volunteers in 2018 Thank you all for your valuable contribution in 2018 Watch Video Please check the below video for a recap of monthly talks, activities and events in 2018 Sponsors Khatib & Alami Formatech Zeinoun Engineering BCL Lebanese American University Amideast Globalcom Data Services Ogero Sketching New Horizons NewTek DAR Al Handassah Advisors New Horizons ORKIN ICC GROUP Notre Dame University Bubleik Speakers Andre Mahfouz Haitham Fansa Rida Elias Rana Jammoul Jean Abi Saab Ibrahim Mneimneh Ziad Daccache  Sami Gheriafi Emile Kanaan Simon Yammine Giancarlo Duranti Hicham Zeinoun volunteers Jana Fattouh Remie Hadchiti Elias Ghosn Elise Najem Vicken Djamboulian Eliane Choueiry Fady Sayegh Pascale Saleh Cynthia Chahine Elie Hanna Mouhamad Joumaa Saad Massaad AbdulRahman Sobh Lola Karam Ibrahim Zada Milia Abu Zahr Ahmad Yehia Cyrine Farhat Noura El Mursi Hilary Abou Zeid Manal Zeidan Nagham Hassan
  9. 9. PMI Lebanon Chapter Newsletter9 Back to Contents Lebanon Chapter Events PMI Lebanon Chapter has a new record of success. PMI Lebanon Chapter achieved a benchmark of excellence by attaining the maximum reimbursement level with the Chapter Guest Pass Program. With this achievement, PMI Lebanon Chapter have been automatically enrolled as a member of PMI 500 Club for 2018. PMI LC have expanded networking opportunities and knowledge contribution with the chapter and created additional resources for chapter programs. For more details on PMI Chapter Guest Pass Program; please click on Each Quarter, PMI performs an assessment on the chapters in each region to check the ones that have achieved the highest increase in % for their growth rate. PMI LC received the award as the Winner of Chapter Membership Retention Q3 2018 in MENA Region12 Category 2 based on its performance and growth in its number of members. PMI Lebanon chapter board members attended the LIM Berlin from 4 – 6 May 2018. This annual Leadership Institute Meeting provided professional and peer-to-peer training and leadership development designed to enhance the capabilities of PMI’s volunteer chapter leaders. One of our Chapter leaders, Dr. Mona Zoughaib – VP of Marketing, was among the 3 enlightening speakers who have been asked by PMI to give an enlightening speech about their experience with PMI in their corresponding chapters. Mona highlighted how each team leader can passionately market their chapters in various way during their daily busy lives, no matter what their jobs are, through the use of social media and face to face awareness sessions. She ended by her famous PMI moto: Always Think PMI, Act PMI, and Live PMI. Chapter Guest Pass Achievement - 500 Club for 2018 Membership Chapter Membership Recognition Initiative Results Q3 2018 PMI Lebanon Chapter at Berlin PMI Event Watch Video More Events 
  10. 10. 10 Lebanon Chapter Events PMI Lebanon Chapter Newsletter Back to Contents More Events  Chapter Leaders from around the world attended this year’s PMI Leadership Institute Meeting 2018 - North America in Los Angeles last October, where they collaborated and inspired each other to further promote their local project management community. Lebanon Chapter participated to a panel of successful project managers who discussed how their involvement with PMI propelled their career. Whether it was earning certification, gaining project or leadership skills that are difficult to obtain on the job, panel participants shared their helpful hints on how their individual volunteering efforts with PMI helped advance their career to the next level. LAU CEP (continuing education program) and PMI Lebanon Chapter jointly organized you a session about the PMI-PBA(Business Analyst Practitioner). The session speaker was Mr. Giancarlo Duranti, a project manager and Business Analyst Practitioner, Agile Coach and Professional Trainer, and the session took place on December 6 at 6:30 pm at LAU Beirut. PMI Lebanon Chapter Participation in LIM North America - Los Angeles Business Analyst Eyeball to Eyeball More Info
  11. 11. Lebanon Chapter Events PMI Lebanon Chapter Newsletter11 Back to Contents In the board meeting of November; PMI LC board members celebrated together multiple events: the success of the conference and the contribution of all its members, farewell of our dear board member Tanya who will soon be in her maternity leave and the birthday celebration of 2 of our board members, Mona and Khaled. Multiple Celebrations in November Board Meeting PMI Lebanon Chapter Board Members Dinner with some of our Conference Speakers PMI LC board members invited some of the conference speakers to a dinner on the conference day. It was a nice gathering and an opportunity to get to know and thank the speakers who came from abroad to share their experience and knowledge.
  12. 12. Welcoming New Members (Q42018) PMI Lebanon Chapter Newsletter12 1. Ms. Christine Madi 2. Mr. Georges El-Khoury Moussa 3. Dr. Maher Tamim 4. Mr. Bassel Mashaka 5. Mr. Nader Dirany 6. Ms. Darine Lichaa 7. Mr. Jawad Daher 8. Mr. Joseph Abboud 9. Mr. Ali Anka 10. Mr. Rabih Kanaan 11. Prof. Farhad Abdollahyan 12. Ms. Fatima Chahrour 13. Mr. Ziad Baaklini Welcoming members who have joined the chapter in Q4 2018 14. Mr. Hassan Mohammad 15. Mr. Suleiman Barada 16. Ms. Sandra Salameh 17. Ms. Grace Ajjoub 18. Ms. Joanna El Hajjar 19. Ms Iman Al-Tannir 20. Mr. Samer Ladki 21. Mr. Rashed Al Sulaiti 22. Mr. Nader Gemayel 23. Mr. Jad Tutunji 24. Ms. Micheline Kallassy 25. Mr. Hatem Saafan  Back to Contents
  13. 13. PMI Lebanon Chapter Newsletter13 Back to Contents Getting to Know Our Members • Current Jon/Role: Management Consultant at Freelancium s.a.r.l. • Academic and Professional Credentials: Electrical Engineering – ESIB, Post Graduate in Telecommunication Network – UAF, Executive MBA – ESA/ESCP, PMP, Enterprise Architecture Certification, ITIL Foundation • PMI LC member since: October 2005 – Former Chapter President July 2009 – July 2011 • Domain / Industry Knowledge / Sector Expertise: Projects Management, Operations Management, Quality Management; Information Security Management and Information Technology for the Banking Sector. • Testimonial: Since I joined the chapter I started participating in its activities, I became a volunteer, board member and then President( 2009). I encourage members to become volunteers and help with the chapter activities whenever they can. Besides Networking, the chapter activities gave me the opportunity to improve my skills either by helping in events preparation or by participating in the events. Taking part of the monthly event and discussing Project Management subject with other peers was, is and will remain an enriching experience. As a past president (2009), I have represented PMI LC twice in International events ( Orlando Florida on the 40th anniversary of PMI and once in Milano Italy). Participating in international events is a unique experience and I encourage every chapter member to take part of those events as much as they can. Do some tourism and learn more. As we say in French “Joindre l’utile à l’agréable”. Mr. Fadi Abi Aad More Members 
  14. 14. Getting to Know Our Members PMI Lebanon Chapter Newsletter14 • Current Jon/Role: Retired brigadier-general of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) of Lebanon, served mostly as an IT specialist in the ISF IT department. • Academic and Professional Credentials: Lebanese Military academy graduate, holding a BS in computer science and an MBA, PMP. • PMI LC member since: February 2016 • Domain / Industry Knowledge / Sector Expertise: Information security management systems, Digital Transformation, IT and Management consultancy, IT governance, cybercrime and cybersecurity. • Testimonial: I attended most of the PMI Lebanon chapter monthly talks this year, as well as the professional development day and the PMI Lebanon chapter conference 2018. The speakers were form a wide range of sectors, knowledge areas and industries. • In those events I was introduced to the very rich acquired knowledge and experience of the project management practitioners in Lebanon and worldwide, for example: • How project management framework was applied to enhance productivity and deliver project scope on time and within the budget. • How to use different kind of skills, knowledge and lessons learned to enhance project management practice. • How the project management framework adapts to different industries and sectors and provides value. Also those events were an opportunity to meet project managers and project management practitioners in various sectors and industries in Lebanon, therefore the PMI Lebanon chapter in an important platform of communication and networking among project management professionals in Lebanon. Mr. Jacques Bakaev More Members   Back to Contents
  15. 15. PMI Lebanon Chapter Newsletter15 More Members   Back to Contents Getting to Know Our Members • Current Jon/Role: IT Projects Delivery Manager at Desjardins Group, Montreal, QC, Canada –relocated in October 2018 • Academic and Professional Credentials: Bachelor in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, MBA, PMP, SAFe Agilist certification • PMI LC member since: February 2014 • Domain / Industry Knowledge / Sector Expertise: Corporate & Retail Banking, Cards and Financial Payments, IT and Operations banking, leading digital transformation and process automation projects. • Testimonial: In 2017, I took the decision to move with my family to Montreal, I could identify a large market for project managers in the IT sector. My latest job experience in Corporate Banking had taken me fairly away from project management and the IT environment in general, so I was in need for a comeback plan and PMI Lebanon Chapter was a strategic enabler for my return to the project management community. I started to participate in the monthly talks where I met a vibrant society of practitioners from different industries and backgrounds, with diversified skills and experience levels. I got involved in productive discussions on various interesting topics, covering leadership, technical and strategic project management aspects, and thanks to the friendly and welcoming ambiance, I was able to network with the chapter’s members, build good relationships and finally revive the project manager inside me! Mr. Joseph Haskour
  16. 16. PMI Lebanon Chapter Newsletter16 More Members   Back to Contents Getting to Know Our Members • Current Jon/Role: Projects Manager • Academic and Professional Credentials: Electrical Engineer • PMI LC member since: February 2017 • Domain / Industry Knowledge / Sector Expertise: Construction Field • Testimonial: I attend the majority of the monthly talks and the Professional Development Days, i am very satisfied to be a member of PMI’s Lebanon Chapter. I am looking forward to be more active with the chapter through the volunteering work. • Current Jon/Role: Operations and Events Manager at Treats Catering • Academic and Professional Credentials: Bachelor of Business in International Hotel & Tourism Management, From Le Cordon Bleu Institute, Paris, France / Bachelor of Business Administration (USEK), Lebanon, PMP and currently working on my PMI-PBA Certification • PMI LC member since: October 2017 • Domain / Industry Knowledge / Sector Expertise: Events Management, Food & Beverage Management • Testimonial: Volunteering with PMILC is an opportunity and an experience at the same time. Having a good experience in the Events Management field, I felt that I must support in the organization of the National Conference Day. It is our duty to serve the community and to get involved in the progress and development of the chapter. I really enjoyed the team spirit between the chapter members. Mr. Ziad Ibrahim Mr. Elie Hanna
  17. 17. PMI Lebanon Chapter Newsletter17 Back to Contents Getting to Know Our Members • Current Jon/Role: Sites Manager in a Construction company and a Freelance Civil Engineer • Academic and Professional Credentials: Masters in Civil Engineering / Engineering and PMP • PMI LC member since: January 2018 • Domain / Industry Knowledge / Sector Expertise: Construction/Structural Engineering/Project Management • Testimonial: On a personal scale, joining the PMI Lebanon chapter upgraded my skills and knowledge in management. Continuous learning is a great way for refreshing your memory and keeping you updated with what is happening around you. Each meeting or “monthly talk” I have participated in had an added value to my skills. The sharing of experiences between members is a knowledge that cannot be found in books. In my opinion, volunteering and helping this community that continuously shares useful knowledge in Lebanon would be a great service for my country where most people that needs that knowledge the most do not necessarily have it. • Current Jon/Role: IT Banking Solutions Consultant • Academic and Professional Credentials: Mathematics Degree, Computer Science Degree and PMP Certification • PMI LC member since: 2016 • Domain / Industry Knowledge / Sector Expertise: Information Technology – Banking Sector • Testimonial: In any events that I have attended I learned something new. It is very essential to lessen actively to those experts (coming from abroad) who have rich background and benefit from their experiences. November event were extremely well organized. Mr. Elias Ghosn Ms. Liliane El Hajj
  18. 18. Articles by PMILC Community PMI Lebanon Chapter Newsletter18 Is Digital Transformation a threat or an opportunity for Project Managers? by Hani Hmedeh Read Article  Back to Contents
  19. 19. PMI International Events PMI Lebanon Chapter Newsletter19 SeminarsWorld® in Scottsdale 25–28 February 2019 Scottsdale, Arizona - United States Join PMI expert SeminarsWorld® instructors in Scottsdale to network and learn with your peers in small-group, topic-intensive seminars aligned with the PMI Talent Triangle® while you earn up to 29 PDUs and 2.9 Continuing Education Units: Event to take place between 25 - 28 February 2019 in Scottsdale, Arizona - United States More Info View Schedule  Back to Contents