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precontract management - ziad dacacche


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Precontract management - the path to award by mr Ziad Daccache
This session addressed the importance of project management at pre-contract stage to avoid claims, disputes and ambiguities during construction, after award.

It explained how these pre-contract and tendering phases are all correlated with the preparation of Tender Documents and how the process should be considered as a whole.

The session shed light on lessons learned in real examples, on differences between contract types and will unveil some tips and secrets behind successful contract awards.

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precontract management - ziad dacacche

  1. 1. Pre-Contract Management – The Path to Award Presented by: Ziad Daccache © 30/08/2018
  2. 2. Pre-Contract Phases and Tender Documents 2 Mr. Ziad Daccache, PMC senior associate at Dar was the speaker of the month at the Project Management Institute (Lebanon). His lecture “Pre-Contract Management – The Path to Award” was delivered on Thursday August 30th 2018 at 6:30 PM at Key Apart Hotel, Beirut • The lecture addressed the various Pre-Contract Phases, emphasizing that all phases are correlated with the preparation of Tender Documents and the process should be considered as a whole. • It compared the various types of contracts and the various forms of Tender Documents. • It emphasized on the common errors that should be avoided. • Examples and Lessons learned were drawn from Projects and other Case Studies in a highly interactive discussion with the audience. 30/08/2018
  3. 3. The following were the points addressed in the Lecture: - Pre-Contract Process Overview - Contracting Strategy - Selection or Prequalification of Bidders - Preparation of Tender Documents - Tendering, Questions & Answers, Addenda - Bids Evaluation - Negotiation and Award - Type of Contracts - Tender Documents 3 Outline 30/08/2018
  4. 4. Pre-Contract Process Overview 430/08/2018
  5. 5. Types of Contracts 5 The Lecture addressed also the important topic of the different types of contracts, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages or each and the mechanisms thereof. From the Pricing Perspective: - Lump Sum Contracts - Measured or Unit Price Contract - Cost Reimbursable / Cost Plus - Variations to the above and other types From the Design Perspective: - Construct (Design By Employer) - Design Build, EPC Contracts, Turnkey Contracts - Other Types and Variations to the above 30/08/2018
  6. 6. Tender Documents 6 Finally, the lecturer explained the role and type of the different Tender Documents and lessons learned and case studies related to the tendering process: • Instructions to Bidders • Conditions of Contract • Specifications • BOQ and MOM • Drawings and other Documents 30/08/2018
  7. 7. Thank you. For further queries you may contact: You are also invited to join the Contracts Management Forum on facebook: 30/08/2018