PMDAN Young crew Programmes and Activities 2015


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PMDAN Young crew Programmes and Activities 2015

  1. 1. Project and Operational Report PROJECT MANAGERS DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION YOUNG CREW YEAR 2015 For enquiries contact us +234 8020952900, +234 8133284598,, Facebook Page: International Project Management Association Young Crew Nigeria
  2. 2. WHO WE ARE Young Crew is a key component of IPMA's growth and development of the leaders of tomorrow. It is the premier global network for young professionals enthusiastic about project management, a platform for young project management professionals and students up to the age of 35. Members of IPMA’s Young Crew have: Access to specific information in the area of project management Access to Young Crew events at reduced prices Obtaining and sharing knowledge Dialogue with experienced project managers Direct contact with representatives from the industry and other sectors Exchange of experiences Integration into an international network of young project managers Chance to further development of your own ideas Support thesis of scientific research in the area of project management Lots of fun! ABOUT PMDAN YOUNG CREW Introduction of PMDAN Young Crew The Project Managers Development Association of Nigeria (PMDAN) Young Crew is an opportunity to get to know young and project-oriented people across the nation and around the world! The PMDAN Young Crew is the Nigeria Member Association of International Project Management Association (IPMA) Young crew. Young Crew and PMDAN Project Managers Development Association of Nigeria (PMDAN) Young crew is a component for the development of leading project managers. The main goals of PMDAN Young Crew are to:  Provide a ground for project management knowledge and experimental learning  Identify the needs of the young  Provide opportunities for interaction and information exchange.
  3. 3. MEASURABLE PROJECTS OUTPUT The highlights of projects output Young Crew Nigeria projects have successfully reached more than 150 potential young project managers within the space of six months with different meetings and initiatives Different trainings have been done at which huge succcess were recorded, training such as, 1. How to write a good Curriculum Vitae 2. Project Management training 3. Microsoft Projec training 4. Communication skills 5. Institutional Young Crew Summit We have engaged 2 top political leadership figures, 6 technocrats and academia on the subject of: The Myths of Project Management: A contemporary issue of Project Management in Nigeria We have both physically and virtually reached an estimate of over 30,000 young people using the media platforms to engage and educate them on the contemporary issues of project management in Nigeria After a test assessment, 2 of the Young Crew members at institutional level were given full sponsorship for a Project Management software training organized by El-demuz Global Concepts Limited Portharcourt Nigeria which is an engineering, training and consulting firm A summit, the Speak To Young Managers was organized which involved 100 participants, 5 project management experts from different industries; the initiative gave rise to busting the myths of project management, which lecture was delivered by Meg Infiorati. PhD (Project Management Consultant, U.S.A) We have provided institutional mentorship and human resources support to two higher institutions in East Nigeria on establishing young crew namely; Federal University of Technology, Owerri and Federal University of Technology, Minna. YC VISION AND MISSION THE VISION: Offering great opportunities to build professional network around the world and cross industry and giving a platform to acquire and showcase student competencies in project management. How do we achieve this? THE MISSION:  Exchange experiences with experts in project management through virtual meetings, networking, recommendations and social media enhancement  Engaging and integrating students into project management competition and scholarships both locally and internationally such as the International Project Management Championship, Global e-Collaboration Competition (GeCCo) etc.  Organize young project managers’ workshop such as the National Young Crew workshop and summit, Global Young Crew Workshop etc.  Championing the platform to exhibit project excellence through the annual IPMA Young Project Managers Award We do these through the involvement of both potential and established young managers in tertiary institutions and different related industries.
  8. 8. Progress Report Young Crew Nigeria implemented training on Effective Writing of Curriculum Vitae. EFFECTIVE WAY OF WRITING CV The Young Crew Nigeria training of, ‘Effective way of writing CV’ was held at the GNS Building, Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ondo state Nigeria on 20th February 2015. The training marked the first edition of the young crew training activity for the year which was a platform for the members to know what effective CV is all about, its do’s and don’ts. At the end all participants were able to writing a good CV. proof-reading for spelling, punctuation, grammar and meaning. -read a “bad CV” and suggested ways of improving it. personal qualities. CV and capabilities to effectively depict their best professional image. This training featured 41 members. The summit participants reaffirmed the importance of having a good CV. The CV trainer was the Young Crew Head, Mr. Oluwaseyi Sodola. PROJECT MANAGEMENT PLANNING TRAINING The training was done in the same location and venue on 13th March, 2015; Project Management Planning was trained at which GeCCo 2013 case study was used as a case study, the training was done in 3 different training meetings, The Project Work Breakdown Structure was also trained at which Project Scheduling sequencing with Project Integration were analysed and trained. The training featured 35 members at which at the end of the training participants knew how to: 1. Establish the parameters and different requirements of a project. 2. Plan the different subsections or areas of the project to ensure that adequate interface management is in place. 3. Execute the plans according to requirements and legal framework governing the state and country the project is expected to be executed. 4. Control all aspects of the project: human resources, financial, quality, communication, risk, stakeholders and any other area. 5. Close the project after ensuring that all the requirements have been observed. The trainer was the Project Director of Young Crew FUTA, Mr. Ajijola Gbolahan
  9. 9. COMMUNICATION SKILL TRAINING The training was held at the same venue, GNS Building SAAT extension, FUTA on April 12th 2015. The trainer was able to inform that Project managers spend a lot of time communicating with individuals and groups. In fact, it's been estimated that project manager's spend 90% of their time on communication related activities! This makes sense when you consider that communication overlaps with most aspects of a project manager's job. From assigning tasks to team members to providing status updates, a project manager is constantly communicating. A project manager with good communication skills ends up amplifying the effectiveness of everyone he interacts with. This greatly increases the likelihood of his project meeting or exceeding stakeholder expectations. Likewise, if a project manager's communication skills aren't up to par, there is a much higher probability that his project will not be successful. Since communication plays a vital role in the success or failure of your project, it's important for you to spend time improving your communication skills. At the end of the training participants were able to understand more on: 1. Active Listening In first place is our ability to listen to and understand others. Listening to the words and the meaning behind their words, not interrupting or letting our minds wander, asking questions to check understanding and observing non- verbal signals. The benefits include getting people to open up, and due to that lots of misunderstandings and conflicts can be resolved. 2. Building Relationships Based on Trust and Respect Trust and respect are the cornerstones of personal relationships. They are earned, not a right, and come from an experience of our honesty, integrity and expertise. 3. Setting Clear Priorities In third spot is a project manager's ability to convey the strategy for their team - by setting goals, planning and prioritising. He called this the what, who, when, where, why and how of the project. Team members should understand both the big picture and the lower level technical priorities. 4. Enabling Collaboration In a collaborative environment, team members support and encourage each other rather than focusing solely on their tasks and responsibilities. They are willing to co-operate and share information, ideas and assets to help each other. The result can be greater than the sum of its parts. 5. Conveying the Organisation's Vision Explaining the bigger picture helps team members understand where the project fits within the overall aims of your business unit and organisation. Senior executives focus on the triple bottom line - finance, environment, reputation - this is where they expect your project to make a difference. The trainer was the head Education and Training Team, Mr. Daniel Joseph.
  10. 10. SPEAK TO YOUNG MANAGERS SUMMIT This was first of its kind Young Crew Students’/Professionals Project Management Forum in Nigeria tagged, “SPEAK TO YOUNG MANAGERS (STYM)” which was held on the 10th June, 2015 by 10 a.m at Theodore Idibiye Francis Auditorium, Federal University of Technology, Akure. This initiative benefited 100 young upcoming managers by engaging them with 5 project management expertise addressing problems arising from different sector of Nigeria economy in the field of project management. At the end of the summit this was the submission. Communiqué statement 1. The 1st Speak To Young Managers Summit was held at the Federal University of Technology, Akure on 10th June 2015 by the International Project Management Association Young Crew FUTA chapter. . The underlying objectives of the summit are to fully understand the issues, devise actionable plans for handling them (i.e. communiqués, policy statements or plans of action) and to secure commitment from youths and relevant stakeholders to act. The summit was attended by delegates from various sectors in Ondo state, Niger and Lagos 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. state in Nigeria. Organizations such as Nigerian Society of Engineers, Nigerian Institute of Builders, Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, Federal University of Technology Akure and The Ondo State Government were all active in the summit. 9. 10. The panellists include: 1. Builder Dare Charles (The Chairman, Nigerian Institute of Building Ondo state) 2. Engineer Jide Atandeyi (The Chairman of Akure Branch, Nigerian Society of Engineers), 3. Professor E. Okoko (Faculty Dean of School of Management and Technology FUTA) 4. Mr. Ayodele E.O, MNIQS (The Ondo state Chairman, Nigeria Institute of Quantity Surveyors) 5. Mr. Gboye Adegbenro (The Honourable Commissioner for Works Ondo state) Other guest speakers that honoured the summit are: Mr. OMONORI ABAYOMI Lecturer, Project Management Technology, FUTA Mr. ALADE KEHINDE Lecturer, Project Management Technology, FUTA MR ABIOLA OSHUNNIYI (Plenary Moderator) Education and Training officer, IPMA YC NIGERIA
  11. 11. MRS MEG INFIORATI (Ph.D) (Project Management Consultant U.S.A) The welcome address was given by the Vice Chancellor of Federal University of Technology, Akure, duly represented by the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics while the key note was given by MRS MEG INFIORATI (Ph.D). The summit agreed that many people go about with a set of beliefs about project Management. These myths are identified as 1. Planning is an unproductive, bureaucratic waste of time 2. Sponsors don't have time to write charters 3. Project management is pure paper work. 4. Project Management certification is a must. 5. Learning is mostly in the class room. The summit established that: A group of companies should establish or adopt a professional body to standardize project management in all sectors of the economy in order to ensure best practices of project. Project Management is not paperwork but that paperwork is a tool to get things done sustainably and successfully. It established that paperwork is only a guide to achieve ones goal. As such Project Managers should understand that paperwork would not execute the Project. Books can only teach people “What? And Why?” but cannot teach “How?” A Project team leader is a project Manager and a project manager’s role is to bring together all the professionals in a project to ensure that their duty is duly delivered. This is because project management has been developed in advance countries. This misconception is not true, Project Management compliments all other professionals and vice versa. As such we should realize that project Management exists as a profession. University curriculum should be reviewed more often due to the changing nature of project management. Project Management is not compulsory as a first degree but it would help in the application of knowledge. Students are also advised to specialize in areas of project management. There are lots of cultural differences in Nigeria and this has an impact on projects. Language specifically becomes a problem and as such it is recommended that project manager learn the language of areas they are
  12. 12. working on or at least hire someone who speaks such language as a part of their team. It is necessary to be a part of a body or an institute in order to gain recognition. Students should endeavor to volunteer in organizations in order to get the needed experience to improve knowledge and be ready for work after graduation. That certification is not a must but it is necessary to prove ones competencies, it is a door opener but does not prove an historic track record of success. Long term career success depends on the person not the credentials. Agreed that when a sponsor is too busy to have enough time to write an overview of what the project manager is required to do, then the project does not worth it. Agreed that a successful project does not begin by execution but with a plan, the absence of planning creates haphazard advancement on execution. Accept that public private partnership has moved from sustainable development goals to millennium development goals. However, in the Nigerian consent, meeting this goal is like a mirage. As such, Nigeria needs to reconsider and reset its goals. That Companies and Business executive stakeholders should shift focus from strategies and processes to team behaviors and project execution. It is recommended that standardization of organizations must take into consideration the human factor.
  13. 13. PMDAN YOUNG CREW EMPOWERS MEMBERS PMDAN Young Crew awards Scholarship to Committed members. On our first official meeting for the first half of the year, the Young Crew Board decided to empower members with a scholarship, the scholarship was to sponsor 2 members of the YC for a specialized Software packaged Training (Microsoft Project, Primavera , Prosper , ellipse, Petrel, PDMS , HYSY, CEASER 2). June 24th , 2015 an assessment test was conducted based on 2 different areas, 1. Knowledge of previous YC trainings 2. Knowledge of IPMA and YC FUTA. The method for selection process were personal contributions to the growth of young crew, attendance at meetings, financial commitment/membership were all used in the selection process. After evaluation we finally had a winner who was Mr. Ajibade Quadri with a total score of 69% and Miss. Temitope Sokoya who was selected as a consensus agreement. They were enrolled for the training which started on 22nd of June and concluded on 27th of June 2015.
  14. 14. Cross sectional pictures of Young Crew Summit tagged, “Speak to Young Managers
  15. 15. OUR INTERNATIONAL ACTIVITIES – think local Act global
  16. 16. The International Project Management Association Young Crew Presents The 2015 edition of the Global eCollaboration Competition The Global eCollaboration Competition (GeCCo) is an international virtual 24-hour case study competition organized by IPMA Young Crew that has 4 year long tradition. It is well known that Global eCollaboration Competition (GeCCo) is more than international project management case study competition – it is a unique opportunity to experience international team work in digital environment. GeCCo 2015 which took place on 7th/8th November gathered 95 participants from 18 countries. This year GeCCo brings many novelties that will create additional value to both participants and GeCCo fans in virtual and multicultural project management and upgrade the whole event. Since September 23rd, GeCCo has its own website as part of IPMA Young Crew platform Website contains all information about this virtual team competition with 4-year-long tradition. GeCCo Academy has been introduced before the competition to be the first step on the way to help participants to prepare better for the competition and master skills needed for global multicultural teamwork through serial of articles and video lecturers of Keynote Speakers. First GeCCo Academy Keynote Speaker was Miguel Carvalho e Melo, General Manager at Bright Academy that shared with GeCCo community his overview of teams, virtual teams and teamwork advices. 13 distinguish Members of Project Management Community made GeCCo 2015 Jury Committee and for the first time in the competitions history, the head of certification board of PMDAN (Gregory Akhibi) was a member of this Jury committee. They gathered to work hard on new team assessment model and process improvements. Jury Committee members decided on the best performing teams and announced them on 12th December at the Award ceremony. Superbly, PMDAN YC members were among the winners for the second year in a row
  17. 17. The countries that participated are: Slovenia, Italy, Serbia, Austria, Spain, Latvia, Nigeria, Chile, Peru, Poland, Russia, Finland, Croatia, Germany, Dominican Republican, Lithuania, The Netherlands and Guatemala. The support of Local Organizers from national Young Crews was extremely important and they worked hard to prepare for the competition and be on disposal to participants for all information needed. The Local Organizer for Nigeria in GeCCo 2015 was our amazing Abiola Oshuniyi GeCCo brought more than unique experience to participants – the reward for the best teams chosen by the members of Jury Committee is IPMA Level D certification. HOW WAS PMDAN YC INVOLVED From participating in the competition to being an integral part of the core team, YC Nigeria have definitely progressed from its extent of participation last year. This year, we had PMDAN members participating in the competition, a local organizer, a jury committee member and 2 core team members. Amazing! Isn’t it? Well…. We can’t say it wasn’t Participating in the competition For 2015, YC Nigeria had 7 members participating in the competition; the participants were distributed across different teams with young crew members from 17 other countries. For Nigeria, we had Opeyemi Fademi Abiola Oshunniyi Sobo-West Cheetam Gamaliel Iheme Yusuf Oke Johnson Ogunsan Tolulope Adibe This year, we had a PMDAN YC member in the team that came 3rd place in the competition. IHEME GAMALIEL was participating in the competition for the first time. This is what he had to say GeCCo is really a collaborative effort, cohesively harnessing all Project Management experiences from all team members while leveraging on the different time zones. GeCCo 2015 was really a life time opportunity to share and experience project management skills and techniques
  18. 18. with Project Managers from different parts of the world. I must say GeCCo 2015 was so techy in nature, having to think and use different tools and softwares that will help meet deadlines. In my Team, the MaGeeCCo Team comprising Gamaliel Iheme from Nigeria, Stephan Scheel from Germany, Jose Luis Lorenzo Alvarado Campos from Perú, Joanna Sampławska from Poland, Zakhar Kozyrev from Russia and Bogdan Rakić from Serbia we used different tools most of which were cloud based, I even got to know about other tools such as a tool that helps develop a fancy WBS. It was really an exciting experience, so exciting that I won't mind repeating it again. My gratitude goes to IPMA for creating this kind of scheme and PMDAN for giving Nigeria a voice in the Project Management world. Personally, I appreciate the efforts of the Young Crew Leader, Sodola Oluwaseyi, for bridging the gap that connected me to GeCCo 2015 Future GeCCo participants especially the ones coming from Nigeria, I say you would love the experience, keep developing yourself so that you would have something to offer to your team. Develop communication skills for a global reach and get all tools needed ready, don't let any situation limit you,not even the so called "Nigeria Situation" and offer your best. Thanks GeCCo Thanks IPMA Thanks PMDAN Congratulation Gamaliel!!! Yes! We had another winner. Abiola Oshunniyi won the award of Best Selfie with the Keynote speaker. Well, who said GeCCo wasn’t fun… Jury Committee The Head of the Certification board of PMDAN, Gregory Akhibi featured as a member of the prestigious jury committee for GeCCo 2015. This is the first time Nigeria would have its member in the Jury Committee of the Global e Collaboration Competition.
  19. 19. Gregory Akhibi (Nigeria) is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from University of Benin and holds an MSc in Construction Project Management from Heriot Watt University, UK. The head of the certification board of PMDAN, he is also a member of several Project Management associations and is the current President of AACE-Nigeria, Port Harcourt Section. Greg has published a number of papers in professional journals and he introduced the “Transfer of Burden” concept in his paper “Strategic Partnership – An Imperative for Project Management in Multiplayer Setting”. Greg is a passionate project management practitioner. We are the Core Team!!! Oluwaseyi Sodola and Gbolahan Ajijola were active members of the Core team for GeCCo 2015. Again, this is YC Nigeria first participation in the Core team. Oluwaseyi Sodola featured alongside Vlatka Vecerin (Croatia) as the Marketing and Awards managers for GeCCo, a role which requires developing and implementing marketing campaigns using various marketing tools and different media resources to ensure that the proper message is delivered and the visibility of GeCCo project is increased. While Ajijola Gbolahan featured alongside Marija Todorovic (Serbia) as the Jury Managers for GeCCo 2015, a role which requires the configuration of Jury Committee and providing assistance for its activities, including but not limited to development/improvement of assessment model, assessment process and scoring criteria, assessment of submissions and selection of winners.
  21. 21. APPRECIATION TO OUR SPONSORS AND PARTNERS The PMDAN YC Nigeria Team is most grateful to your individual and institutional support and organizational mentorship to our projects. To whom much is given, so much more is expected. We appreciate the Project Managers Development Association of Nigeria (PMDAN) for sponsoring and mentoring this project. The FUTA Young Crew Executive Board of 2015 is grateful for such a laudable platform and awesome opportunity. We also appreciate the following individual and organization for their generous support:  The Federal University of Technology, Akure Ondo state  Nigerian Institute of Building, Ondo state (NIOB)  Nigeria Society of Engineers (NSE) Akure Branch  Dr. Chinwi Mbari Mgbere and PMDAN ExBo  Nigeria Institute of Quantity Surveyors (NIQS) Ondo state  Professor E. Okoko  Mr. Osomo Aina  Ministry of Works, Ondo state Young Crew is a key component of PMDAN/IPMA's growth and development of the leaders of tomorrow. It is the premier global network for young professionals enthusiastic about project management, a platform for young project management professionals and students up to the age of 35. Members of Young Crew have: · Access to specific information in the area of project management · Access to Young Crew events at reduced prices · Obtaining and sharing knowledge · Dialogue with experienced project managers · Direct contact with representatives from the industry and other sectors · Exchange of experiences · Integration into an international network of young project managers · Chance to further development of your own ideas · Support thesis of scientific research in the area of project management · Lots of fun! There are also competitions at which young crew members are engaged in such as: 1. Global e-Collaboration Competition 2. Project Management Championship 3. Young Project Managers Award 4. Global Young Crew Workshop To get along with young crew and her benefits kindly log on to E-Mail: Phone: +2348020952900, +2348160007890