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PMI Lebanon chapter newsletter Q1 2019


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PMI LC Newsletter Q1 2019

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PMI Lebanon chapter newsletter Q1 2019

  1. 1. PMI Lebanon Chapter Newsletter Quarter 1, 2019 Contact Us | Our Website
  2. 2. Contents Word from PMI Lebanon Chapter PMI Lebanon Chapter participation in Leadership Institute Meeting (LIM) Asia Pacific - Penang Malaysia Congratulations to Dr. Claude Khalil and Mrs. Gretta Kelzi Monthly Talks January / February / March PMI Updates Sunil Prashara, the New President & CEO of PMI Welcoming New Members Getting to Know Our Members PMILC Orientation Sessions Formatech Orientation Session PMI International Events Articles by PMI Why Project Ethics Matter 03 04 05 07 08 09 10 12 13 14
  3. 3. Word from PMI Lebanon Chapter  Back to Contents PMI Lebanon Chapter Newsletter3 Dear PMILC Community, As most of you are aware I have been recently elected as the president of PMI Lebanon Chapter (PMI LC) in January 2019 and it is an honor for me to serve this dynamic organization of dedicated and engaged professionals and practitioners. This year PMI is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The celebration of service has started and will go beyond 2019. PMI has committed to contributing 50,000 hours towards achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) identified by the United Nations by 31 December 2019. Together and jointly with you, our community members, we will get involved and pledge our commitment. Together we will continue to create success that I will not be able to accomplish alone. Let us bring project management impact and value to our community. Together we can do great things and make a difference, leading individuals and organizations to be more outstanding. I would like to thank you all for your continuous contribution and to emphasize our joint efforts with this quote: “One hundred years ago you didn’t exist on earth, and one hundred years from now you will not. Many are remembered through their teachings, writings, inventions, leadership and sacrifices. We will strive to leave a mark.” Khaled Karam President of PMI Lebanon Chapter
  4. 4. PMI Lebanon Chapter Newsletter4 PMI Lebanon Chapter participation in Leadership Institute Meeting (LIM) Asia Pacific - Penang Malaysia PMI Lebanon Chapter Leaders usually participates in EMEA LIM; exceptionally this year our region decided to join Asia Pacific LIM. It was attended by some of PMI LC board members: Mrs. Gretta Kelzi, Mr. Khaled Karam and Mr. Paul Farhat. This year’s edition was a very special one: Celebrating PMI 50th anniversary with chapter leaders from AP region, PMI chair, senior staff and volunteers. We got the chance to have an in depth update about the transformation PMI is going through, to participate in educational sessions tackling membership, volunteering, professional development and PMI updates, to network and share experiences with fellow leaders from the AP region. In addition, we got inspired by listening to success stories from some of the most effective chapters in PMI and attend insightful keynote speeches tackling leadership skills and innovation leadership by Margie Warrell and Andrew Grant.  Back to Contents It was an interesting experience and it gave us more tools and ideas that we are eager to use to better serve PMILC. This is a very special year for PMI as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of PMI. As part of the celebration of service; PMI pledged 50,000 hours of social good events through contributing to the 17 UN sustainable development goals and PMILC will take part of the action.
  5. 5. Congratulations PMI Lebanon Chapter Newsletter5 Back to Contents Congratulations to Dr. Claude Khalil Claude’s story with PMI: I began my volunteering journey with PMI Lebanon Chapter as a team member in organizing the first national conference, and then evolved into positions to be elected as President of PMI Lebanon Chapter in October 2014. During my volunteering journey, I fostered an environment of teamwork and ensured that PMI values are well respected. Over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry with extensive Institutional and Healthcare experience in project management; my education also includes a doctorate in Pharmacy from Saint Joseph University, MBA from Newport University, and I am a PMP certification holder. As a Region mentor, I provide advice, guidance and leadership to PMI chapter leaders to develop their leadership capabilities and ensure member value delivery to build strong local chapter performance mainly in the areas of program implementations, volunteer professional development and continuous chapter value delivery, through communication, collaboration, sharing best practices, and education. In addition, I act as a resource and indispensable partner with PMI staff regarding programs, policies and procedures that enable and focus chapters on operational success in growing membership community, and supporting practitioner career development. Dr. Claude Khalil , PMI Lebanon Chapter past president (2017), is currently the Region Mentor for Middle East and North Africa (Region 12) where she works with PMI Global Chapter Development Department staff in support of PMI Chapters for the MENA Region. Next 
  6. 6. Congratulations PMI Lebanon Chapter Newsletter6 Back to Contents Congratulations to Mrs. Gretta Kelzi Gretta’s story with PMI: My journey with PMI is seven years old. It started as any engagement would start getting hints on how to pass the PMP exam. Instantly I noticed that this engagement is much bigger than the exam, of higher value and wide benefits. With PMI community, whether locally or globally, virtual or in person, it is always a win-win situation. It is consistently an upward learning curve. This is not the end of the story this is just a start of a long journey of self-discovery, and most importantly knowledge sharing, impactful self-confidence and growing leadership skills. Recently, I was lucky to join the Ethics Members Advisory Group (EMAG) of PMI. Ethics and values play a significant role in my day-to-day interactions and behaviors. In the professional, family and social life, I work consciously to establish myself as a person of ethics held to strict and high standards when making decisions or acting on behalf of anyone or any organization to execute projects/tasks/events. Joining the EMAG team is a great opportunity to leverage and apply the experience that I have gained throughout the years, as a leader. For more details about Ethics: 1. Ethics in project management: 2. Code of Ethics and professional conduct: 3. Ethics Tools: 4. Ethics Members Advisory Group: member-advisory-groups/ethics-member-advisory-group PMI Lebanon Chapter past president (2019), Mrs. Gretta Kelzi is now a member of PMI’s Ethics Members Advisory Group( EMAG), a global team of experienced volunteers who are committed to facilitate learning and discussion about ethics and professional conduct in project management.
  7. 7. Monthly Talks PMI Lebanon Chapter Newsletter So you think you know the code by Mrs. Gretta Kelzi The Known Unknowns: Importance of Project Risk Management by Mr. Wissam Yaccoub Applying Emotional Intelligence Concepts in a Project Environment by Mr. Rami Aoun FEB MAR JAN Mrs. Gretta Kelzi was the speaker for the month of February 2019 and she delivered a dynamic session about “so you think you know the “Code“? . The session included group activities and to discover the level of maturity of applying PMI’s Code of Ethics at a personal and professional level. The session was held on Thursday, February 28th, 2019 at 6:30PM at The Key ApartHotel, Palais de Justice District, Corniche du Fleuve, Beirut, Lebanon. Mr. Wissam Yaacoub was the speaker for the month of March 2019 and he delivered an insightful session about “The Known Unknown: Importance of Project Risk Management”. The session incorporated exercises in planning, identifying, analyzing and mitigating risks in life and organizations at large. The session was held on Thursday, March 28th, 2019 at 6:30PM at The Key ApartHotel, Palais de Justice District, Corniche du Fleuve, Beirut, Lebanon. Mr. Rami Aoun was the speaker for the month of January 2019 and he talked about the “Applying Emotional Intelligence Concepts in a Project Environment – Dealing with Different Behavioral Types”. The session also included assessments and exercises of self awareness and discovery which are powerful tools of self mastery. The session was held on Thursday, January 31, 2019 at 6:30PM at The Key ApartHotel, Palais de Justice District, Corniche du Fleuve, Beirut, Lebanon.” 7 Back to Contents More Info More Info More Info
  8. 8. PMI Updates PMI Lebanon Chapter Newsletter8 Back to Contents Sunil Prashara, the New President & CEO of PMI Project Management Institute (PMI) today announced that its Board of Directors has named Sunil Prashara president and chief executive officer (CEO), effective immediately. In his new role, Sunil will serve as the lead advocate for PMI’s global organization, serving more than three million professionals in nearly every country in the world. Working with the Board of Directors, he will oversee the implementation of PMI’s new strategic plan and guide the organization toward a future designed to help millions of project professionals around the world accelerate their careers and make ideas a reality. For More Details:
  9. 9. Welcoming New Members (Q12019) PMI Lebanon Chapter Newsletter9 1. Mr. Elie Abou Younes 2. Mr. Samer El Tawil 3. Mr. Zareh Demirdjian 4. Mr. Ahmad Steitiyeh 5. Mrs. Grace Madi 6. Mr. Elie Abdo 7. Ms. Jeanette Saliba 8. Ms. Marie Antoinette Melhem 9. Mr. Rawad Mokheiber 10. Ms. Soumaya Mahfouz 11. Mr. Ayman Itani 12. Mrs Sarah El Bizri 13. Mr. Rabeeh Adwan 14. Mr. Ramzi Abou Rahal Welcoming members who have joined the chapter in Q1 2019 15. Mr. Andre Pires 16. Dr. Aziz Malek 17. Mrs. Rita Saati 18. Mr. Ibrahim Jaber 19. Mr. Nadim Elias Chammas 20. Mr. Marwan Hallal 21. Mr. Amer Bash 22. Mr. Nabil Hammoud 23. Mr. Nadeem Hannawi 24. Mr. Sameer AlHomsi 25. Mr. Georges Asmar 26. Mr. Ali Melhem 27. Ms. Zeina Alti  Back to Contents
  10. 10. Getting to Know Our Members PMI Lebanon Chapter Newsletter10 Back to Contents Mr. Maroun Bou Maroun • Current Role: Head of Software development team at SGBL • Academic and Professional Credentials: Masters in Computer and Communication Engineer and PMP • PMI LC member since: Jan 2017 • Domain / Industry Knowledge: Information Technology in the banking sector, Operations and Project Management, Business Analysis • Testimonial: I got my PMP certification in 2011, I joined PMI Lebanon Chapter in 2017. Since I joined the chapter, I attended most of the monthly talks and professional development days. As a PMP, I found in joining the chapter the following advantages: - The chapter is a place of continuous learning and professional development - The subjects are diversified and aligned with PMI objectives. - During the monthly talks, the local presenters shared their experience in the local market and addressed the challenges of the profession in Lebanon. During professional development days, international presenters shared their international experience. - It provides opportunities to meet up and network with other project managers. Mr. Hani Hmede • Current Role: Founder and Managing Partner at Zmeastro , Co-Founder at • Academic and Professional Credentials: Bachelor degree in Information Technology , PMP, PMI-RMP • PMI LC member since: 2018 • Domain / Industry Knowledge: Project Management consultancy, Team building coaching • Testimonial: I had been in project management and PMI member for many years prior to joining Lebanon Chapter. I joined to have a great networking gateway to know what’s going on in the profession in my region and to connect with my peer group. While PMI helps me to keep informed on all the new standards, improvements, methodologies and news in the profession, the chapter allows me to attend a number of networking events and continuing education sessions. At the end, my recommendations for new members are to keep in touch with the chapter and to participate in continuing education. More Members 
  11. 11. Getting to Know Our Members PMI Lebanon Chapter Newsletter11 Back to Contents Mr. Mahmoud Boukhari • Current Role: Senior Software Developer • Academic and Professional Credentials: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Global university, 2009 • PMI LC member since: Feb 2018 • Domain / Industry Knowledge: Information Technology. Worked in multiple environments from Government to Airlines, travel and tourism, construction and logistics. • Testimonial: Good things happen when you get involved with PMI Lebanon Chapter. As someone new to PMI, I had lot of questions about how to adapt. I found out that joining PMI Lebanon Chapter had the resources and information I needed. Since March 2018, I never missed any PMI LC event from monthly talk to professional development day and recently the conference. It helped me access wide range of professional network and gain access to the most up-to-date knowledge and build relationships beneficial to my career and sharing ideas and collaborating on projects. It didn’t take me a lot of time to realize that joining PMI LC was the right timing and definitely I will renew my membership. Mr. Ibrahim Mneimneh • Current Role: Founder of the design firm URBANE Design Interventions • Academic and Professional Credentials: Bachelor in Architectural Engineering, Masters in Urban Design, PMP, LEED Accredited Professional in Neighborhood Development • PMI LC member since: Jan 2016 • Domain / Industry Knowledge: Architectural and Urban Design, Sustainable Design, Community based interventions • Testimonial: I have been a member of the PMI Lebanon chapter since the year 2016. The Chapter has been very active in arranging monthly lectures, numerous conferences and events. I personally have participated in most of the Chapter events and I find them an opportunity for continuous education as well as valuable windows of exposure. In addition to all that, the chapter has been successful in creating a sense of community where the members are in continuous contact and interaction with other members of the chapter.
  12. 12. PMILC Orientation Sessions PMI Lebanon Chapter Newsletter12 Back to Contents Formatech Orientation Session: As part of our chapter continuous strive to promote awareness on project management in Lebanon and among the activities performed in Q1 2019, PMI Lebanon Chapter VP pf Professional Education visited Formatech, PMI Registered Education Provider (R.E.P) and provided an orientation session about PMI and PMI Lebanon Chapter community, its activities and benefits at the end of the project management professional (PMP) course.
  13. 13. PMI International Events PMI Lebanon Chapter Newsletter13 PMI® EMEA Congress 2019 Technology made possible by a project manager 13-15 May | Dublin, Ireland Attend to: • Hear innovative keynotes • Learn cutting-edge global perspectives on your fast-moving profession and • Share experiences with your peers from around the world. Register Now View Schedule  Back to Contents
  14. 14. Articles by PMI PMI Lebanon Chapter Newsletter14 Back to Contents Why Project Ethics Matter by Michael O’Brochta, PMI-ACP, PMP Leadership is built on trust. If the foundation is cracked, a project’s future is in doubt. Citation: O’Brochta, M. (2016). Why project ethics matter: Leadership is built on trust. If the foundation is cracked, a project’s future is in doubt. PM Network, 30(1), 29. More Info