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Junior Chamber International Port Louis Mauritius Newsletter 2


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Discover the second issue of the 2014 JCI Port Louis newsletter.Informations on current projects are given as well as messages from local,national and international officers.

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Junior Chamber International Port Louis Mauritius Newsletter 2

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  2. 2. 2 In this Issue Message from National President 1 Message from Local President 2 2014 JCI VICE President 5 Sneak Peak JCI PAP 6 JBA 7 Sensation Nature 8 Senator 9 Future Leaders 10 Let’s hear from other Chapters 11 International Vibes 12 Monthly Quotes 14 Dear JCI Port Louis Members, The challenges we face today are enormous and we are clear both in our mind and on paper about where we want to take JCI Mauritius. We need to manage our respective organizations in a much better way than we are doing now. We need to grow. We need to do projects according to the JCI Active Citizens Framework. We need to be trained and groomed to be better leaders. We must also experience the ‘I’ in JCI which stands for International. We cannot remain the same and expect to move in the direction we desire. We must change our practice and confront the challenges that beset our journey with originality and audaciousness to achieve the improvement we desire.’ The most important thing we can do for the future of JCI Mauritius is make sure that members and senators are engaged and that each one of us is doing the most we can. If we really want to take JCI Mauritius forward, then we must make sure that every single member has the same feeling about JCI that each one of us here has today. We need to make sure that every JCI Mauritius member and senator has a meaningful role to play, that they’re all making a contribution, and that their contributions are valued. Because when that happens, the members who come in the front door don’t go right out through the back door. They stay in JCI, they become JCI members, they bring in new members, and they make a difference. The goal in 2014 isn’t just doing good work — it’s doing the best work we can, work that will have the largest, and longest-lasting, positive impact. The moment is here. The time is now. Together we will lead JCI Mauritius to a better future, as we Make the difference. Prashant Lallah JCI Mauritius President National President Message
  3. 3. 3 Dear friends, After three month, JCI Port Louis is now well on track. The second issue of our newsletter shows that things are now moving fast in our Chapter. Many projects and activities are underway and put into action, others will start soon. We have activities and responsibilities for all members, senators and aspiring members. Through our projects and activities, JCI Port Louis is giving everyone opportunities for total growth and individual development, opportunities to bring impactful projects to completion. Opportunities to IMPACT YOUR WORLD. JCI Port Louis always has room for young active citizens. Look around you; identify those youngsters who are willing to be part of the positive change and who share the belief that in order to create lasting positive change, we must improve ourselves and the world around us. The 30th Anniversary of JCI Port Louis will be here marked by various projects and activities. But our main focus for this celebration is our contribution in eradicating extreme poverty and hunger. I show my gratitude to our active members and aspiring members who are against all odds contributing and doing their upmost to reach our objectives and trying to brighten the life of our co-citizens. Our responsibility is to keep this momentum, to help the community by developing responsible leaders. “We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing; others judge us by what we have done” Yours in JCI Spirit, Gilbert Pellegrin 2014 Local President Message from Local President Gilbert The JCI Mission To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change. The JCI Vision To be the leading global network of young active citizens. The JCI Values We believe: That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life; That the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations; That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise; That government should be of laws rather than of men; That Earth's great treasure lies in human personality; And that service to humanity is the best work of life.
  4. 4. 4 The most awaited day for the JCI Port Louis members is approaching. In order to make the day even more special a series of activities will be organised starting from April to August 2014: Dinner or Cocktail Media/awareness campaign UN MDG1 UN MDG1 Rally Bras d’Eau trail (June 2014) Expo in Port Louis to highlight the achievements of JCI Port Louis during the 30 Years 2014 Social Summit UN MDG1 Sport Day (all JCI Chapters, NGOs, Sponsors and Partners Be ready to participate. Lots of surprises and fun waiting for you. Be part of JCI Port Louis 30th anniversary. Dear Readers, JCI Port Louis has the honour to launch its Newsletter’s second Edition. A central component of this issue is creativity and innovation we have brought. This newsletter is more informative and will give glimpses of not only JCI Port Louis’s activities but allow other local chapters to be part of our newsletter. Our newsletter titled “connect” aims at connecting all the JCI members together enhancing our brotherhood ties. We have introduced a section named “International JCI Vibes” to allow members to get a notion of the happenings at the International stage. We are looking forward to continuing this productive channel of information interchange throughout the JCI community. The future success of the Newsletter depends on your comments, contributions and ideas! We do encourage all of you to try your utmost best to enrich the forthcoming JCI Port Louis Newsletters! We hope you enjoy this Second Issue for 2014 of JCI Port Louis Newsletter. Till then let’s all keep rocking and shocking! Nafissah Fakun Message from Editor
  5. 5. 5 Cher membre, Très cher ami, membre de la JCI Port Louis Mes chaleureuses salutations depuis Cotonou, Bénin Nous avons ensemble décidé de faire de la Jeune Chambre Internationale, l’organisation qui unit tous les secteurs de la société pour un impact durable dans nos communautés. Tu sais mieux que moi que l’impact peut partir de l’action d’un seul individu. N’attends donc pas le voisin, N’attends personne pour commencer. Fais-toi remarquer positivement au sein de la communauté, au niveau local et national car à la JCI ce qui importe le plus ce n’est pas ce que l’on a mais ce que l’on donne. Cher ami, n’hésite pas à oser, à innover, à emprunter des chemins, des sentiers jusque là non encore explorés pour y laisser des empreintes indélébiles fruits de tes actions impactantes. Valeureux membre individuel ton organisation locale a besoin de toi et compte sur toi pour donner le meilleur de toi même dans la mise en œuvre du plan d’action local 2014. Je t’exhorte donc à t’engager pour créer l’impact positif en toi et autour de toi car tu en es capable plus que tu ne le penses. Je voudrais finir mon propos en partageant avec toi cette citation de Henry FORD qui disait « se réunir est un début, rester ensemble est un progrès et travailler ensemble est la réussite ». Travaillons donc ensemble pour réussir par la mise en œuvre de projets respectant les recommandations du cadre JCI du citoyen Actif. Cher ami, ton OL compte sur toi et je compte aussi sur tes énormes potentialités. Travaillons ensemble et restons unis pour créer l’impact. Basile DJOSSOUVI 2014 JCI Vice Président 2014 JCI VICE PRESIDENT MESSAGE
  6. 6. 6 Plan of action for the year 2014 were presented to the parents. The activities are all set to go. JCI Quatre Bornes aspiring member Yuvna Juwaheer joined JCI Poverty Alleviation Program TEAM. Bois Marchard: Save your date for 5 April for the “Marche aux Puces.” JCI Port Louis member Malcom Madelon attended a workshop organised by GML Foundation regarding collaboration of NGOs working in Bois Marchand and the fight against poverty. JCI PAP: Say No cervical cancer JCI PAP in collaboration with Link to Life carried a vaccination Campaign against Cervical cancer for girls aged 10-17. The first dose has been administered. In the next few months, 2 more doses will be administered respecting the time intervals. Moreover, on the 5th April, Link to Life will carry free screening of breast cancer. JCI PAP: Glory to thee at Bois Marchard On Saturday 15th March, a Flag Raising Ceremony to celebrate Independence Day was organised in the presence of National President Prashant, Deputy National President Nousrina and National Treasurer as well as our guest of honour Ashwin Rampeeary Director of Fast Click. Sneak peek JCI Poverty Alleviation Program
  7. 7. 7 Who will be the next Outstanding Young Person? The JCI Mauritius Outstanding Young Person Award (TOYP) serves to recognise young person between 18 and 40 years who excel in their chosen fields and create positive change. JCI has honored over 200 individuals from 47 nations since 1983 and this year we are celebrating the 28th edition in Mauritius. The winner of the competition who gets amongst the finalist in the Ten Outstanding Persons of the World is invited to a colourful JCI TOYP ceremony during the 2014 JCI World Congress, in November in Leipzig, Germany, where the honorees will be presented with their trophies. Presently, I have a team of dynamic persons working to make the project happen and a success. The project is a life changing opportunity for team members to discover new potential and unleash their super powers. Leena Lollbeeharry Project Director. JBA kicks off The 98th JCI business forum was held at L'Alliance Francaise on 19 March 2013. The theme was 'Situations financiers 2014, meilleure ou pire que 2013?' The guests speakers were CEO of BSP group of companies, Mr.Sham Mathura, President of the National Women Entrepreneur Council, Ms. Ms. Vimi Appadoo and Managing Director of GFA Insurance Ltd, Mr. Abdel Ruhomutall. The moderator was Mr David Commarmond, National Secretary of JCI Mauritius. It was a much debated topic with much arguments and propositions. Do you wish to attend the JBA forums, then book your date now, 21st May, same place and same time. Come and you will develop your business horizon. Not to forget the special 100th JBA Business Forum in due time.
  8. 8. 8 JCI Port Louis member Chitra Beekoo was given the opportunity to be the Master of Ceremony for the Special Members Forum and Dinner in the Honour of 2014 JCI Vice President Basile Djossouvi. On the 29th of March, there will be the public speaking competition. Do come and show your support to our participants. Mr Karamoko Kourouma (from Guinea Conakry) was given the opportunity by JCI Port Louis to do a speech on the future economy of Mauritius during an event organised by AIESEC Mauritius about Leadership through Mandela's Life. National Secretary David Commarmond was the moderator of the 98th JCI Business Academy (JBA) Business Forum. Let’s take a breath in the nature: Bras D’Eau trail This is a project that is consistent with the Community Development Program of JCI Port Louis. Primarily, “Sensation Nature” intended to promote eco-tourism and to sensitize the local population in relation to environmental issues. In addition, this project will contribute "to the efforts of the government and the National Parks and Conservation services to preserve what remains of native forests and educating the public." So "Sensation nature" raises more environmental awareness among the population. NPCS (National Parks and Conservation Services) has earmarked the region of Mare chevrettes, in Bras d’Eau National Park to enable hikers to come across the flycatcher (endemic bird). The project will consist of extending the existing Coq de Bois trail which is 2.7 km by 2.3 km so that to make it a loop with a total distance of 5 km. The extension will start at the end of Coq des Bois trail at Mare Chevrettes and connect to the existing trail at an approximate distance of 500m before Bras D’Eau Visitors Centre. Length of Loop----2.3 km Starting point---Mare Chevrettes Ending point---- on Coq des Bois trail 500m to Bras D’Eau Visitors centre. Duration--------- 1 hr Type of trail----Easy Bras d'Eau National Park was created in 2011. It extends over an area of 497 hectares and protects the forest of Bras d'Eau and part of Poste Lafayette. This is a very good area to observe several endemic forest passerines, especially species like ‘desolata du Tchitrec des Mascareignes (Coq des Bois). Sensation nature
  9. 9. 9 Senator Ah-Kwet: A man of wisdom On 12th March 2014, Senator Ah-Kwet Li Kwong Ken was awarded the Commander Of The Order Of The Star And Key Of The Indian Ocean (C.S.K.) “For contribution in the fields of commerce and industry”. Known for his passion and motivation, Senator Ah-Kwet is an example to follow. He had enriching JCI career and wished to share his mesmerizing experience with the new generation of JCI Port Louis. Your beliefs I firmly believe in our JCI creed “That earth's great treasure lies in human personality, and that service to humanity is the best work of life.” I remember an event which changed my life. This occurred when I was Local President of JCI Port Louis. There was a member who stammered while talking. He was appointed master of ceremony for the LOM’s night. I was really surprised but during the event, he did not stammer once. That’s why I believe that every person has the capability to make achievements given the opportunity. For you JCI is… A school where you learn by doing and you are not punished for your fault. You just have to dare Why did you choose JCI? I must thank Senator Philip Ah Chuen. There was a time when I wanted to reach out and do something. So he introduced me to JCI. Since then my life was transformed. There is a Chinese saying from Lao Tzu: ”a journey of a thousand miles starts with a first step,” My first step was made in 1988 when I attended the first meeting for aspiring members. You had an enriching JCI Career, Share your experience? My JCI career was most enriching. Each day brought new experiences, new friends and new satisfactions. As a member of a project, all doors are at your disposal. You can contact any companies, Municipalities, Ministries or individuals. All depends on how far you want to go. How JCI changed your life as an individual? It has indeed changed my life. The steps in realizing a project, that is survey, analysis, planning, action, evaluation and acknowledgment has become my way of doing things, be it in business, social or at home. Your advice to the aspiring and other members for a successful JCI career? I would refer to the creole saying “mette fort, gagne fort”. Your actions should be unconditional. Never expect anything when you go on a project or expect that project to be awarded best project. Do your project with love and the results and recognition will follow. Be humble and don’t be in a rush to get recognised. Best souvenir in your JCI Career It is when I attended the Area conference in Zimbabwe in 1992. It was a moment of pride as JCI Port Louis was awarded ‘Best Local chapter in Africa’. If you had to choose one regret in your JCI career, what will it be? I joined JCI Port Louis too late. I was already 34 when I had joined. I wished I could join much earlier. The highest post I held was that of Local President. Your feelings when you were awarded the COMMANDER OF THE ORDER OF THE STAR AND KEY OF THE INDIAN OCEAN (C.S.K.) “For contribution in the fields of commerce and industry”. A tree needs fertilizers to grow. If I have been able to become what I am today, it is because I was nurtured by the support, encouragement, motivation and advices from all the people around me. I thank them and I shall continue in my path of helping others to reach new heights. I must also admit that the first phrase of the creed ‘Faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life’ has also been a support to me in time of discouragement. Some precious moments at JCI Port Louis? There are too many. One that I remember is when I was President and during a monthly members’ meeting. That meeting took place during my birthday month and I was blindfolded as part of a training session. When I opened my eyes, all my family and some friends from Reunion visiting me, were present. Wow, in JCI, the sky is the limit, you just have to dare. Senators: Our precious guide Senator Ah kwet PROFILE: PROFESSION: MANAGING DIRECTOR OF GAZELLA LIMITED BORN 31ST JULY 1953 STATUS MARRIED TO MARIE CLAIRE AND THREE CHILDREN FAVOURITE QUOTES THE SUN ALWAYS SHINES AFTER THE RAIN MAIN HIGHLIGHTS 1988: JOINED IN 1988: SWORE IN MEMBER 1992: LOCAL PRESIDENT JCI SENATOR 51805
  10. 10. 10 Name: Sandrine Bargeole Profession: Teacher Hobbies: Singing, sewing and go for a walk or drive in nature JCI for you is: empower people and get the best out of them Why JCI: To meet new people and become a better person myself Future plans: getting further knowledge in psychology Name: MOHER Maneesha Roshnee Profession: Legal Officer Hobbies: Dancing & Football & movies JCI for you is: the only platform to really socialise, meet new people and at the same time bring changes and work towards a better society. JCI creates a certain magic and involves those young people with dreams and urge do something for their communities and country. Future Plans: to be impactful Name: Bolaky Yaasine Profession: I.T Administrator Hobbies: Adventure /Fishing / aquatic activity JCI for you is: To develop one’s potentials as an individual Why JCI: It is a global network connecting active young citizen Future plans: To expand my business and to discover the world by travelling Name: Hashini Teelokee Profession: Insurance Clerk Hobbies: Listening to music JCI for is: JCI is a social network where young people can work to create positive change. Why JCI: Learning from the different projects and to be more active. Through JCI I can bring positive change around me Future plans: Realise my dreams and be more active in JCI Future Leaders: Our New Sworn Members JCI Port Louis member Chitra Beekoo has been designated by JCI Mauritius to participate as panelist on the roundtable organised by SMEDA on the Future of entrepreneurship in Mauritius. JCI PL has been one of the finalists of the debate championship. Its JCI City plus who won the debate. The best speaker was awarded to Tanya from JCI Beau Bassin Rose-hill JCI Port Louis member Chitra Beekoo was given the opportunity to be the Master of Ceremony for the Special Members Forum and Dinner in the Honour of 2014 JCI Vice President Basile Djossouvi. Huge congratulations to the members Hashini, maneesha, yaasine and Sandrine who are now graduates in JCI Achieve.
  11. 11. 11 JCI City Plus: Children Awareness Campaign JCI City Plus has been celebrating Independence Day on 11 March 2014 with the children of Nicolay Government School during the visit of 2014 JCI Vice President Basile Djossouvi. Distribution of copybooks to the children was made on that day. The main aim of the Children Awareness Campaign is to educate the younger generation to be responsible and healthy citizens and to become leaders and role models for a safer and better society. Comic strips were used on the back covers of the copybooks to convey key messages to the children in relation to health & safety and environmental issues. JCI Port Louis members had great fun at Savinia 2014. It was a fun and relaxing day for so many after a hectic working weeks. JCI Port Louis members taking great advantage of the initiatives taken by JCI Curepipe for the Kite surfing lessons. Lets all work on achieving these 5 goals Impact Motivate Invest Collaborate Connect JCI Quatre Bornes: Ready, Get Set, CLICK Ever since I joined JCI, many years back, and throughout the years, despite waves and waves of new generation of members, there seems to have been one constant in the Organisation: the love of its members to snap photos of their friends, the "making-of" events, the events themselves, active citizenship in action and of course themselves enjoying it all. Photography is a very important tool for a JCI member. It allows us to remember past events but it also allows future generations to discover how things were done before. It allows us to keep good memories and it allows others to discover our doings through our scrapbooks... And JCI members are known to take photos by whatever means they have: mobile phones, Smartphone, iPads, compact cameras, DSLR etc. In this respect, and in line with its objective of developing the individuals in our organisation, JCI Quatre Bornes invites you and your friends for 6 Saturdays of exposure to photography with a professional photographer. Still images, live photography, portraits, events photos, nature photography, they will soon have no secrets for the participants. The event will also consist of a live outdoor photo-shooting session, included in the price of the event for participants So... Book your dates for the clicking time of your life!! When your words are few, and your exposures many... Prospective participants are however informed that the course is geared towards a wide audience, so even if you snap with your mobile, or you adjust lighting meticulously with your DSLR, this course will delight you... JCI Quatre Bornes has a surprise in stock for participants... Please find attached the teaser to the event, while waiting for the first clicks. Yours in JCI Spirit Kiran Bhujun Local President JCI Quatre Bornes Let’s hear from other chapters
  12. 12. 12 Fight against malaria continues in Africa This year new programs have been put into place for active citizens to continue their fights against malaria with the partnership of UN Foundation Nothing But Nets. Every 60 seconds a child dies of malaria. In 2008, it was every 30 seconds and JCI members have been part of the fight to save lives and change this statistic. Improvement has been achieved, but even one child dying of malaria is too many. New ways have been devised to continue this fight. This year JCI Nothing But Nets has two new programs to take our fight against this deadly disease to a new level. JCI National and Local Organizations will have the opportunity to receive international recognition for their net-raising efforts with the Net Impact Program. This year any JCI member who is committed to send nets to save lives will get the opportunity to experience their impact action across Africa. All efforts, initiatives or projects supporting this fight between January 2014 to December 2014 are eligible for this trip. Participants will be chosen based on total dollars raised or unique efforts made. Be an active citizen and keep sending nets to save lives on your JCI National Organisation’s crow rise team today and with just US $ 10 saves a life. Famous International JCI Members KOFI ANNAN — Ghana Former U.N. Secretary General, member of the Macalester College, Minnesota., U.S.A. Jaycees JACQUES CHIRAC — France President of France, Former Prime Minister of France, Mayor of Paris WILLIAM J. "BILL" CLINTON — United States 42nd President of the United States; 1976 member of Fayetteville Jaycees, AK, USA John Fitzgerald Kennedy- US 35th President of the United States TARO ASO — Japan Japan Prime Minister, Minister of Economy and Fiscal Policy, Director General of Economic Planning, Secretariat of the Prime Minister’s Office, National President-Japan Junior Chamber (1978); Youth voyage supervisor- 5th Japan Youth Voyage, Voyage Leader of 7th Youth Voyage; Member of the Iizuka Jaycees International JCI Vibes
  13. 13. 13 Introducing the JCI Special Recognition Program The newest JCI Program awards the implausible work of JCI members in communities across the world by recognizing individual impact projects aligned to the JCI Active Citizen Framework process, as well as recognizing JCI Local Organizations that allow their communities to achieve sustainable impact. The program will offer two types of recognition: Impact Project Recognition and JCI Local Organization Spotlight Recognition. The JCI Special Recognition Program serves to encourage JCI members to create positive change. The Impact Project portion of the Special Recognition program provides an opportunity for you to receive recognition for your most impactful projects conducted this year. Impact Project evaluation will be conducted by members of the Special Recognition Committee appointed by 2014 JCI President Shine Bhaskaran. Three projects from Africa and the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific, the Americas and Europe will be recognized at the end of each Impact Month. The recognized projects will receive a digital letter and certificate signed by President Bhaskaran. All 12 recognized projects will be revealed in the News section of the JCI website and on JCI social media networks. How to submit your projects? Submit your project to the JCI Project Gallery on the JCI website. Be sure it meets these specific criteria: 1. This project was conducted through the JCI Active Citizen Framework and focuses on the corresponding stages of community development.  March: Health and wellness  June: Education and Economic empowerment  September: Sustainability 2. This project received local media coverage in print, radio and/or television 3. This project must also have visual accompaniments (photos, videos, promotional materials, results of media coverage, etc.) Submit your Impact Projects to the JCI Project Gallery ! International JCI Vibes Visit to learn how young people are working to create positive change
  14. 14. 14 In this month, one of the most inspiring person was born in the name of Albert Einstein. Let’s reflect on what he has left for us and change our lives positively. Design by Yaasine