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UYMP Frequently Asked Questions


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UYMP Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. UYMP Frequently Asked QuestionsAbout the most frequently asked questionsQ1. What benefit can I get?  Tested wisdom especially from senior entrepreneurs  Networking with fellow youths and senior citizens  New customers, suppliers, and solutions to challenges  Access to information on business funding, opportunities  Professional contacts and their adviceQ2.What is object of this program?The objective for UYMP is to empower youths for Ugandan youth’s achievement of the“Sustainable Business” through promoting mentoring and networking with local successfulentrepreneurs and other senior citizens. The Mentors have experienced the similar step inadvance, so youths can learn and be encouraged from them.Q3.What UYMP do for me specifically?About JoiningQ3.Who is eligible to join UYMP?UYMP targets youths below 35yrs of age, youths who can read and understand English, youngentrepreneurs, youths who wish to start business soon or later, both ladies and gentlemen.Q4.Can I join even if am above 35years old?Yes you can. Although UYMPs target groups are youths below 35 years old, we allow ladies orgentlemen who find our programs relevant to them or their businesses.Q5.Can I join even If don’t have my own business now?Yes you can. UYMP aspires to encourage as many young people towards entrepreneurship aspossible. In fact, it is our U-Link club policy to ensure that some of the 12 member team is non-business owners with the aim of encouraging them to start businesses.About MentoringQ6. Why mentor?The idea of Youth Mentoring comes from the need to empower young people to be self-sustaininginstead of waiting on government & depending on parents even after graduating.The increasing number of redundant youths is becoming a matter of national security consideringthe high level of involvement in crime & riots. UYMP aims at reducing this threat throughencouraging senior entrepreneurs to empower & inspire, youths towards Entrepreneurship.Q7. Why the Urgency to Mentor?In Uganda, 56.1% of the population is below the age of 18yrs. Those below 30 years are over 25million, well over 70 per cent of the population. Uganda needs close to 16 million jobs and, thatnumber will double by 2025, with the country requiring 28 million jobs.By "Empowering The Next Generation" UYMP hopes to inspire millions of youths to start and run theirown businesses sustainably while creating more jobs for fellow youths.
  2. 2. Q8.What is “Mentoring”? Is it same as “Coaching” or “Training”?Mentoring?Mentoring is most often defined as a structured relationship in which an experienced person (thementor) assists a less experienced person (the mentee) in developing specific skills and knowledgethat will enhance his/her professional and personal growth.What does a mentor do?The following are among the mentor’s functions: o Teaches the mentee about a specific issue o Facilitates the mentee’s growth by sharing resources and networks o Challenges the mentee to move beyond his or her comfort zone o Creates a safe learning environment for taking risks and realizing potential o Focuses on the mentee’s total development professionally and individually.Are mentoring and coaching identical?No. Though related, they are not the same. A mentor may coach, but a coach is not a mentor.Mentoring is “relational,” while coaching is “functional.” There are other significant differences. Coaching characteristics: o Managers coach all of their staff as a required part of the job o Coaching takes place within the confines such as a formal manager-employee relationship o Focuses on developing individuals within their current jobs o Interest is functional, arising out of the need to ensure that individuals can perform the tasks required to the best of their abilities o Relationship tends to be initiated and driven by an individual’s manager o Relationship is finite - ends as an individual transfers to another job Mentoring characteristics: o Takes place outside of a line manager-employee relationship, at the mutual consent of a mentor and the person being mentored o Is career-focused or focuses on professional & personal development that may be outside a mentee’s area of work o Relationship is personal - a mentor provides both professional and personal support o Relationship may be initiated by a mentee or created through a match initiated by an organization like UYMP o Relationship crosses job boundaries to personal interests and development. o Relationship may last for a specific period of time (UYMPs 12 months) in a formal program, at which point the pair may continue in an informal mentoring relationshipQ9. How can I choose my mentor?Mentors are reasonably mature and successful senior citizens with at least 5 years of experience inthe activity you want to be mentored in. They can be your relatives, family friends, neighbours, icons,role models or local entrepreneurs easily accessible to you.Q10.Can UYMP introduce me to my preferred mentor? How UYMP link youths to mentoring?Yes. Through our club coordinators and using UYMP standardized letters, we can introduce you toyour preferred mentor. We however prefer that you introduce yourself to your mentor as the bestway to kick start your mentoring relationship.Q11. Why should I get mentor by myself?
  3. 3. UYMP prefers that you choose your own mentor because we believe you deserve a role model withwhom you are comfortable with. We also believe that you can make a better decision based on yourareas of weakness for which you seek to be mentored.Q12.Who can be mentor?To be a mentor, you must:  Be willing to mentor, inspire, and encourage a young person without expecting monetary rewards.  Have at least 5years of experience as a business owner.  Be a person of integrity and well respected in the community he lives and works.  Commit to spending at least 15 minutes in a one-on-one mentoring session with a mentee per month for at least 12 months  Attend an initial training session or at least must read and understand the scope of the UYMP initiative.You should also be:  A willing listener  Encouraging and supportive  Patient and flexible  Tolerant and respectful of individual differencesAs a mentor, you will:  Support a young person through an on-going one-on-one relationship.  Serve as a positive role model and friend.  Help him/her plan and execute effective management of his business.  Build self-esteem and motivation in a young person.  Help your mentee set goals and work toward accomplishing them.  Know that you are making a difference  Receive personal fulfilment from empowering young people. Q13.What kinds of support do mentors receive?The young men and ladies under this program will appreciate their mentors in their own ways and at leastone mentor per month as a club. In addition to the ensuring their comfort with the program scope, theUYMP Secretariat will organize national events annually to thank and appreciate mentors under thisinitiative.Mentors will receive:  Initial training through documentations and club initiation meetings.  Complimentary tickets to community events when available  On-going support and supervision to help the mentoring match succeed.OthersQ14.Can UYMP give me finance for my business?No. UYMPs Mission is to empower the next generation and so we can only capitalize yourbusiness with the wisdom and the rich network passed on to you from your mentors and club mates.UYMP also passes on to you all the information we receive regarding the various funding sources.Q15.Does UYMP teach me the necessary business skills?UYMP through its E-Clubs invites professional and experienced business practitioners and trainers toteach you proper business management and skills. Through FinAfrica, more comprehensive businessskills training are arranged for a discounted fee for UYMP Members.Q16.Can I see the existent of youth UYMP club activity?
  4. 4. Yes especially if you are a member. UYMP through its structures ensures that each member finds ourefforts, activities and events very informative and helpful.Q17.Can I join more than 1year?Yes you can. UYMP officially runs a 1 year cycle of mentoring relationships but allows both thementor and mentee to continue in case both are still interested in continuing their relationship.Q18.Do club members meet regularly?Sure. Our U-LINK - Clubs consist of 12members who meet at least once a month with at least onementor as a whole. The E-Club meetings also usually once a month serve another uniting factor forall U-LINK Club members in the same locality.Q19.What kind of entrepreneurs do I find in UYMP?All kinds of entrepreneur especially young people with very ordinary enterprises and minds thoseare still fresh and full of ideas and ambition.Q20. Which area in Uganda is UYMP operating?UYMP intends to cover the whole country with youth mentoring clubs and E-Clubs. Our agents andclubs are currently in the areas of Kampala, Masaka, Jinja, Mbale, Lira, Arua and Kisoro.