Les 14 tendances digital de 2014 par PHD


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Les 14 tendances digital de 2014 par PHD.

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Les 14 tendances digital de 2014 par PHD

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION Our “Top Global Digital Trends for 2014” is a brief look at what we believe will be the most relevant trends to follow over the next 12 months. It includes some new trends as well as developments on existing ones we shared in our summary from 2013. We hope you find this snapshot useful and look forward to working together with you, to make the most of the opportunities that these trends may present for your business. | 2 Your PHD International Team
  2. 2. NEED IT NOW We have long been in a world where our consumer demands are fulfilled with the click of a button. In 2014, this speed of service will rise to a new level and transcend purely digital products and services. From clothing to sandwiches and Example even dates – new products and The Kate Spade window shop in New York was open 24 hours and could deliver goods purchased through the touchscreen within an hour of ordering. services are rapidly appearing to satisfy the need for immediacy. You can now order a product online and have it delivered to you | 4 within minutes.
  3. 3. MicroStories The shift towards rich and succinct content which satisfies consumers’ mobile first internet habits will continue due to the rise of 4G and readily available Wi-Fi services. Visual content in social media will become more commonplace as people are looking for ease of consumption in a free moment or on the go. Short form video has taken off with Twitter launching a 6 second Example video service called Vine and Lowe’s provide home improvement tips in 6 second videos using Twitter’s Vine service. Instagram following with its own video sharing feature, | 6 Instagram Video.
  4. 4. Digital Synergy As smartphone and tablet usage increase and people move simultaneously between devices, the role of media channels needs to be considered as a part of this complex eco-system rather than in isolation. We are going to see more brands “planning for synergy” with digital in 2014 and more innovative solutions for media channels to | 8 work together. Example A “converged” billboard and mobile retargeting capability is being developed that allows you to target people who have been exposed to out of home advertising via mobile ads.
  5. 5. Personalisation With an increasing wealth of data available to marketers, digital is becoming more personal as consumers seek more relevant interactions with brands. Personalisation can help guide consumers through a vast amount of content and choices online. However, it should be used in a way that provides utility and is not | 10 seen as intrusive. Example Instead of searching in your Gmail account or Google Calendar, soon you’ll be able to type into Google.com queries like “What’s my flight status?” or “When will my package arrive?” to receive personalised answers at the top of the search result page.
  6. 6. Location Awareness Applications increasingly use your smartphone’s GPS activity to deliver localised content. New technologies are also emerging to leverage a consumer’s location in retail environments. Twitter is testing a feature that allows you to see Tweets from users Tweeting nearby even if you don’t follow them. Similarly, Facebook local search lets you find friends and recommended | 12 businesses nearby. Example Apple and PayPal are both trialling a new type of low energy Bluetooth technology that allows for greater communication with smartphones in-store, such as hands-free social check-ins, payments and coupons.
  7. 7. Context for Content Delivery The old saying around “content is king” is changing – although great content is still vital, balancing content with an understanding of context is now seen as the holy grail. From a mobile perspective, this could mean: • Seeing different apps on your home screen when you’re at Example the office versus at home. Mobile network InMobi’s new SmartAd format can trigger dynamic creative based on location, weather, custom feeds and other user behaviour – it can even tell if someone is on the move or stationary. • Increasing the font size for your emails when you’re on the move. • Prioritising numbers in your address book based on | 14 location versus alphabetically.
  8. 8. Distribution The discussion around content driven advertising has been going on for years and will continue to be a priority for marketers. However, for 2014, distribution will need to be given equal consideration to ensure content is given the best opportunity to perform. Example As Karen Nelson-Field, author of ‘Viral Marketing: The Science of Sharing’, states: “It’s all very well being the best violinist in the world, but if you are playing in your bathroom, no one will ever | 16 hear you.” A strong distribution strategy was key in the Dove Real Beauty Sketches campaign which became the most viewed piece of branded content ever on YouTube with over 121,000,000 views.
  9. 9. Gamification As a planet we’re spending 7 billion hours a week fuelling our desire to be engaged with games. If brands can replicate even a small slice of that engagement, then the payback will surely be substantial. Example Adapting the gamification philosophy to create a meaningful experience for the consumer is going to be key. It goes far beyond just rewarding the user/ customer. | 18 You can find out more on gamification in our new book “Game Change”. If you would like to receive a copy please contact carine.poot@phdnetwork.com Source: Game Change and Kuato Studios: Hakitzu Elite Hakitzu is a game released last year that allows you to control a robot through a set of command lines that simultaneously teaches you how to code Javascript. It was developed to improve the learning experience and teach children a valuable skill of being able to code.
  10. 10. Seamless Money Expect to see payment become even easier and buzz around virtual currency continue as retailers adapt to new ways of working. Ecommerce platform Shopify recently announced a move to accept digital currency Bitcoin alongside Reddit and Virgin Galactic. Example Starbucks launched a programme Coin is a new device that looks like a credit card but can store your payment information, loyalty cards and gift cards in the one device. It works with existing systems in store to mimic the right card at the right moment. called Tweet-a-Coffee that lets you buy a gift card through Twitter. Xaoimi sold 150k smartphones via WeChat, a popular messaging | 20 app in China, in less than 10 mins. Source: TechInAsia and Coin
  11. 11. More Smart Things It’s becoming easier and more affordable to link just about any object to the internet, which is driving the continued trend of “The Internet of Things.” Cisco believe by 2020 there is the potential for 50 billion internet connected devices. These “Things” are becoming Example communication channels. Tapping Heineken developed a “smart” beer bottle that responds to sound and movement with different light effects to enhance the experience while drinking the beverage in a club environment. into them doesn’t necessarily require a high tech solution either. Diageo allowed customers to associate a personal video message to an individual bottle | 22 through the product code.
  12. 12. 3D Printing 3D printers are getting smaller and cheaper making them more obtainable. Although it will be some time before most households can afford one, we’re seeing brands experiment in this space and applications expand. Yahoo in Japan created a tool called “Hands on Search” that enables children who are blind to search the web by printing images of results in 3D e.g. a model Giraffe when they say | 24 “Giraffe” into the search engine. Example Warner Bros partnered with Microsoft to let fans print props from the Hobbit movie. Porsche shared 3D printer friendly blueprints for the 2014 Porsche Cayman.
  13. 13. 7.24 Distance Wearable Tech 14800 steps 9.02 1230 Time calories When we talk about smart things, there is a big increase in wearable technology – especially for fitness and health applications. Juniper Research estimates smart wearable device shipments, including products like smart watches and glasses, will near 130 million by 2018. The opportunity for marketers will be in the new streams of data that these devices create. Take notice of new devices being released and think about these in the context of what data could be | 26 relevant to your business. Example Manufacturers, such as Sony, Samsung and LG, are launching new smart wristbands alongside more established players Nike, Fitbit and Jawbone. These types of devices let you track steps, distance, calories and even sleep.
  14. 14. Live Streaming The vast amount of content now available on demand doesn’t mean a shift away from live content. This is especially true for gaming. Twitch, the leading video platform for gamers, has 45 million visitors a month. Twitch allows players to instantly broadcast game play for others to watch. Example When Sony unveiled PlayStation 4, one of the new features announced was the ability for people to share live streams of themselves playing video games. Assumptions can be made about content that will appeal to audiences, but demand speaks for itself with manufacturers and | 28 advertisers playing catch-up. Source: Twitch
  15. 15. Collaborative Creation & Consumption There is a growing trend of consumers co-creating and co-consuming content, products Example and services. An example of collaborative consumption is peer to peer accommodation site Airbnb which continues to grow with more than 10 million guest stays since launch. An example of co-creation is the first episode of Joseph GordonLevitt’s new show “hitRECord on TV” which features 426 | 30 contributing artists. Source: Airbnb
  16. 16. Keep on top of digital trends If you are interested in staying up to date with how these digital trends are evolving then be sure to read our weekly “This Week in Digital” newsletter. This newsletter is tailored to your business and covers the top stories in digital in an easy to read format, highlighting also competitor activities in the digital space. To find out more or to be added to our distribution list, please contact our PHD International digital specialist: Carine Poot t +44 (0) 20 7446 7190 | 32 carine.poot@phdnetwork.com
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