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Summary of a range of external assessments of PEFC International's Sustainability Benchmarks.

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  • PEFC is accepted as proof of sustainability by procurement policies globally – listed are a few examples
  • PEFC is accepted as proof of sustainability by procurement policies globally – listed are a few examples specifically relevant to the construction sector
  • PEFC & Credibility

    1. 1. Assessments & CredibilityPEFC under the Microscope1
    2. 2. PEFCs Sustainability BenchmarksDefine requirements to be met by all PEFC standards:# Requirements Standard Setting Process: 80 National Schemes 49 Management practices 76 Total 2052
    3. 3. Dutch Public Procurement TPAC3Source: Summary Report of the Final Judgment of PEFC (Jun 2010) & FSC (Nov 2008) by TPAC
    4. 4. UK Public Procurement CPET4* for for chip and fibre products with less than 70%. certified materialSource: CPET 2010 Review of forest certification schemes** own assessmentAccording to the CPET assessment reports, the certification systems complywith the CPET criteria as follows:FSC: 92%*PEFC: 89% (97% for revised standard**)
    5. 5.  PEFC is recognised by the Belgian, British, Danish, Dutch, Finnish,French, German, Japanese, and Swiss Timber Procurement Policies Recommended by the European Commission Guidelines on GreenPublic Procurement EU Ecolabel European Retail Environmental Sustainability CodeAcceptance by GovernmentProcurement Policies5
    6. 6.  Green Building Councils in Australia, Italy, and Singapore, the Codefor Sustainable Homes, BREEAM in the Netherlands and the UK,and SKA rating in the UK Green Building Assessment Protocol for Commercial Buildings andthe National Green Building Standard (US), and Built Green(Canada) Comprehensive Assessment System for Built EnvironmentalEfficiency (CASBEE) Japan Singapore Environment CouncilAcceptance by OtherProcurement Policies6
    7. 7. WWF FCAG AssessmentCriterion 2: economic, ecological, equitydimensions of forest managementFSC 2008 PEFC 2010Compliance with laws fullfilled fullfilledRespect for tenure and use rights fullfilled fullfilledRespect for indigenious peoples rights fullfilled fullfilledRespect for community relations fullfilled fullfilledRespect for workers’ rights fullfilled fullfilledDelivery of multiple benefits from forests fullfilled fullfilledAssessment and mitigation of environmental impacts fullfilled fullfilledMaintenance of 1) critical forest areas & 2) relatednatural critical habitatsNot fullfilledfor 2)fullfilledSpecific provisions for plantations fullfilled fullfilledImplementation of management plan fullfilled fullfilledEffective monitoring and assessment Not fillfulledfor 2nd partfullfilled7Source: FSC: WWF FCAG assessment of FSC & PEFC, 2008PEFC: WWF FCAG assessment of PEFC, 2010
    8. 8. WWF Global Forest Trade Network8
    9. 9. THANK YOU!Further information about PEFC: www.pefc.org9
    10. 10. THANK YOU!Further information about PEFC: www.pefc.org9