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Brain Science (Дмитрий Мацкевич,


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ProductCamp Minsk 2016:

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Brain Science (Дмитрий Мацкевич,

  1. 1. Behavioral engineering Matskevich Dmitry Co-founder:, Advisory board:,
  2. 2. Behavioral engineering Brain science behind
  3. 3. Overview 1. Why understanding human decision making mechanics is so important? 2. Brain science for 15 minutes 3. Cases to the point
  4. 4. Bad news An hour later you will completely forget 80% of this content
  5. 5. Good news to everyone This will change add new cognitive toolkit to your pattern recognition system!
  6. 6. 1. Why understanding human decision making mechanics is important? 2. Brain science for 15 minutes 3. Cases to the point
  7. 7. First-Wave View of the Value Proposition B1 (Vb) + B2 (Vp) Value from Benefits (tangible/intangible) Value from Prices How sensitive is to the benefits and to the price
  8. 8. Second-Wave View of the Value Proposition B1(C) + B2 (Vb) + B3 (Vp) • Cognitive value (Emotional) can be shaped by aspects completely unrelated to Vb and to Vp • One can ignore E and still hope to create a sustainable superior Customer Value Proposition
  9. 9. Third emerging-Wave View of the Value Proposition B1(C)*{B2 (Vb) + B3 (Vp)} Interactively shapes Vb, Vp: Not only a superior value proposition, but also Confident decisions, greater commitment, positive word of mouth, and experience utility.
  10. 10. Emotion not reason drive most of our decisions
  11. 11. Where great ideas come from?
  12. 12. Lean startup?
  13. 13. You can’t just test hundreds of hypos and wait if you are was so lucky to pick the winning one
  14. 14. “There are two kinds of secrets: secrets of nature and secrets about people” Peter Thiel
  15. 15. Secrets people don’t know about themselves Secrets people hide because they don’t want others to know Secrets about people
  16. 16. Your job is to reveal these secrets
  17. 17. Can we just directly ask people about those secrets?
  18. 18. Humans are terrible at predicting the future By economist Andrew Clark 2007 Life satisfaction
  19. 19. By neuroscientist David Eagleman Humans are terrible at recalling the past
  20. 20. 1. Why understanding human decision making mechanics is important? 2. Brain science for 15 minutes 3. Cases to the point
  21. 21. Getting into others mind 101
  22. 22. Brain is lazy and trying hard to minimize energy consumption 1
  23. 23. Lazy brain => cognitive biases
  24. 24. You can’t just say no to biases
  25. 25. You can’t just say no to biases
  26. 26. Energy for decision making could be more limited resource than money Kahneman Opt-in organ Donation Opt-out organ Donation 4% and 12% in two European countries 86% and nearly 100% in two European countries
  27. 27. People always make snap judgements. What do you fear more? More than 1 million deaths a year Several deaths a year
  28. 28. 2 You are not alone in your head
  29. 29. People are not rational by design
  30. 30. Prefrontal cortex rationalizes Amygdala and Limbic system decide Confabulation
  31. 31. Neurons that fire together wired together 3
  32. 32. People make harsher moral judgments in foul-smelling rooms (discussed as moral emotion) Schnall, 2008 in Personality and social psychology
  33. 33. People will judge a stranger to be more generous and carrying than they hold hot coffee vc iced coffee Williams Senbarg 2008 science
  34. 34. An affect of context and accessibility
  35. 35. The very labels intended to frighten smokers were, in fact, a cue to smoke Martin Lindstrom in Buyology notes that tobacco warning labels were found to stimulate craving for tobacco.
  36. 36. Our brain is changing itself Our brain is constantly changing is response to our experience and behavior, reprograming itself on the fly This means: Technology influences behavior and shapes our habits
  37. 37. Texting – is the fastest-growing behavior within the social over the past five years
  38. 38. Traffic tickets pay rate increased by 50% leveraging the right pattern
  39. 39. Our emotions are programmed with chemicals by evolution 4
  40. 40. Get free dopamine for every check of your fridge
  41. 41. Any flow of events with high variability and low predictability generate stable supply of dopamine Newsfeeds porn Political porn Apocalyptic porn Sport porn Startup porn
  42. 42. The key factor affecting % of prisoners granted parole - the time that the judge spent after a meal 0% 40% 20% 60% %ofprisonersgrantedparole Time of the dayStart of work day End of a day Morning snack. Lunch It depends on serotonins level that is influences by age, time of the day, stress
  43. 43. Love formula 1.Stage Oxytocin • Build relationship • Unlearn previous habits 2. Stage Dopamine • Craving • Excitement Serotonin • Comfort/Habit • Cognitive ease • Trust
  44. 44. Most of the time you are in zombie mode Perceived self Real self 5
  45. 45. Habit forming => long-term product success
  46. 46. BJ Fogg framework
  47. 47. The Hook by Nir Eyal ActionTrigger Investment Variable reward External Internal External Internal
  48. 48. Are there any free will left?
  49. 49. Most of recent studies our actions and experiences are shaped at the instinctual level
  50. 50. Stop making vitamin or painkiller products Make drugs instead
  51. 51. 1. Why understanding human decision making mechanics is important? 2. Brain science for 15 minutes 3. Cases to the point
  52. 52. Instagram addiction
  53. 53. Instagram Amplify your personal experience through social validation
  54. 54. Houzz porn
  55. 55. Houzz Every day something new to desire Never ending dopamine – oxytocin cycle
  56. 56. Tinder social validation
  57. 57. Tinder Reduce the cognitive load of social acceptance
  58. 58. Cognitive toolkit: “Approved by Brain Science”
  59. 59. 1. Cognitive ease Causes and Consequences of Cognitive Ease by Daniel Kahneman
  60. 60. 2. Emotions / Emotional design Lövheim cube of emotion
  61. 61. 3. Habits Nir Eyal Bj Fogg
  62. 62. Good reading
  63. 63. Have you read all these books already? Write me and I will send you more